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Authors Seeking FREE Betas > Brazilian vampire/Egyptian mythology 130 pages-short story

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Jodie Pierce (thevampirequeen1) | 1 comments A young woman from Rio de Janiero, Brazil wakes up in a mausoleum to find herself all alone with no memory. When the vampire Thomas rescues her, he treats her like the child he never had. However, when Ranato comes into Christiane’s life, she knows she’s in love and leaves Thomas. Is Ranato all that he seems to be or does he have a more sinister plan for her? Will other forces help her or work against her? Will she be able to stay alive and find true happiness? Do you like Egyptian mythology? Then this book is for you.

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Looks very interesting. I usually charge, but I'll read this story for you for free and comment. Happy Holidays!

Jim Dodds

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