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Hi everyone, the name's Libertad and I started this group to get my hands on some more Interracial and Multicultural New Adult reads. NA is so overwhelmingly whit, and I wanna love it, but it's not always easy connecting with the characters I've been reading. Just trying to get a group together to discover more NA and Romance reads!

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Gloria Silk (wwwgloriasilkcom) | 3 comments Hi fellow interracial readers and authors. My name is Tanya Freedman and I write powerful intercultural romance under the pen name, Gloria Silk. I'm also published in business by traditional publishing house, Self-Counsel Press, and am an editor and indie publisher of biographies and other interesting books.

My two romance books are about one story about a Bollywood-gorgeous Devraj Shah and Jewish shy art student Lia Abraham. here they are.

First and Only Destiny and
Second Destiny

I can't wait to get to know you here, and to learn from and about other members, and to share my findings. Thanks, Tanya Freedman w/a Gloria Silk

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Crystal | 1 comments Hi! I got added to this group because the majority of my books are IR. Some are NA, and some of the characters are a little older. I have an NA series with brothers, and two series about a secret group of female spies. They are from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I do have some white couples mixed in as well!

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Gloria Silk (wwwgloriasilkcom) | 3 comments Crystal wrote: "Hi! I got added to this group because the majority of my books are IR. Some are NA, and some of the characters are a little older. I have an NA series with brothers, and two series about a secret g..."

Sounds interesting, Crystal, looking forward to getting to know your books. More. Just followed you.

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Gloria Silk (wwwgloriasilkcom) | 3 comments Also, how many members are there in this group? And as I'm still learning, how have any of you found best promotion practices and review requests?

Thanks, Gloria Silk,
Author of Powerful romance without cultural borders.

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Vicki Cross | 1 comments Hello all! I love to write vampire romance BWWM. I'm wondering if some people could read my boo Blood & Lust and write a review on amazon and here. Its an IR vampire romance. Blood and Lust

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B. Buena | 2 comments Hello Everyone,
I am B Buena, a writer, and am excited to discover a group that seems to be tailor-made for exactly the type of stories I write about.
I am an author of contemporary, multicultural, interracial romances and am a follower of a number of popular IR authors. I am anxious to discover new writers in this genre.
My latest book is THE STRANGER.
The Stranger
For more information about me, please check my Goodreads author page.
And please share your latest book selections. Would love to hear about what you're reading!

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Josh Randell Hello to all, my name is Josh and I have recently started out in the writing and self-publishing game. Enjoying it a lot so far. I don't know if this is a group I belong in and don't want to offend anyone, so if I am in the wrong area let me know and I won't post anymore. I write very explicit erotica but it so far has always centered around a man and a MtF transgendered woman. I do have a story with an interracial couple and will be having more of that, but I'm not sure if the rest fits in this group. Hope all of you are well and thank you for having this group, so far I like what I see. Peace to all.

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D.M.  Lee | 1 comments My name is Leslie. I'm an interracial author and reader. I love romance and I also like erotica. So, I'm looking for some wonderful readers, that can read my book and give me reviews.

thanks Smoke and Mirrors

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