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message 1: by TessaMarie (last edited Nov 28, 2015 02:09PM) (new)

TessaMarie Beard | 362 comments Mod
Anyone got any good song recomendations for writing?

Skye~just Skye~ | 45 comments For me it is Stand by you. By Rachel Platten, or Drag me down. By One Direction.

message 3: by TessaMarie (new)

TessaMarie Beard | 362 comments Mod
ohh those are good ones

Skye~just Skye~ | 45 comments Yeah. My friend recommended stand by you to me right after something happened that made me really depressed, and I recommended drag me down to her just because:P

Skye~just Skye~ | 45 comments And there is also Night Changes by One Direction.

message 6: by TessaMarie (new)

TessaMarie Beard | 362 comments Mod
Oh that ones on my Writing playlist

Skye~just Skye~ | 45 comments I love that one:)

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

"Hero" Skillet
"Do Something" Matthew West
"White Flag" Chris Tomlin
"Every Good Thing" The Afters
"The King Is Coming" NewsBoys
"THRIVE" Casting Crowns
"Hope In Front Of Me" Danny Gokey


Skye~just Skye~ | 45 comments "My songs know what you did in the dark" Fall out boy

"Uma Thurman" Fall out boy

message 10: by TessaMarie (new)

TessaMarie Beard | 362 comments Mod
Link to my Writng Youtube Play list, it has a bit of everything, feel free to check it out or give suggestions for it.

Writing Playlist

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