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If there was one thing that Damon liked, it was just lying out in the sun. He just couldn't beat it. There was just something about relaxing that made life worth living for him. With the sun beaming down, Damon lay down on the grass, his eyes closed, his legs stretched out and his hands folded under his head with a random girls jumper under his head. He thought about that for a moment but he really didn't know who he'd gotten it from. Brushing that off, he did what he was best at and just let himself relax. His mind automatically drifted to be the latest issue of the Cupid Chronicle. There wasn't that much gossip this week, which annoyed Damon but also meant the readers were going to be disappointed. Last weeks issue had been juicy and he'd already had an amazing time watching as people broke down under the weight of hushed whispers, only managing to start new ones as they did. Though, the best part was that no one knew he was involved with the Chronicle in any way.

((Sorry that took so long.))

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ᵉˡˡᵃ ((Are we saying they're already friends? Or just meeting?))

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((Oh I don't know, you can choose. I think it would work either way.))

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ᵉˡˡᵃ ((Okay I'm gonna say they know each other))

Theresa was particularly bored on that Tuesday afternoon, walking through the quad in search of something to do. Her boyfriend was in class, her friends were all busy, and she didn't feel like doing her homework. What was a girl to do? She'd tried reading some magazines, and actually stooped so low as to crack open a text book, but both of those activities combined had only taken her about twenty minutes to be through with. She'd decided that a walk would be good for her, and donned a black crop top with a pair of denim shorts and her favorite vans. The sun was warm on her skin, and she found herself wishing she'd brought sunglasses when she stumbled upon Damon. Literally. She hadn't noticed him laying on the grassy area of the quad, and tripped over him to find herself sprawled out in the grass. It was a classic Theresa move to be a little clumsy sometimes, and after letting out an "oomph" and brushing off her face to make sure no stray blades of green were left behind, she settled down beside Damon and laughed a little "Sorry about that, I didn't see you there." She said, her face turned towards his. There were always tons of girls hat had crushes on Damon. He was a hot senior boy with nice hair. But Reese liked her boyfriend better, anyway. "How's the sun?" She asked sweetly. They'd been friends during her first year, since she was the freshman that refused to be ignored.

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Damon winced, his eyes flying open as he felt someone knock into his, kicking his side in the process. Crossing his arm over his torso, he rubbed his side, turning his head to look at the culprit. He was about ready to get them back for it, scandalous gossip rushing to the front of his mind that he could use in the Chronicle or wondering who he could get them to fall for that would hurt someone they cared about. That all changed when he saw who it was that had tripped over him. Shaking his head at her, he fixed his navy blue t-shirt that had ridden up when he rubbed the spot she'd kicked. "Dammit gattina," he said as he pushed himself up so he was leaning on his elbows. "So violent," he muttered teasingly. "Are you always this rough? Cause I like it," he flirted with a wink, his famous smirk on his lips, though he knew that she would know that he wasn't serious. They'd bee friends for quite a while so she was used to his frequent flirting and little nicknames, like kitten, that was his favourite for her. "Sun is sun ciccia, I like it anyway," he answered, tilting his head back and letting his eyes fall shut again.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Reese rolled his eyes at his question. She knew he was just teasing her, but she still had to be sarcastic about his foolishness. "Wouldn't you like to know..." She trailed off, smirking back at him. Anyone observing them would think them to be flirting, but that certainly wasn't the case. Both Damon and Reese were terrible flirts, and though Theresa would never be unfaithful to her boyfriend, they could t just stop flirting because Theresa was taken. It was just part of their nature, so they teased one anther in that way. Theresa laid down beside him, trying to get as comfortable as he was, but she didn't see how he could be so relaxed. The grass was lumpy, and the sun made her eyes hurt. "Well you seem to be enjoying it a little too much, is all." She muttered, rolling over so she could lay on her stomach. She plucked a flower from a foot or so away and spun it around, her fingers brushing the petals. "Is anything interesting going on today? I'm bored, and everyone else is busy. Everyone except you, I guess." She said, poking his nose with the flower in order to bug him some more.

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Damon kept his eyes closed as he listened to Reese move around, feeling her presence lying down next to him. Smirking at her comment, he kept his eyes closed as he rolled his neck. "You just need to loosen up gattina, relax. You're much too stressed. Take a step back, smell the roses," he started to say but then she poked his nose with a flower and he scrunched his nose quickly. "Remind me why we're friends again?" he asked sarcastically, turning so he was lying on his side facing her, resting his head on his hand with his elbow on the ground. "Honestly? It's pretty boring at the moment and I don't like it. Someone needs to get pregnant or something, that'd be interested. But I did hear that Scarlett, Garcia Scarlett, was flirting with your boy. I'd be careful, she's a daughter of Eros. It wouldn't take much to get him in her bed," Damon answered, purposely stirring up drama because like Reese, he was quite bored with nothing going on in the Academy.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Reese school her head "I'm smelling the roses just fine, that doesn't change how bored I am." She whined, looking over at him. She was happier with him looking at her, she didn't want to be ignored, not even for the sun. "I just wish there were a party tonight or something to be excited about, ya know?" She asked, her green eyes sparkling. But when he mentioned some girl flirting with Orion, her expression fell flat. Theresa felt her heart sink in her chest. A daughter of Eros wanted Orion, and she didn't know what that meant, but Damon did, and he thought it was a bad thing for her. She stopped twirling the flower and was perfectly still for a moment, the gears in her mind turning until she realized how silly that was. She and Orion had been dating for almost a year, no one would mess with that. "No she's not." She decided, resuming her flower-twirling and swinging her legs in the air. "And if she were, she couldn't get Orion. He loves me." Theresa told Damon, making sure to make no eye contact.

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Damon had to hold back the smirk as he watched her face fall at the news. Reese was his friend without a doubt but that didn't change the fact that Damon just loved to cause a bit of drama, one of the many benefits of working on the Chronicle like he did. It was a bit of an addiction but he had no problem with that, it was too much fun to stop. So even though he liked Theresa and he did consider her a good friend, the doubt clear in her eyes about Orion just made him quite giddy. When he started to feel this way over things he shouldn't have been excited about, he kind of felt bad but he quickly got over that. "Hey, I'm not saying that he doesn't love you. You guys are a great match and that's coming from me," Damon defended, not about to give up his little drama with the way she was purposely avoiding eye contact. She obviously believed him to some extent and that seed of doubt was all he needed. "I'm just saying that a daughter of a god of sexual desire has her eyes on your man. You just need to be careful, you know? I talk to Scarlett, she's hot and let me tell you, she just exudes desire. Even I had a hard time staying away and you know how much I love to just lead girls on," Damon told her with a light chuckle, skilfully choosing his words but making it seem like casual conversation.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ When he spoke again, Theresa thought he was backtracking, taking back what he'd said before. But no, he just had to twist the knife, and Reese couldn't help but scowl at him. She didn't want to be told that her boyfriend might cheat on her, especially just for Scarlett. She knew the girl, and had actually liked her up to that moment. But really, it was Damon making the big fuss, not Orion. "Well, it's like you said. It was hard for you not to sleep with her, but you didn't. So since Orion doesn't want to sleep with her, he won't. It's not like he doesn't get any.." She trailed off, flickering a bit of an angry glance over at Damon. "You know when I tripped on you I didn't need you to be a jerk about Orion. He's not going to cheat on me." She said adamantly. In all honesty, Orion was the most important person in her life. If she didn't have him, what would she do? Probably try to get him back. And if some bitch tried to take him away, well, then, she'd have to figure out how to stop her.

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Damon quickly concealed his smirk at her reaction, exactly what he'd been hoping for. He knew it was kind of twisted to be enjoying it, especially since she was his friend. But he couldn't help it, just like he couldn't help getting a rush out of messing with everyone else's relationship. Honestly, he thought Reese and Orion were great together and he knew just how important he was to her. He could feel the strength of their connection like it was some strange force tugging at him, he felt like that for all the best couples he'd met and even put together at times when he was feeling generous, or sadistic, it worked both ways. "Chill gattina, did those words ever come out of my mouth?" He asked rhetorically, a comforting smile tugging at the sides of his lips. "No. I was simply just pointing out that it he was going to cheat on you than he has a pretty smoking option vying for his attention. That's all," he defended, not able to resist getting that one last jab in there before he let that doubt simmer on their relationship for a while.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ He couldn't just call her kitten and make her feel better, and Theresa had a feeling he knew just that. Damon knew that the thought was in her head by then, and she honesty wanted to slap him across the face for even suggesting that Orion would fuck some horny, boyfriend-stealing Bitch. She would have to talk to him about it later, to make sure she was still the apple of his eye, but she was fairly sure that she was. Instead of slapping her friend Damon, Theresa punched his arm, a little more than playfully, but it's not like she could hurt him. "Whatever, asshole. I'm hotter than Scarlett anyway." She grumbled, peeking her eyes up at him. "I can't wait until you find someone that melts your icy heart. Then I'm gonna pick on you all the time. So watch out." She told him, starting to pick the petals off of the flower; Orion loved her, Orion thought she was hot, Orion loved her, Orion thought she was hot, Orion lo-

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It was hard but he managed to restrain the smirk that wanted to curve his lips at the drama he'd ignited. There was just something about causing problems that gave him a sick sort of glee he could never get enough of. Half of the things he let get into the Chronicle were fabricated in a brainstorming session with the few others with little to no evidence to back it up but that didn't matter. No one read a gossip rag for facts, they read it for entertainment and that's what he gave them. Pouting playfully at her, he the spot he'd punched. "Eesh tigrotta, I was just saying," he defended, holding his hand up in surrender. His eyes widened and he chuckled heartily at her suggestion, pretending to wipe a tear out of the corner of his eye. "You're funny streghetta mia," he complimented, knowing she wouldn't understand that he'd just called her his little witch, he rarely used that one. "I don't do 'love', I just make it."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa let out a sigh, she wished Damon had told her some other time, some time when Orion wasn't busy and she could go run to him for a hug and a good bout of reassurance. But of course she had to be told at the worst time possible, when Orion was busy and she couldn't see him for at least a few hours. Reese supposed she was being a little hard in Damon, he was just the messenger after all, and she looked at his fake pout and sighed again, this time for dramatic effect. "It was still an asshole move." She muttered, but then looked completely serious. "Just give me a hug and tell me that I'm hotter than Scarlett Garcia." She demanded, her arms crossed and bottom lip stick out in a dangerously effective pout. At his mention of love, Reese shrugged "I think you'll fall in love someday, you just need the right match." She promised him, a glimmer in her eyes.

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Damon rolled his eyes at her neediness, wondering how Orion put it with it all the time, he pushed himself up so he was sitting rather than half lying on the ground. Mocking her dramatic sigh with his own, her wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest, his chin resting gently on the top of her head. Her pout was good, he'd give her that but he was around girl all the time and if he wasn't immune to looks like that then he would never get anywhere so while he gave her props for the great try, he hugged her out of friendly obligation. "You're much hotter than Scarlett Garcia dolcezza," he muttered softly in her ear, purposely using his wickedly seductive tone just for fun. "Even though blonde really aren't my type and I prefer brunettes," he added as he pulled away from her and relaxed back into his previous position. "Oh tesoro I dare you to play matchmaker, I just dare you. You do that and you'll be ruined. No one plays matchmaker for me," he threatened, his tone light and playful but his eyes twinkling with maliciousness.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa was quite comfortable in their hug, as Damon was warm. He was reluctant to hug her and slightly annoyed, but Reese didn't care. He got her into this messy mood, he should have to hug her if he wanted to make sure she didn't cut him. He had been annoying, and if all he had to pay was a hug, he would live. "Thank you, now wasn't that easy?" She asked him, pulling my away and flopping down in the grass. She picked another little flower and started to play wth the petals, her boredom back as her mind had been soothed. Damon was warning her about making him a match, it seemed he really didn't want one, but Reese didn't care. Sometimes the people that don't want matches are the ones that need them the most. She rolled her eyes at him "Don't threaten me, Damon. I'm not stupid. But if I see a girl I think you might love, I will suggest you take her on a date. You can't ruin me for that." She said, quirking a brow at him.

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As Theresa lay back down on the grass, Damon closed his eyes, tilting his head back to the sun once more as he wondered how hard it would be to get Scarlett to flirt with Orion while Theresa looked on from afar. He figured it could be quite easy as long as he made sure not to let her know that he was doing it to play with Reese's and Orion's relationship because then she wouldn't play along. He could always bribe her with coffee, he knew she had a bit of an addiction. Damon was starting to get side tracked when he heard Reese mention that she wasn't stupid. He didn't hear anything else, just that line but he had a good idea of what she was saying so he didn't see completely ignorant in case she picked up on his zoning out. "You sure about that gattina? Because I'd beg to differ," he teased with a grin, shaking his head at her after. "I can threaten all I want and you're not setting me up with anyone streghetta mia. No," he insisted but his voice was calm as he did.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa let out a yawn as Damon tried to thwart her ideas...again. Why was he neigh so rude about it? "You should relax, Damon. How long has it been since you've gotten laid?" Theresa asked, hopping up so she was in a standing position. She grabbed onto Damon's hands, and while onlookers watched from the sides of the quad, Theresa tried with all of her might to lift Damon into a standing position with her. Of course, she wasn't that strong, but all it would take was a bit of a hop from Damon, and she could have him standing with her. "Come on Damon, get up! I want coffee and you need a walk, I can just tell." She said, though she really didn't care if he needed a walk. She'd needed company, and he was the one she stumbled upon. So either he came with her, or Theresa stayed there and nagged him mercilessly until Orion can to find her.

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"I was relaxed till you got here gattina," he quipped back inmediately, winking at her cheekily with a smirk on his lips. At her question, he rolled his eyes. "I've been busy," he said with a shrug, chuckling softly at her attempt to pull him off the ground with her. Standing up, he leaned down and picked up the jumper he'd been using as a pillow. "Do you have any idea who owns this?" I needed a pillow so some girl gave me her jumper but I don't know who it was," he asked with a frown, wondering what he was supposed to do with it now that he was done.when it seemed like she didn't know, he dropped with back down on the ground with a shrug. "Oh well, it was comfortable while it lasted," he commented, turning away from it to look at Reese. "Come on gattina, let's get you come coffee."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa shook her head "If I had a dime for every time I heard that..." She trailed off. People claimed she could be a stressful girl to be around, but Reese was fairly sure that was just a rude thing to say, it had no basis in fact. Just then, Damon was tossing aside some cue little jumper, but Reese caught it before it could hit the ground. "You can't just throw it to the side, Damon! It's cute, I'm gonna keep it." She declared, tucking the jumper under her arm and tugging Damon towards the coffee shop. She need an iced mocha latte, stat. When he mentioned not getting any in a while, Reese grinned. "Busy? So that's guy code for starving, right?" She asked, having to look up at him once they were walking side by side. "So that's you're problem, you need a hook up." She told him, a devilish twinkle in her eyes "May I suggest Scarlett Garcia?" Reese teased, but hey, if Damon took the girl out of the situation, she wouldn't be complaining.

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Damon laughed at her words, finding it pretty funny that people must say it to her face a lot. She was just...demanding. He couldn't even think of the words to properly describe her, she was a breed all of her own in his opinion. Raising an eyebrow at her, he gave her a flat look as she caught the jumper he was about to throw away. He really couldn't believe that she decided to keep it. What kind of person decided to keep some random girl's clothes? Like he'd said, a breed all of her own. Rolling his eyes at her, he let her tug him towards the coffee shop, slowing down so she could keep up with him. "No Reese, it means I've been busy. I've got a life outside of you," he answered in a bored down, looking down at her with a barely there smirk on his lips. Laughing lightly, he shook his head at her. "Scarlett Garcia. She's a daughter of Eros. That makes me almost like her uncle, it's just weird. Trust me Reese, I've had this conversation before and we both decided it was just kind of strange," he replied, shaking his head, hearing the teasing in her voice but knowing that there was merit to her question.

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