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Leena (leena23) She watched the younger student with her nose to the map, should she help the poor thing? Or continue leaning against the pillar that she was currently at? Jimin wasn't sure, and debated as the 1st year student continued to look quizzically at the map in front of her. It would be nice to help her, or she could have some fun? Jimin pushed off the pillar and approached the younger girl , after answering some questions she sent her on her way. The student had been trying to find a certain set of dorms, and Jimin had completely led her the wrong way, a smirk on her lips as she watched her disappear. Poor little thing would have to learn not to trust just anyone, Jimin being the one to teach her that lesson first.

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments Oh my Gods that was painful.... But at least I feel a bit better! The Blonde thought to herself as she toted a bag full of workout things. She was still dressed in a sports bra and her trainers along with her training shoes, with her boxing gloves over her shoulder and it was all for one thing: to make people stare. Her plan was working and Delilah was satisfied with the nonverbal ego rub. She entered the courtyard and looked around for her best friend, the girl who had been through hell and back with her because she hadn't seen her all summer. Delilah shielded her eyes and looked around and finally set eyes on her. She smiled and started to saunter over to Jimin and once by her side, she bumped Jimin's hip lightly with hers so that Jimin wouldn't fall over. "Hey there stranger," Delilah smiled over to Jimin.

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Leena (leena23) Parties, events, classes, Jimin was excited for it all, mostly for the drama that would go with it all. it She tugged on her plaid, school uniform like skirt, it was fairly short. Of course that was how she liked things, short, risque, teasing but never giving. She had it coupled with a sleeveless, button down blouse, the first few buttons undone, as well as shin high boots, her hair was up in a pony tail. Her best friend, the one that would bury a body with her if she needed her to, sidled up beside her and gave her a bump to the hip. Jimin turned with a happy expression, her arms wrapped around Delilah, and her things in her arms. she jumped up and down some as she squeaked with delight, "Omo you're here!! I didn't even know you'd already arrived, I got here just a few hours ago. Wow look at you, already drawing attention, love it," Jimin winked at her bestie and stepped back a tiny bit, giving her friend room to breathe. "Did we get a room together? I hope so, if we didn't I'm going straight to administration and having them fix the problem right away. There's no way in hell that I'm bunking with anyone but you wife," Jimin teased all the time that she was the husband and Delilah was the wife. She even had Delilah in her phone under 'my wife'.

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments Delilah watched as Jimin gained the biggest smile on her face. Delilah hugged her bestie back as she let her friend jump up and down. "Yeah I got here yesterday. And of course, you already know we have to let them know who runs this school." Delilah set her bag down on the ground and she stretched upward to get some kinks out of her shoulders. She reached up and tightened her high ponytail. "I don't think so b, but I think I'm right next door and I'm alll alone husbando," Delilah said with a pout. Soon her pout turned into a smile and Delilah laughed. "J, we have to start planning the beginning of the year party. We need to figure out a theme and everything and invite only the elite," Delilah said, picking her bag up again and offering her hand to Jimin, ready to raise hell with her.

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Leena (leena23) Delilah was certainly toned, as she stretched her limbs Jimin could see the lines and dips of muscle and we'll taken care of skin. Taking care of yourself was really important to Jimin, so she paid attention to such details. "Looking good wifey," She complimented before easily slipping her hand into Delilah's offered one. "Yes, party. Okay so I was thinking of maybe a gender bender party theme? What do you think? It just popped into my head last night, and i kind of like the idea more and more the longer I think about it. We could go as cute hipster boys?" She grinned, fairly happy with herself and already planning her outfit in her head and what she would need to buy. Of course they would need to only invite the best of the best, like Delilah had already pointed out. Maybe a small, 50 people party?

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments "It's all for you," Delilah said, winking back over at her best friend. Jimin brought up a gender bender. "Hmmmmm. Marvelous idea really though....." Delilah paused before continuing," I think we should do something bigger and better than last year's party." Who knew that Marvel vs. DC was such a big thing? And that it would be such a success? Jimin and Delilah had went as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, the undercover gay couple of the DC universe. Their costumes were spot on too, so they were easily the center of attention. "How about we do an era party? I'm thinking 1920s. Think about it J! Gangsters, Flappers, Jazz, Seduction!" Delilah squealed a bit and then sighed lovingly at the idea. "What do you think J? We can even have live entertainment!" Delilah asked, looking over to Jimin to see her reaction.

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments "It's all for you," Delilah said, winking back over at her best friend. Jimin brought up a gender bender. "Hmmmmm. Marvelous idea really though....." Delilah paused before continuing," I think we should do something bigger and better than last year's party." Who knew that Marvel vs. DC was such a big thing? And that it would be such a success? Jimin and Delilah had went as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, the undercover gay couple of the DC universe. Their costumes were spot on too, so they were easily the center of attention. "How about we do an era party? I'm thinking 1920s. Think about it J! Gangsters, Flappers, Jazz, Seduction!" Delilah squealed a bit and then sighed lovingly at the idea. "What do you think J? We can even have live entertainment!" Delilah asked, looking over to Jimin to see her reaction.

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Leena (leena23) The thought of dressing up as a 1920's gangster appealed greatly to Jimin. a smirk crossed her lips, "I'm in boo. Let's do this, can I get a fake Tommy gun? I wonder if they sell those, oh and I'll need a fedora, suspenders," Jimin was mentally making a list. "I wonder if we could hire Olly Murs to come play for it? He's got some songs that have that old school feel, and I'm sure he'd sing some requested songs if we asked..." Jimin and Delilah weren't really heading anywhere specific as far as Jimin could tell. Not that it mattered, she was just glad to be back with her other half, and to be planning and plotting already. How many people would be sucking up to them just to get an invitation? Of course they would make a list and wouldn't deviate from it, but those people didn't have to know that. "Colors? What were you thinking ? Want to go as my date?" She wiggled her eyebrows teasingly at her friend.

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments Delilah inwardly celebrated. Yes! This was going to be awesome! "Uh yeah, I expect you to be the Don! And we can go shopping after I take a shower, how does that sound? Hmm... Olly Murs? How about Michael Bublé? Girls would practically do anything to come see him. They would do the craziest shit, J," Delilah said, smirking at all of the things some girls would probably do to score a ticket. "Ohhhh and Lana Del Rey? I heard some of her songs off of The Great Gatsby album and I fell in love. Colors? I know you look awesome in black and I know I look drop dead gorgeous in gold. So, you can do an all black ensemble with a gold accessory and I can do all gold with a black accessory." Delilah looked over to her friend and smirked," Hell yeah I'll be your date. I want to be close to the best looking girl in there. So shopping and froyo sound good to you?" Delilah asked.

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Leena (leena23) Shower, yeah that was a necessity after a workout. Jimin bobbed her head, "Sounds good to me. I think we can find some great stuff, and you'll look rockin' in gold," Jimin and Delilah made a beeline towards the girls dormitories. "Oh froyo sounds aviut perfect after a bout of shopping! Let's do it, maybe we can pick up some chocolates for tonight too? And we can binge watch something, Michael will be an easy booking. Let's do that, and Lana yeah," Jimin was glad that they were working out the details, it was going to be a fantastic start of the year party. Far bigger and badder than the one before, and she hadn't thought they could top that one, but somehow the two had. (where to next?)

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments (I dunno Delilah's dorm?)

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Leena (leena23) (can they room together or no?)

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A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 73 comments (Yeah if you want c:)

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska walked together with Asher to the courtyard, the light breeze caressing her body as she stepped out into the fresh air. She breathed in and smiled, feeling happy just being one with nature. "So, want to do some warm ups first?" Alaska asked Asher, tilting her head such that the sun was reflecting off her hair; and her eyes were shining.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "It's okay I guess, we're doing magic so apart from flexing our fingers there isn't much to do," Alaska shrugged, and went to face him. "What kind of simple magic do you do? You know, apart from the ones that you predominantly use," Alaska asked, wanting to know what they could do together; all while trying to turn at an angle to shun away from the sun.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska took the book from him, and flipped through it but couldn't seem to absorb much from it. Again, she wasn't the girl who could memorise or absorb information from a literal book. Her brain just wasn't fit for that. With a smirk, Alaska tossed the book back at Asher, incredibly off target, but with a flick of her wrist, the book's descend slowed and landed neatly in Asher's hand. "You could show me what you can do," Alaska winked.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed as she sensed his defensive tone while talking about the book. She was about to say something when he changed his looks and appeared as Channing Tatum, one of the most charismatic man she admired. "That is just amazing, can you change to look like me? Or only guys?" Alaska asked enthusiastically, her eyes shining as she leaned in to inspect the similarity, noticing that the resemblance was uncanny. She liked how Asher originally look though, but as Channing Tatum, Alaska didn't mind it one bit.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed when he changed into her, because she looked weird with short hair. "I think it'd be easy to pull off as the Headmistress," Alaska giggled, remembering the stern face of the headmistress, the low voice and short hair. "Well then, try charmspeaking me to do something," Alaska winked, knowing that she might not be as susceptible to charmspeak as compared to normal humans, but with enough power from the other party, she would actually succumb to it.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed when he transformed, and marvelled the resemblance of his transformation to the real headmistress. Oh, it would be hilarious if the real headmistress came and found a double in the courtyard. The laughter subsided as Asher looked at her intently, and without meaning to, she felt entirely mesmerised by the other. When Asher asked her to sit on the grass, her legs felt like they were moving on their own and she not-so-gracefully plopped down on the soft grass. After two seconds or so, she suddenly blinked, "I'm on the grass? Wow, I suck at resisting charmspeak."

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Yeah, surprisingly I don't have charmspeak because my comes in a more visual form! And that answers your question because I can manipulate perspectives of people," Alaska told Asher, her eyes shining as she leaned back to look at him and silently admired his looks. She was thinking too, of course, as to how to demonstrate her powers because they tend to work more when she is panicking or in danger.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Well it's kind of like, making people fall in love with each other by manipulating their perspectives of one another; but I can make people hate each other too," Alaska said, and shuddered lightly at the last part, remembering her past and how she came to Cupid Academy in the first place. "Then another power linked to that, is where I can match-make people and of course, there's a bad side to it. If, I want to use it anyway. I can make two people get together despite the fact that they hate one another," Alaska told Asher honestly.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska laughed, "Yeah, now you know." Then when he mentioned about her powers being cool, she shrugged nonchalantly. "I guess. But I don't like inflicting hatred amongst people, unless they're like monsters and should die in each others hands," Alaska said to Asher, lowering her eyelashes as she played with a flower that was beside her where she was seated at. "But what I do like is making people who match up together actually fall in love, and when the spell wears off; they actually do fall in love for real. I'm just there to give that push," Alaska looked up, her voice lighter.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments Alaska couldn't help but blush when the flower descended on her lap, and she picked it up with two fingers, twirling it around. "Exactly, couldn't agree more," Alaska nodded, when he mentioned about liking the idea of being a cupid. She raised the flower to her nose and breathed in the smell of the sweet-scented flower, a small smile reaching her lips, "Too bad no one makes us Cupids fall in love. We're so busy helping people, we don't actually have time for ourselves. And that's why you see many Cupids being single by the end of their time."

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Love to humans can be merely infatuation, but for us? It's like legit, like we fall deep in love for who the person is. We don't judge by appearance, unlike most humans, because we judge by their inner personality," Alaska told Asher and looked up at him. She got lost in his eyes, and she felt absolutely at peace when they were just laying on the grass; the cool feeling of the grass beneath her. She transferred the grass to her other hand, and tapped it gently with one; releasing the petals and letting them flow in the wind.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I like that analogy a lot," Alaska laughed, but she sincerely meant it. It was rare that someone actually was on the same wavelength as her, but again, it was rare that she was in any normal non-adventurous wavelength at all. "Life is just like these flowers rooted to the ground, when strong wind comes we bend, we almost fall; but we remain rooted and we stand up again. Love makes it even more beautiful, makes our roots stronger, and makes us have a reason to carry on living," Alaska said and laid back, pulling her gaze from Asher to look up at the clouds.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "And that one looks like an old fashion ship with the sails and all," Alaska pointed to the one of the right of the smiley face, smiling herself because it seemed so clear to her, what each cloud looked like. "Have you ever thought of falling in love?" Alaska asked Asher, but not looking at him as she traced the outline of the cloud she had just pointed out to him, fascinated by it.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Of course!" Alaska laughed. "It's every girl's dream to find her true love, cupid or not. We girls are all the same y'know? The only difference is I help people find love and generally no one helps me back," Alaska explained and shrugged as another cloud floated by, this time looking too much like a heart shape for her liking. "Man, it's like the clouds are conforming to our thoughts in the forms of shapes," she said, as the heart dispersed out. "But yeah, as you said, it's really difficult for us... so, I guess I'm going to remain single forever."

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Really? Then I'll be your Cupid too, if you want. We can help one another find our true loves, it'll be fun," Alaska said happily as she looked into his eyes with seriousness. She was serious about helping him too, if he were to help her. Then she wouldn't have to bother about returning him a favour; she just had to help him find love if he wanted. "I wonder who my love will be like though. Any ideas?" Alaska asked Asher.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Well," Alaska shifted to her side and looked into his eyes, grasping fragments of his love life using her powers. "She'll be someone who's probably more on the wild side, more adventurous. She likes open spaces I think," Alaska scrunched up her nose, "yeah, that's all I can get for now." She was surprised that their true love's personality sounded so much like themselves, and it was downright weird.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Exactly right! It's so weird..." Alaska said, trailing off in thought. However, she came back to reality when he mentioned about finding her one, and she smiled broadly at him, "We'll find yours too. I wonder who that lucky girl is, man, I'll be entirely jealous of her." She held a teasing tone at the end of course, but perhaps she meant it just a bit.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "So what do you want to do now? Like we could go to the library and do more research or something on these. Since, you know, I don't actually listen in lessons," Alaska turned to Asher, asking him for his opinion. Being in the courtyard was serene, but she didn't mind moving elsewhere as well. After all, when you meet friends, you have to do more things to know them better.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I mean that's no hurry as well. Maybe we should play a game while we're here.... or...." Alaska had a devilish grin on her face. That was just her, adventurous and always so eager to try new and dangerous things. "We could fly," Alaska grinned from ear to ear, already excited at the thought of unleashing her wings.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "Actually it varies from cupid to cupid and their wing size. I only knew recently that we could fly too, you know," Alaska said, shrugging. She stood up and stretched, then closed her eyes and felt her wings unfurl from within her. They were pure white, but not extremely big like Angels; only spanning about a few metres on either side of her. Her eyes glowed the similar colour, and after a while, it dimmed back to her normal eyes. "See, mine's just average. How about yours?" Alaska asked Asher, cocking her head to one side.

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clairene ⍥ | 119 comments "I know right," Alaska said, admiring his larger wings. She didn't wish for bigger ones anyway, she just wanted wings that could lift her up to the sky and allow her to soar up high. "Do you want to try flying? I could guide you, since you're new at this, though flying is quite natural once you have your wings accustomed to your body weight," Alaska asked Asher and walked behind him to take a look and see how she'll guide him if he wished too. She doesn't want to impose anything on him, therefore she waited for his response.

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