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Antony Stanton (antonyjstanton) | 15 comments Hi, I have just finished writing and published my very first book TODAY, "Once Bitten, Twice Die", Antony J. Stanton, the first book in a gothic horror series.
Once Bitten, Twice Die (The Blood of the Infected Book 1) by Antony Stanton
Once Bitten, Twice Die
The book is available on Amazon at a discount for a couple of days more. As yet it is unread by anyone on the planet, other than myself and the chap from the London Evening Standard who wrote a glowing review. There is not a sparkly vampire in sight, in fact a new genre of realism was my main focus. If you feel like being there at the very start, then here is a little book blurb:

Do you think you are familiar with everything to do with zombies? Think again.
If you believed you knew vampires, you know nothing.
Do you feel ready for Armageddon? You couldn't be further from the truth.
Gothic Realism is a fresh new angle on a well-loved genre of horror where vampires do not turn into bats, do not sparkle (obviously) but do cast a shadow. After all, the laws of physics are intractable and apply to every creature on earth, living or otherwise.

A cure for dementia has disastrously failed. Patients are left crazed, infectious and enraged. The ensuing carnage quickly spreads the disease, and civilisation is decimated.
On London’s outskirts a military base shelters some survivors. The soldiers within must battle against the infected who now roam unchallenged. Tensions are high, relationships fraught, death commonplace.
But if they thought the end of the world was bad enough, their troubles have only just begun...
An ancient menace has long existed in secret alongside humanity - a vampire clan, which has recently encountered the soldiers. Now is their time to emerge from the shadows. First though they have to overcome their own problems. They too have to fight for survival against the infected, and they violently disagree on their approach towards the humans.
Hostilities are rising. It's only a matter of time now...

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
Antony, your book sounds very interesting. LOL...the title actually reminds me of that 1980's vampire comedy film that was called "Once Bitten" that Jim Carrey did before he was on In Living Color and hit it big. Just so you know, there is an author promotions folder on here that I set up when I started this group for writers who want to promote their books. You can keep this here or move it to author promotions, it's up to you. Just thought I'd let you know for future reference.

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Antony Stanton (antonyjstanton) | 15 comments Hi Dan, thanks loads for the message. I do not know that film, but am interested to check it out now.
I did not know about the other folder, but that sounds like a very good idea... How would i move the post? Many thanks and best wishes

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
I think you just go to edit and look for "folders", click on that, and look for "Author Promotions".

I don't know if I recommend that Jim Carrey vampire flick, dude. It's kind of ridiculous. He's a teenager and this female vampire has to feed off the blood of a virgin once every a year to make herself stay young, so she goes after him (Jim Carrey) because his girlfriend won't give him any. It's just silly in my opinion, but you can check it out if you want to.

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