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Swan Song
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Swan Song by Robert McCammon > Chapters 48 through 64

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Graydon Panzica (graydon-panzica) | 29 comments Mod

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Graydon Panzica (graydon-panzica) | 29 comments Mod
Okay, I've made a new rule, and McCammon best start living by it. That rule is, no introducing new and lovable characters if you're just going to kill them off. I just finished this part, finished off with Rusty's funeral scene. I'm in tears. I can't handle this. And Killer? I...why? WHY? I swear, if he kills Josh, it's going to have to be the last page, because the second he does, I'm putting the book down. Same with Swan. Page 651, Josh says he'd defend Swan until his final breath, and that better not be foreshadowing. I'll be pissed.

As sad as Rusty's death was, it was such a beautiful scene. I mean, the death itself was gruesome and horrific, but the impact that scene had was so lovely. Talk about a plan backfiring. The man with the fire, who I'm completely convinced is the Devil, at least representative of him, tried to burn Mule alive, and killed Rusty, and instead of destroying all hope, he ended up making the town stronger. The town united over saving Mule, which paved the way for them to unite over burying Rusty. People started helping each other and talking to each other again. And because of this, they found that field of corn faster than they otherwise might have. Pretty sure the Devil just saved Mary's Rest--let's hope Mcklin and Roland don't turn up to destroy it. Bastards.

So of course I have a few Biblical connections. I don't know if this is necessarily supposed to be a religious story, or if McCammon wanted it to be a story about hope and couldn't think of anything more hopeful than religion, but I'm finding a lot of parallels regardless.

Towards the beginning of this group of chapters, the Devil-man is relishing how easy it is to convince people to do wicked things--kill, consume their dead, eat their own fingers, etc. etc. Ew to everything. And this put me in mind of the serpent in the very beginning of the Bible. The serpent, of course, is famous for talking Eve into eating an apple off of the very same apple tree God forbid her from eating from. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What do you know but Swan revives an apple tree, the last apple tree, but a few chapters later? And Sly immediately knows that GOOD has come to conquer EVIL.

The are a few minor allusions to the Bible--The Mark of CAIN, JOB'S mask, Bible verses scattered throughout the pages. But the above is the most obvious. I'm thinking maybe, because Josh described the feeling under Job's mask as his face moving, changing, I'm thinking that perhaps there "inside faces" that Leona mentioned to soothe Swan all those years ago may be turning around to the outside. The Job's mask might just be a protective cover while their faces change. In the story of Job, I'm pretty sure Satan curses Job with leprosy, but Job stays true to God and repents all sin, and God rewards him with more than what he ever had before, so I'm thinking this might be the Swan Song take on the story?

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