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Swan Song
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Swan Song by Robert McCammon > Chapters 34 through 47

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Graydon Panzica (graydon-panzica) | 29 comments Mod

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Graydon Panzica (graydon-panzica) | 29 comments Mod
-_- If McCammon could stop introducing characters, making us fall in love with them, and then killing them or taking them away somehow, that'd be great. I mean...was Leona dying really necessary? Do Artie and Sister really need to part ways? I how much do you want to bet that Rusty's next? I'm going to be so mad.

Also, that scene in the K-Mart, with the criminally insane psyche ward patients? Oh, my God, how scary was that? So glad I read that in the morning and not right before bed. Although I kind of was freaked that night, because people like that are, of course, really out there. And one of the things I've always been most afraid of is the nasty things people can and do do to one another. Part of why I can't watch slasher films.

This section solidified my belief that the man with the fire in his hand is representative of, if not actually, the Devil. When Swan was looking in that mirror and spotted him there, she was looking over her left shoulder, the classic orientation of the Devil--the whole reason when you spill salt, you throw it over your left shoulder, to ward off the Devil. His determination, too, to destroy humanity and all hope and beauty is, in my opinion, a hallmark demon desire.

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