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message 1: by L (new)

L (lauraactually) | 236 comments Mod
Who do you pick (if any) for Rory to end up with?

message 2: by Suzanne (last edited Nov 28, 2015 10:57AM) (new)

Suzanne (bitterbrandybabe) I don't know who Logan is on account that I am on season 3 episode 10. I like Jess over Dean (bad boys for the win), but... can I add Tristan! I feel like no one gives the guy enough slack.

message 3: by Darla (new)

Darla E. | 6 comments I've always wanted her to end up with Jess! She didn't really get to explore the possibility of a relationship with him...

message 4: by Tana (new)

Tana (cristinatana) | 11 comments I want her to end up with Jess too!!!!

message 5: by L (new)

L (lauraactually) | 236 comments Mod
I love Jess. I wasn't his biggest fan at first, but I feel like he really came around when she went to Yale and made something of himself and I love him! I really want her to end up with him too. I don't like Logan nearly as much as I once did (when I originally watched the show).

message 6: by Patience (new)

Patience Williams (patiencew14) I think Rory and Jess have unfinished business. They didn't seem exactly ready for each other when they met and began dating, and the timing seemed off, but when they started reconnecting once Rory was off at Yale there was definitely a spark! I feel like the conflict between them only kept coming up because Jess would overstep his boundaries considering Rory was seeing someone else at the time. If that conflict were gone and they were able to truly give their relationship a chance, it would be awesome. Plus he got waaaay hotter with the whole writer/publishing company cool guy development :)

message 7: by Anja (new)

Anja | 5 comments I think she should end up with someone totally new, because she spent some time travelling and away from home, so it would make sense for me if there's someone new in her life =)

message 8: by Megan (new)

Megan (ntropyincarnate) | 23 comments Jess, I think. Dean bored me and I couldn't stand Logan.

message 9: by Gio (new)

Gio Listmaker  (giohumanistlistmaker) Team Jess all the way.

I feel that Jess grows up and is very successful writer. Rory settles down and becomes a journalist for a Major TV Network. In my imaginary TV land mind. She and Jess magically meet again and live HEA!

message 10: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (veile) | 3 comments I kinda love the idea of her being a strong single lady. That said, if it had to be one of them I think we all know it is Jess!

message 11: by Kaly (new)

Kaly Otero | 1 comments Logan all the way! He adored her and had that bad boy edge with a pretty boy charm.

message 12: by Grace (new)

Grace I don't know how healthy it is that Jess used other girls to make Rory jealous. Using other people that way makes me wonder how deep Jess really cares for Rory or is just trying to control her through emotion.

message 13: by Ariel (new)

Ariel  (lamot_amant) Hm, I always end up wishing for a mixture of the three as a future guy for Rory. Dean's passion & work ethic, Jess' rough edges and brain, & Logan's charisma & ability to both challenge & keep up with Rory.

I think it would be interesting to see how Jess' character would progress because he really came into his own once he was working with the guys in the bookshop. But I also thought it would be interesting to see if Rory and Logan ever came back together later on in life.

message 14: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 9 comments It's hard for me to picture Rory as a successful writer/traveler and at the same time married to a guy. I think she'll end up being single and independent with some serious on-again-off-again relationships, just like Lorelai.
However, out of the three I think Logan was the best guy for her. He was a good mix between Dean and Jess, with the added bonus of being a "Huntzberger". His down to earth side won over Lorelai, while his family history won over Rory's grandparents. He was a good bridge between both of Rory's worlds, so to speak.

message 15: by Sandra (new)

Sandra T Dean is a very decent person, but, to be honest, I think he is "simple folk", too much for Rory. I don't think that he will ever be able to make her feel fully accomplished.
Jesse, otherwise, is too troubled, too bad guy, even in a cute sense: because of this, he obviously attracts Rory, but I don't think he is the right guy for a happy, long term relationship by Rory's point of view.
And Logan. Among the three he looks like the most suitable to Rory, but I don't know why, I have a feeling that I can't explain about him not being the best option ever.
Rory was only 22 when we left her: I'm eager to see what came after. What and who.
Netflix, hurry up.

message 16: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Lang | 1 comments I agree with the person above who said it should be a new guy entirely. If she does the traveling thing I feel like she would encounter someone new and fall in love. With that said I loved her with Logan. There was something vulnerable about him that he shared with Rory. I feel like he was constantly conflicted and if she had to end up with one of the three my vote is Logan. Dean was a good first boyfriend and that's it...he doesn't seem long term to me.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I see so much team Jess and let me assure you that I was 100% team Jess when I was in middle school. I was obsessed. However, as I've grown up and find myself relating more and more to Rory, I would have to say Logan. While I agree that Rory and Jess didn't really have the chance to have a mature relationship and that things would probably be much different now, I feel like Logan is ultimately the best choice for her.

message 18: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Hayes | 68 comments I can never pick between Jess or Logan...depending on what episode I'm on I'll change my mind lol I think either guy would make Rory happy :) She outgrew Dean but I'd like to think they're still friends :)

message 19: by Morevna (new)

Morevna (marya_morevna) Definitely Jess!! When I was a teen, I thought Dean would be cute, too, but now as an adult I think he's too whiny. And Logan is just a total meanie, who thinks he's big sh*t only because of his money. He's a snob and mean and only breaks her heart.
But Rory and Jess, that would make a couple! At least if he would drop his sometimes rude, egoistical behaviour.

message 20: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennifermichellea) I have always believed they were all exactly what she needed at the time they were all perfect for her in the moment but to pick one. I think the person Jess becomes makes him my absolute favorite. what he became in spite of what he grew up as. I love his character

message 21: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Brabec-Bowers (ashleyjbowers) | 8 comments Jess for sure

message 22: by Sonick (new)

Sonick | 5 comments Im 100% team Jess. They had much in common and i always had a feeling, he is Jin to Rorys Jang.

message 23: by Rosa (new)

Rosa | 42 comments Jess, I have always had a liking to him. I do think they needed a break, so he could figure himself out, but I love how he pushes her to do what she loves. Dean bored me and I feel like Logan doesn't push her to do better and stay on track as much as he should. He's seems more about the partying to me.

message 24: by Abby (new)

Abby Swanson | 4 comments Jess. Dean was her first love, and she gave him her virginity, by he was too normal, in a sense. Logan was kind of a jerk, and his family was way messed up. Jess had such a great brain, and I thought he was so smart. He read so many books, and he even wrote one himself. Jess came off as a bad boy, but I think that deep down, he's just a sensitive guy who loves books, and he loved Rory.

message 25: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (readinglowry9613) | 10 comments Laura wrote: "Who do you pick (if any) for Rory to end up with?"
I am team Logan all the way! The chemistry between them has always been amazing! They bring out the adventerous side in one another and live life to the fullest! Jess and Rory always depress me!

message 26: by Elba (new)

Elba (elbamaria) | 99 comments Jess ❤❤❤❤

message 27: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Joelle (stephaniejoelle) | 7 comments Logan definitely. Dean was sweet but I hate that he cheated on his wife to he with Rory. Also he was just way too nice it was almost kinda creepy. They weren't very compatible to me. Jess and Rory were more intellectually compatible which I loved, but Jess's type of Bad boy image was just plain unattractive to me. I understood he was angry because of his upbringing and everything but still. He always seemed to be on edge even after she had gone to Yale. He was constantly challenging her over the littlest things and I think that would have gotten old and annoying if they pursued an actual relationship. People don't change and I don't think a relationship would change Jess. Logan has his ups and downs too but overall I just think he is charming and sweet and has the best qualities of both Dean and Jess but slightly milder. I agree with someone's comment that she would probably be best with someone completely new. (not the fake bf in AYITL lol) But we will see.. I have a feeling she will end up with Jess because so many people want that to happen. Whatever I guess. I like Logan the best :)

message 28: by Mia (new)

Mia (miagray) Jess all the way! He was a douche when they first went out, I'll admit, he had some communication issues, but he grew up and got his life all sorted out.
Logan never changed from who he was when they first got together, always an arrogant dick who thought she should just follow where ever he went because he was the man.
Dean was just the worst. Cheating, clingy, whiny. Just the absolute worst.

message 29: by Jennie (new)

Jennie | 17 comments Jess! The way he looked at her in the revival, my heart melted, plus I feel they have more meaning behind them as they dated in real life. Logan messes her around, granted I love the Life and Death Brigade but I feel he just uses money to buy her nice things to make up for not being there for her all the time. As for Dean, I liked Dean but the minute Jess turned up, I wanted him out the picture.

message 30: by Claire (new)

Claire | 1 comments J E S S <3

message 31: by Kiwi (new)

Kiwi (kiwi-kaleidoscope) Paris? I do so love her with Paris. The complement each other nicely & work well together.

message 32: by Perysh (new)

Perysh | 7 comments Jess 100%

message 33: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Elliot (jennaelliot) | 7 comments I felt like Dean didn't challenge her very much, but Jess challenged her intellectually. I never trusted Logan, and I think Rory would be happier in the long run with someone who had a better understanding of where she came from (being raised by a single mom, small town, etc.) like Jesse does.

They all had their pitfalls, I guess, but if I had to pick, I think Jesse would have been the best choice for her after he matured a little bit.

Taylor (TaysInfiniteThoughts) (taysinfinitethoughts) I always thought that it was always between Jess or Logan. Yes Dean plays a valuable role as Rory's first boyfriend and first love. Jess challenges Rory intellectually and they have more in common than what's on the surface. But also, Rory and Logan are great together. I have always chosen Jess though. I wish he would of had more of a role in the Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life.

message 35: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine van Putten (jeanine1984) | 36 comments I choose Jess because she has most in common with him, because he's Luke's nephew and because I think he's the cutest :)!

message 36: by Nova (new)

Nova Papasodora (awickedreaderslist) | 2 comments I've always gone with Logan for sure, and I think that a big part of the reason that he's so good with Rory is that he's kind of a combination of Jess (whom I loved) and Dean (whom I hated). Not to mention that they share similar interests and challenge each other far more than any of the other couplings.

message 37: by Colleen (new)

Colleen (miniguinea73) I thought Rory had terrible taste. Dean was a safe bet, but they are all wrong. She doesn't want roots. Jess was too insecure and in his own way for anything substantial and anything they had long term would have been too dysfunctional unless he got a lot of therapy. Logan was just plain annoying. I say none of them!

message 38: by Meg✨ (new)

Meg✨ (enchantedtoreadwithyou) | 7 comments Definitely team Jess! I only wish they started date when they were both older. Season 6 Jess would of been the best person for Rory.

message 39: by Daria (new)

Daria (cranberryjuice) I've always been team Logan. There was just something about him that I always loved, although I will admit he can be a bit of a jerk at times. However, I also have a soft spot for Jess, but I just think that he and Rory were better as friends, especially later on. Dean on the other hand will forever be my least favourite. The only time I really liked him was some point in season one but I was annoyed with him forever after that.

message 40: by Millie (new)

Millie Personally I’m team Logan, he was always my favorite out of the three. I mean i liked her with Dean and with Jess and I think at the Time they were right for her, but she changed and I think Logan did with her. Especially in you consider that she is still hung up on him, as we can see in a year in a life

Elizabeth Salomón  | 1 comments Holaaa

message 42: by paige (new)

paige cook (corneliastreets) | 6 comments jess>logan>dean

message 43: by Anneke (new)

Anneke (herzballon) I think Dean was the perfect first boyfriend but Rory outgrown that relationship. I really liked Jess but I think Logan is the most challenging and helps her grow.

message 44: by Juliana (new)

Juliana I think older Jess wins hands down.
Then Logan and then Dean. Rory didn't have much in common with Dean, it should have remained a platonic friendship.

message 45: by ania (new)

ania (ania_) | 1 comments I’m team Jess, but I have a strong feeling the 4+ seasons Rory doesn’t deserve him anymore... So, in my opinion, Jess is a much better character than Logan, but Rory and Logan have more “adult” history, which means she’d probably choose Logan over the teenage love. Sad but true :/

message 46: by Rory Gilmore (new)

Rory Gilmore (artemis1) | 2 comments 100% team Jess!!

message 47: by Jess (new)

Jess Allen Jess!!

message 48: by Suzie (new)

Suzie | 2 comments I know so many people that liked Jess but I cannot understand why. He constantly bailed on Rory and was completely emotionally unavailable/distant. He left twice without even telling her while they were dating. There's a whole video about him and the concept of the 'bad boy with a heart of gold'. It's bullshit to keep forgiving them for their terrible behavior because deep down they're nice guys. Jess needed some therapy, not a girlfriend and definitely did not deserve Rory.

Also, Dean was a great first boyfriend and that's about it.

message 49: by Maria (new)

Maria Uzma Ansari (m4marianne) | 1 comments I always thought Dean was great but he’s clearly the least popular of the three.

message 50: by Mika (new)

Mika Amar | 1 comments I have always wanted Rory to end up with Jess. I feel that they click together and are just simply meant for each other! Unlike dean, Jess is not controlling and let’s Rory make her own decisions! But I do think Rory and Logan go together as well!

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