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Snow's apartment is beautiful on both the outside and the inside. Its themed vintage, and there's a sophisticated brick wallpaper from the outside. The floor is carpeted, the elevators large and spacious and the top floor is hers and was handed down to her from her parents.

There are 5 bedrooms in her house excluding the library office study, the kitchen and dining is adjoining, and a moderate-sized living room. Its quite expensive and this type of apartments is seldom seen in the city. Being young Snow struggled to afford it but with a stable job and the way she used the money that was given to her after her parent's died, she is now able to handle it well.

However her apartment is odd in some ways. There are child-proof lockers in every cupboard, the floor is carpeted but there is extra layers of rugs to prevent her falling, the thermostat is down even when its snowing outside, and there's a temperature measurer in ever corner; all of these are precautions for her CIPA but to outsiders, its a bit more than odd.

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"Doesn't take much to destroy it," Taslyn informed her crankily, a frown etched deep into his brow. It was his general thought when regarding the world. Everything was making it awful, chiefly the two main powers -- the city council and the resistance. When he'd left the resistance, hatred of the city council was still too ingrained for him to defect. "And change for the better? We'd be fools to believe that it's possible." He looked down at that, staring at his hands. These were more the thoughts he wrote, not the ones he said. They hurt coming out either way.

((So who starts with Rose and Milo?))

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"I think change is good, don't you?" She unlocked the door, letting him in. "I mean, I'd rather be foolish than hopeless. I don't know about you." She smiled a little, brushing her hair away. She didn't feel like discussing this with him; it was clear they both had strong and different opinions. "I guess you and I just see the world differently then." She held the door open, trying not to turn it into an argument. She didn't like arguing but she didn't like people being so stubborn and depressing either. It just wasn't her.

((Not sure, I wouldn't mind starting will they meet? Like, planned or just coincidentally meeting each other?))

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((Maybe it's the anniversary of Tara's death so it's intentional?))

He'd been like her once. Optimistic. He'd learned the price of being foolish -- or at least what he figured the price to be. And he wasn't going to suffer it again. He wanted a new world. Forsooth he wanted it desperately, at least as badly as Snow did. But the thing about Taslyn was that he believed these dreams were useless, that they would never be realized. If he were to admit it, he envied her. She still had hope, something he'd been missing for so long. "You would have gotten on with a younger me." That was an admission, and one that actually hurt emotionally to make. One that made him remember how lost he was now.

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((okay. So they decide to meet up?))

"You would've hated a younger me." She smiled wistfully at that. She was never mature as a child and was even more foolish then; she knew nothing but was stupid enough to pretend that she did. "I was very, to say the least, naïve. I am still now but I like to think I evolved. If that makes sense." Snow herself wasn't sure who she was now; but she liked to think she had changed, grown into someone she liked seeing in the mirror.

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((Sure, if you are still interested))

"I'd say the same about younger me. He was naive, idealistic," Taslyn grimaced, "foolish." This last word was spat out as if it had left a bitter taste on his tongue. Betrayal had been a wake-up call, a voice in his head telling him that both sides were bad, as bad as each other. He could remember the rallies, that vitriolic vehemence that had taken all of his days. But then his brother and sister, and his sister's death, and idealism was too much. The world was more fucked up than he had thought, and he was sure it was worse than he thought now, too, and would it not be better to get rid of the two violent forces in it?

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