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message 1: by Phil (new)

Phil (philredhead) Hi all,

Just wanted to swing by here to let you black-hearted folk know about a giveaway I'm running this weekend.

'Pencil Neck' is a dark little slice of noir fiction, and what I mean by noir fiction is that its anti-hero is a loser. No hardboiled PDs here, no hoods, no heavies, no crooked industrialists.

It's the tale of a deeply flawed drifter who finds himself in a small deadbeat town; who tears himself and all around him apart in a depraved orgy of sex and violence.

It's part pulpy thriller and part dark psychological character study. I like to think of it following in the footsteps of Jim Thompson, Charles Williams, James Cain and Georges Simenon.

And for the next two days on Amazon, it is 100% FREE.

Please feel free to stop back here and discuss the book with me. It'd be good to connect with similarly black-souled existential chumps.

Pencil Neck

message 2: by Melki, Femme Fatale (new)

Melki | 834 comments Mod
Got it, Phil. Thank you. Now if I could just get that Fred Blassie song out of my head . . .

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