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message 1: by Kevis (last edited Nov 26, 2012 09:23AM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 71 comments Hi everyone. I am currently giving away a free pdf version of my Young Adult fantasy novel The Legend of Witch Bane to any person who is willing to write a review. All you have to do is to email me with the heading "Witch Bane" and I will send you an unsecured pdf. copy of my book. This means you have the option to read it on your PC/Laptop or even transfer it to your ereader (Kindle, Sony, etc.) This offer is only good for a limited time, so just send me your request and Ill make sure you get a free copy of my book. Thanks!!!

The Legend of Witch Bane by Kevis Hendrickson

message 2: by Rita (new)

Rita Webb (ritawebb) Thanks for the offer, Kevis. I sent you an email. Looking forward to reading your book.

message 3: by Kevis (last edited Jul 20, 2009 09:43AM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 71 comments Rita,

Thank you agreeing to review my book. I have gone ahead and sent the file to you. If for any reason you didn't get the book, please let me know and I'll send it again. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks again!

message 4: by Rita (new)

Rita Webb (ritawebb) Got it. Thx!

message 5: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 71 comments Great. I hope you enjoy it!

message 6: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 71 comments I am looking for honest reviews for my book and will be happy to give a free pdf. copy of The Legend of Witch Bane to anyone who agrees to review it. I'll continue to give away more copies of my book until the end of the week. So I thank you all in advance for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

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