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Dear M. Kirby,
I think you need more than a BETA Read, you need an editor to accomplish what you're looking for. I did a project like this for a man from Panama, who had translated his novel form Spanish to English, but felt -- and I agreed -- that it was too stiff and formal. Please take a look at my website at

and lets talk :-)

Thank you,
Jim Dodds

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M. K | 7 comments Dear Jim,

I appreciate your suggestion, and completely agree with what you said. Even though I’m going to give this story away for free, I believe that I can’t just throw a malformed story at my readers. That’s unethical. My readers, also my friends, deserve a story edited by a professional. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to hire a professional editor such as yourself. I wish I could but I really can’t (I mean it). So the best I could do is asking readers for suggestions, begging them for free services and such.

Again, thank you for your concern and suggestion. I wish you health and wealth.


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Just got back to this. Good luck on your book :-)

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