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Mira was a bunny right now. She liked being a bunny right now. Of course this bunny had saved her life. It was hard being the bunny! She looked around for a bit and then shifted back to her normal self. Well she had her wings tucked in since she was in the mortal world. It was nice being in this part if the world sometimes. But only sometimes. The bunny was on her lap so she set it down on the ground and let it be.

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Fukayna walked slowly through the trees. As she walked she stared at the ground, not paying much attention to her surroundings. She walked barefoot, loving the tickling sensation she felt as the grass brushed against her feet. As she walked she nearly ran into a few trees, she just barely misses them.

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Mira was liking the peace when she heard something. She turned her head to see a girl walking. She smiled a little and then picked up the bunny and hopped into it. Slowly sh walked over to the girl in a bunny form

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Fukayna noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. She stopped walking and looked up. She noticed a rabbit near by. She smiled softly at it before w continuing to walk. It was a cute rabbit but Fukayna was never really one for small creatures.

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Mira continued to follow the girl. She liked being the bunny because no one knew that she was actually a fairy. Sheknew that the bunny didn't mind being her host so that made her feel alot better than she had when she was dying.

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Fukayna looked over her shoulder at the rabbit and sighed before stopping again and turning to look at it. "Why are you following me? Do you need something, little one?" She asked the rabbit as she knelt down in front of it.

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Mira just twitched her nose and sat down, staring at the girl. This was fun! She had already stalker two people today! This girl would be her third! Was the girl expecting an answer? Even in the Haven the animals didn't speak often in the Haven and this was the mortal world.

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"I know you're not just a rabbit. I can smell something else. I'm guessing fairy?" She said as she tried to pick up the rabbit to get a closer look a it.

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Mira nodded, twitching her nose again. She was a fairy! How could this girl tell? Well it was easy if you were from the Haven. She could shift into a fairy right now but nah, she didn't want to.

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"So I'm right. Why don't you come out so you can tell me why you're following me around?" She cradled the rabbit in her arms, petting it soft head. "This rabbit you're in is very soft. I like the way it feels."

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Mira thought about coming out, but decided against it. The bunny she was hosting seemed to take over as it did sometimes. She nuzzled the girls hand with her head. The bunny liked being pet but Mira was a little confused.

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"Witch one of you is in control now? Or are you both InSync?" She asked smile softly as the rabbit nuzzled her hand. She moved her hand up a bit and played with the rabbits ears.

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Mira would have answered, but the bunny was being the bunny right now. Most of the time they were in sync but for now the bunny was being the bunny. The bunny nuzzled her nose into the girls arm, finding the warmth and deciding to stay there.

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"It seems like the rabbit is content on staying there, so why don't you come out? You can't talk with me if you stay like that." She stopped petting the rabbit, letting it do as it pleased.

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Mira said bye to the rabbit and then left the sleeping bunny to be. It could fall asleep so quickly! Mira appeared behind the girl and smiled a bit, "She can be rather controlling." She said as she eyes the bunny. "But all in all she has helped me through many things."

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Carefully she stood up, making sure the rabbit did not wake up. She turned around to look atg the girl. "Hello. I take it you're the fairy? I am Fukayna. Nice to meet you."

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*at. ((Sorry typo))

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Mira picked up the bunny and smiled a little bit as she softly stroked it. "Well nice to meet you too. What are you doing outside the Haven? And I'm Mira." She looked at the girl and leaned against the tree behind her.

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"Just wondering like always. I just need to leave for a little while. Why are you here?" She asked as she dropped her arms to her side since she was no longer holding the rabbit. "Can I ask why you're rabbit was so calm around me?"

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"I needed to leave for a bit too... And she is calm around everything." Mira laughed a little as she kissed the top of her head. She smiled at her bunny. "She has a funny spirit." Mira looked up at Fukanya. "So you know what I am... What are you?" She asked. She looked pretty normal to her.

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"I am a Sphinx. The kind that come from Egypt." She replied with a smile. "What's so funny about that rabbits spirit? Let's sit down while we talk." She suggested as she walked over to a bench that was close by.

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"I think that is a good idea." She sat down on the bench and smiled a little bit as she looked down at the bunny. "Well nothing is funny I guess." She admitted. "So a Sphinx? That's cool!"

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"Thank you. So you've heard of us? Some of the people that I have met did know what a sphinx was." She leaned back against the bench and crossed her lags. "This place is very relaxing."

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"Well this place is very nice." She smiled as she stroked the bunny, then set her down on the bench next to Fukanya. When she saw the bunny was about to wake up Mira gently bent down and murmured a small spell to make sure the bunny got the rest that she needed. Then the bunny went back to sleep

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"Earlier you said that this rabbit had helped you through quite a bit of stuff. Could I ask what you meant?" She asked looking down at the small rabbit. "It's so small and helpless, how did it help you?"

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Mira was quiet for a second before amswering. "Well... There was a hunter who was hurting animals so I healed them. But every time I healed them I took on their wounds and I got weaker." She explained. "Long story short I was about to die, but the little bunny you see right there saved me. You see, she was always with me. No matter where I was somehow she found me. That time she found me and my spirit hopped into her. My life force is now connected to her. She is my host."

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Fukayna thought over what she said. "That's very interesting. I didn't know fairies could bond with another creature like that. So if this rabbit was to die you would to? How old is this rabbit?" She asked wondering what would happen if the rabbit died of old age would it kill Mira?

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((It's okay I don't mind.))

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"I am the fairy of animals so I suppose other fairies do not have that power. I do not know what would happen if she died but I hope that I do not have to worry about that for a while. I think that hee being my host will extend her life greatly." Mira nodded. Then again she had never done this before so she wouldn't know.

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"Hopefully it will. You seem like a nice girl. It would be a shame for a girl like you to die young. I know fairies age differently so I can't tell your age by looking at you. Do you mind me asking your age?" She asked smiling sweetly at Mira.

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"About sixteen." She admitted. "But I know that some fairies have very long lives. I suppose I was always asking for it, almost dying you know?" She shrugged. "What about you? How old are you I mean? If you don't mind me asking." She added quickly as she stroked the bunny

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"Wow, you're so young. I was expecting you to be older but your still a child. No offense, I mean it only in age, you're very mature for someone of your age." She said slightly amazed, she had never met such a young fairy before. "I don't mind you asking at all, I am 3100, give or take a year or so. It's hard to keep track after so long."

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Mira's eyes widened. She had never met someone that old. "Wow!" She exclaimed after a moment. She had met some old fairies but none that old. They were around three hundred. And she didn't look that old, but she knew that looks had nothing to do with it

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"I take it that you have never met someone as old as I am. My kind can live for very long. But there is not many of us left. Not just hunters but other... silly things have killed many of us. Do you know the story of the Greek Sphinx?" She asked frowning slightly at her own question.

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She frowned a little. Living in the Haven, naturally she knew many Greek stories but she wasn't sure about this one. "Maybe... I can't be sure really." Mira admitted with a small frown. She had never been really good at learning all thosr things.

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"Well it's a sad story. For my kind anyway, humans think it's a funny story. You see, when a Sphinx is born the gods give them a person, place, or thing to protect. My cousin, the Sphinx from the story, was given a place. He was to protect a path leading to a very important city. In order to protect what we are given, we ask riddles. If they are answered correctly we kill ourselves and the person or thing can pass but answer wrong and they get eaten. Do you understand so far?" She asked before continuing the story.

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Mira nodded. She knew that they talked in riddles but beyond that what she knew of her kind was very little. Eveeything was still new and fresh inside her head, considering everything really. "Yeah." She smiled softly. Everything was funny to the humans. They were annoying and... Ugh! She was just glad that they lived in the mortal world and didn't know about Haveners.

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"Alright, good, I'll keep going then. My cousin spent over a thousand year protecting the path. For one thousand years no one was able to answer the riddle. Everyone who tried to pass died until a strange group of people riding an elephant of all things came to the path. He asked his riddle 'There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first.' No one has ever gotten this riddle before. But they answer instantly, and got it right. My cousin devoured himself. The strangers laughing and passed him by, they stole everything from the city and killed everyone. They had already known the answer because they hand kill one of my siblings just days before. They got the answer from her."

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Mira sighed sadly. She hated that. She hated it when humans did something like that. She was still young among fairies, she still had alot to learn about the mortals. And no matter how much she tried to learn to love them or overlook what they had done, she always found that she had nothing but dislike for them. "I'm sorry."

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She shrugged. "It was a very long time ago I was still young. And it's not like that was the only time something like that has happened. It happened more than it should." She said with a sigh.

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Mira nodded sadly. "It did." The more she learned about the horrors that the humans did, the more she resented them. She didn't see the problem in that, but she knew she shouldn't. Not all humans were bad. There was the hunter she had met, Hawk was his name. He had gone against his hunter code and helped her with her wounds. She shouldn't judge all humans by the acts of a handfull. She knew it would be hard, but that her own unspoken vow.

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"How do you feel about the humans? Are they good to your kind?" She said shifting the subject off of her past and on to Mira's. "I don't hear many stories of your kind fighting the humans anymore. Are there still a lot of you?"

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Mira shrugged, "Enough to keep us alive I suppose." She murmured. She looked down for a moment. "I am the youngest I think. I suppose humans are human. They are greedy and killers and mean, but they can also be gentle, kind. I like to think one day all humans will be that way." She said softly.

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"That is a very nice idea. It must be nice to be the youngest. Everyone must dote on you, must be nice to have your family close. You are close with your family aren't you?"

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She bit her lip softly. "Sometimes..." She shrugged. Her family was the animals and she was actually having one as her host, which had to be the closest she could come to a family member wasn't it? Sure she had her fairy family as well, but she didn't know what she meant by 'close'

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"Mira? You look troubled. Are you not on good terms with your parents?" She asked after she noticed that Mira didn't sound very sure about her answer.

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She frowned, "I am don't worry." She smiled at her and then sat down and sighed softly. "Anyway...."

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