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Zanna (zannastar) | 245 comments Ordered it

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
Just a word of warning, there is a fairly gruesome torture scene in the very first chapter. It's the Japanese occupation during the war is the premise for the book and the reason why the people in the story are hiding in the basement telling each other stories to pass the time. The Elephants dancing are the Americans and Japanese fighting, the sounds of bombings they hear from the basement. Knowing this the torture scene could be skimmed over.

Leah (flying_monkeys) | 1009 comments Would you please list page number(s)?

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
pages 11 13,13, 16,17, 18

Leah (flying_monkeys) | 1009 comments Jalilah wrote: "pages 11 13,13, 16,17, 18"

Thank you!

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
Leah wrote: "Jalilah wrote: "pages 11 13,13, 16,17, 18"

Thank you!"

And of these pages it's not like the entire pages are descriptions of the torture. They can be skipped.

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
I am really liking the magical stories told while hiding in the basement ( as described in the blurb). The parts about the Japanese occupation are tough to read, but relevant to the story. Of course I knew the Japanese had occupied the Philippines, but not much else, so I am learning a lot.

Zanna (zannastar) | 245 comments I am so grateful to you for the warning Jalilah. I have just picked up the book and should be able to start reading some time next week = )

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
There is also a rape scene around page 145. It's not super graffic, but conveys the horror of it. Reading about war is very difficult for me, but I do it from time to time as a kind of reality check, to remind myself that these things happened thoughout history and are still happening today.

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
The mythology and folktales are like none I have ever read. I really feel like I am being transported into a different world. Yes, the war part is difficult to read, but it's a great book so I hope my comments don't stop anyone from reading it!

Zanna (zannastar) | 245 comments I'll definitely read it, but i might wait a bit longer as I'm being knocked about emotionally by The Darkest Child at the moment and need something a bit softer after this!

message 13: by Jalilah (last edited Jan 22, 2016 04:55AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jalilah | 4256 comments Mod
Zanna wrote: "I'll definitely read it, but i might wait a bit longer as I'm being knocked about emotionally by The Darkest Child at the moment and need something a bit softer after this!"

It's a very powerful book and I am glad to have read it. I find the description somewhat misleading, as the stories within the main story, the more magical ones, are a relatively small part of the book, with the most part following various family members during the last days of Japanese occupation, just before the Americans took over. I feel like I've learned a lot of things I did not know about the Philippines and its people.

Zanna (zannastar) | 245 comments Forgot to post a link to my review on this discussion. I'm SO glad I read this Jalilah, I can't thank you enough for giving me the push as well as helping me prepare mentally for a tough read. What a great, unique book = )

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