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If you have this book; please contact me!

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Brendon If you have this book and you have a price in mind; please message me through this site, or reply to the comments for my email.

I miss this book from my childhood, and would love to get it.

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me too!!! ive been looking everywhere! i will pay anything

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Stephen Stanley As the author/illustrator of PUZZLE BODY I think I have a few copies left (although it was only put out in paperback. I'd love to see it reprinted but can't find a publisher willing to do it. I'm currently trying to put out an ebook version (although would that even be possible?) In th emeantime I definitely have copies of PUZZLE KINGDOMS, PUZZLE PLANETS, PUZZLE HEROES and PUZZLE WORLDS. (contact via www.stancartoons.com or stansei@bigpond.com) Yes, everybody seems to love and remmeber the six PUZZLE books, which is nice but I only wish I could offer more for people, cheers, SS

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Stephen Stanley The good news is that there is now a new edition of PUZZLE BODY available via LULU.COM. The book is now titled STEPHEN STANLEY'S PUZZLE BODY. The other five books in the series, PUZZLE KINGDOMS, PUZZLE ANIMALS, PUZZLE PLANETS, PUZZLE HEROES and PUZZLE WORLDS will follow.
The format is slightly smaller but I've added some 'extras' to each book, especially the later ones such as PUZZLE PLANETS where there is an extra double page spread. So, no excuses now, people can get hold of new versions of the series, Thanks, STEPHEN STANLEY

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