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message 1: by Dustin, Wyrm Master (new)

Dustin (tillos) | 29 comments Mod
Hello, new member.

I'm still setting things up, but feel free to introduce yourself or make use of the forums. I've created a few to get things started or you can create your own.

message 2: by Dustin, Wyrm Master (new)

Dustin (tillos) | 29 comments Mod
To be honest, I forgot about this group.

So I've been rushing about to get things moving again.

I picked two group books, both are from the point of view of dragons. Dragon Champion is more gritty. But while the other, Dragonet Prophecy is meant for younger readers, it can be dark at times too.

I gave no warning so there will be a two month period to read them. This will also give us more time to gain more members hopefully.

I'll probably keep a similar pattern in the future, picking two books with similar ideas but meant for different age groups.

message 3: by Dustin, Wyrm Master (new)

Dustin (tillos) | 29 comments Mod
Next month will be Dragon Rider month #1.

I've read Temeraire inside and out, so I'll be reading Eragon for the first time.

The month after might be "Studying Dragons Month" or it might be Sequels month.

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