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Ivypool trekked through the forest, her head lowered in thought. She had just got back from a hunt, and was on her way back to camp. She passed Emberbreeze with her apprentice, Oakpaw. "Hello," she mewed. Her sister nodded in greeting, and headed off to the training hollow.

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Birdheart walked though the forest with a furrowed brow. Bluebell had twisted her words, and she was playing a dangerous game if she wanted to keep on playing. Birdheart was not aware of her surroundings until she found herself deep in the forest. She had finally found a quite spot. She turned and smelt other ThunderClan cats. Maybe she had not found the spot...

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Ivypool looked up, surprised. She had not expected to find Birdheart this far in the forest. Is she alright? Ivypool thought. Then she remembered what her sister had told her. That there had been some kind of fight at camp. Eager to know more, Ivypool called out, "Birdheart! Is that you?"

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No, I'm a God dam rock..., "Yeah...Yeah, It's me!" She called back, she stopping herself from saying what she thought. Birdheart padded up to her.

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((Hold up, please don't curse, okay?))

Ivypool looked at her carefully. "You've been in a fight, yes?" She observed. Birdheart's fur was ruffled, and Ivypool could tell things were not alright with her.

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"No, why?" She asked. Birdheart tilted her head a bit. "I have had a heated talk with Bluebell, but no, not a fight."

((If that is cursing to you..Er, well, sorry. But I use it in my daily vocabulary. But I'll try not say it in chat. Please forgive me if it slips.))

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"Verbal fights count," Ivypool meowed in amusement. "Can you tell me about it? Don't if it's personal," she added.

((Okay, I just don't like to be around it that much, but if it slips, I will forgive :) ))

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((UGH, gtg. See you tomorrow maybe))

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"Yeah, why do you need to know..? Anyway, in all...I was looking for some quite in the Camp when Bluebell came out. I was having a little talk with her about her kits until she started to get all weird on me. Bluebell then started to assume things about my life and me, that I didn't really like, and I stood up for myself." Birdheart explained.

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((Found some spare time ^-^))

"Just curious," Ivypool meowed. "I think it's great that you stood up for yourself, especially to Bluebell. But it's just like her to venture how she did to you. That's just the way she is. You need to accept those kind of gifts." She meowed gently.

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"Gifts? Of nosy cats, alright." She smiled cheekily.

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"You know what I mean," Ivypool said. "Anyhow, the Gathering is coming soon, and do you know if you're coming?"

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"No, I don't know if I'm coming. I have not been to one in a long time, though. I do miss the excitement of meeting other cats, and hearing news first hand." Birdheart sighed, "Do you know if you are going?"

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((Sorry I've been away from this for so long!))

"Not sure. I might. Petalstar hasn't informed me about it yet," Ivypool meowed.

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Mahlia Silverflame strolled along with Autumnshine. She drew in a deep breath and sighed. Catching a whiff of mouse she dropped into a crouch and slunk forward. The mouse sat there, nibbling at a seed. Silverflame leaped, landing square on its spine breaking it. She burried it so that she could pick it up later when they had finished.

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Mockingjay pounced on a squirrel, then ran off to the camp.

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Mahlia Silverflame smiled as she watched her clanmates. I can't believe I wanted to leave them! Each one cares about the others, she thought as she leaped up to catch a thrush.

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Mahlia Silverflame caught two more mice and decided she was finished. Gathering her prey to add to the pile, she nodded goodbye to Autumnshine and raced back to camp with her jackpot.

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Mahlia ((Post back at camp?))

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After saying goodbye to Ivypool, Birdheart padded deeper into the forest. She felt like everything had just been lifted from her shoulders. Birdheart in other words felt weightless. Hunting came across her mind as she padded just a little more lighter so if she did come across any pray she wouldn't make it run away in fear.

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Birdheart sighed. Looked like other cats had beaten her to it. There was no pray in sight and she had only seen two birds dart across the sky. Her long and silky soft fur brushed up against the side of a tree as she scratched her side with it. Birdheart's nose twitched a few times at the smell of another cat coming her way. She was not in alarm because the sent was from ThunderClan, although the smell of the cat made her close her eyes. Looks like her happiness was going to be short lived.

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Birdheart smile dropped. Making amends was not going to happen as Birdheart could tell by the tone of the older cats voice. "What a convince." She mumbled, not really caring if anyone heard or not as she rolled her eyes. Turning to face Bluebell once again she sat down. Her deep swirling brown eyes where blunted with disappointment.

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"You know I'm not that weak." She laughed. "I think anyone would know. Cant you read minds?" She smiled. It was not an evil smile, nor a good one. Something was just off about it.

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"Aww, are you upset your little secret got out?" Birdheat laughed again, but this time she more or less contained herself. "Look, cats like you normally fall at the first hill." Birdheart fell into silence for a seconds, and all her next words where in anything but a joking humour. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, watch your step."

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"No. Of course I don't scare you. What your scared of is seeing you don't even think of." She said. "Do you know the difference between horror and terror?" Birdheart asked Bluebell.

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((Brb in 20 mins))

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((Eh, back before that.))

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"Horror is the fear of the known. Terror is the fear of the unknown." Birdheart said. "And I would never hurt anyone. Not even you."

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"But I don't boss anyone around. It's all because you where too nosy about my personal life! You always tell everyone else what to do, but never do anything yourself. You all about change, but never change anything about yourself first! Maybe you should look at yourself before you start picking on everyone else's flaws!" Birdheart said, angry. "Maybe you should stop judging what I am just by looking at me. I would never hurt anyone!" I-I didn't mean to hurt him. She thought.

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"See! This is what I mean! You stick your nose into others personal life, like mine. If you don't watch you you'll get your nose cut off." Birdheart hissed, ruffling her fur as she washed her chest again to clam herself.

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"I'm scared, OK?" Birdheart thundered. "I'm scared I'm not ever going to see my Brothers or Sisters again. I'm scared because most of my days I live in guilt knowing that no one could ever truly love me again if I told them. And I don't want that." Birdheart talked more quietly now as tears fell from her young face. "I'm scared I'm going to be alone forever. Scared that I'll be cast away, or called a monster because I..." Birdheart collapsed as her paws covered her face and she carried on mumbling her words. "I'm scared that I will be left in the dark, torn apart from everyone I love because I killed Blazingpaw."

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Birdheart tried to contain herself as she sat upright. "My Brother and Sister are in the Clan." She mumbled softly, taking a deep breath. "You should have seen the look on their eyes when Blazingpaw went missing. I couldn't..." Birdheart was stopped by her own sniffing, then carried on, "...I couldn't watch them cry, and then admit I killed him and left him in a ditch. I didn't even kill him. I just made him unable to move and then left him in a muddy..." Birdheart once again sniffed, "In a muddy ditch."

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"Hah. Yeah," Birdheart said in a scratchy voice as a few more tears escaped her hold. "Because he was trying to h-help I killed him." In the middle of her words she hiccuped. "I would hate to think he is still alive. He would be in so much pain. What with broken legs and t-tail, a-...A-and...Oh, Bluebell, I don't want to go to the Dark Forest!"

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"But I killed my Brother." Birdheart said, whimpering at her words. As she sat up right, gathering her thoughts, Birdheart looked at Bluebell. "D-Do you want to hunt with me?"

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"O-OK." Birdheart sniffled, taking a deep breath to clam herself so she could breath more lightly. After she had done so, Birdheart got up and stretched. While waiting for the Queen to make a move, said spoke. "Should we meat back at camp?"

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((Sorry but I didn't say, yeah we are done. Unless you wanted to carry on, but I don't have any ideas.))

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Ryde walked at the border of the Clan. She inspected every last bit of it as she did so, and remembered a fight from long ago from one of the leaders. She heard a rustling in the bushes and a smell of pray, and crouched down. But remembered how violent the clan cats where, and stood back up. She looked around, and crouched down again. Ryde then jumped into the bush, coming out with a large bird. She smiled to herself and ate it.

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Mahlia Eveningshadow was stalking a mouse. It nibbled on a seed as she crept up behind it. Choosing her paw steps carefully, she worked her way towards the rodent. When she was within pouncing range, she made her move, killing it swiftly. As she bent to pick up her mouse a strange scent made her pause. What is that? It's a cat alright but the scent isn't right. She swiveled her ears in hopes of catching the sound of movement.

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Ryde, after eating sat there and looked into the forest before looking down at the dead mouse. She yawned, wanting to go back. It was sunset and she still had things to do. After standing up, Ryde stepped on a twig. She cringed inside and closed her eyes tight at her foolish moment. Upon opening them, she sighed, although she could smell something,

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Mahlia Eveningshadow snapped her head around. Okay, no more games, someone's there, she thought. "Hello? Whose there?" she called out, hoping to get a response. I hope whoever's there isn't aggressive, I'd like to live to see tomorrow she joked with herself in an attempt to clam her racing heart.

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Ryde was ready to fight, she let off a warning hiss encase. Although two things where going through her mind, One; Run, two; fight. She didn't want to do any of them, yet she stood garde.

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Mahlia "Please, whoever you are, just come out here so I can get a look at you! I do t wish to fight you, or harm you in any way, I just want to talk." Eveningshadow hoped she didn't sound threatening, but she wanted to see who the cat behind the bush was.

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"You cats seem much less violent the last time I came to visit." Ryde laughed, moving out of the way of the bush so she could see the older, but shorter she-cat.

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Mahlia Woah! That's one tall cat! Eveningshadow thought. "ThunderClan has never been particularly violent, I didn't think," she responded slightly confused. "Might you have had us mixed up with ShadowClan? They're much more aggressive," Eveningshadow asked politely, hoping her new acquaintance wouldn't take offense.

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"I wouldn't know any more." She smiled, happy that she didn't have to fight. "So, are you not you going to tell me off for being on your Clan? Stealing your pray? Crossing boundary?"

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((I have to go to sleep, sorry. Bye.))

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Mahlia "I'm going to give you a warning. I won't haul you off to my leader, but for right now I'll just tell you that this is our territory. You are trespassing and stealing. We calm cats don't appreciate that but it's okay this one time. I'll let you go in peace for now." Eveningshadow spoke in an even tone that displayed no emotion. I kinda like this cat! she thought.

((It's fine! Hope to continue later with you!))

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Ryde laughed a little more, "Can't say I won't come again. But I'll stop stealing pray...Or at least try to." She grinned. "Y'know, what changed? Every clan seemed so violent and on edge. Was there a battle between the clans or something?"

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Mahlia "Somewhat of a disagreement, I'd say. Over boundaries and accusations," Eveningshadow sighed. "It seems like nobody gets along these days. I remember when we all used to live in peace with one another. Those were the good days." Eveningshadow gazed into the distance past Ryde, reliving the moment.

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"Hm." Was all that Ryde said, not wanting to shatter the moment. After a few minutes, she asked a last question. "So, hows Clan life?"

((lets carry this on in East forest))

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