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message 1: by Mahlia (new)

Mahlia "I say if we see this prey theif, we have a non violent talk and ask the reason for taking our prey. Perhaps he didn't realize he was stealing and was simply taking what he thought was his." Yewtail spoke as he thought. "If that's the case, we'll just tell him we love here, the prey is ours, so leave us alone. What do you think?"

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Reedflight sighed. "Honestly, Yewtail, are you so certain we'll be finding some sort of kittypet? What if this is a rogue? Or maybe worse..." She shivered. "I like your plan, but what if we meet more than one cat?"

message 3: by Mahlia (last edited Dec 21, 2015 05:39PM) (new)

Mahlia " Your right. I was getting a little ahead of myself. This cat could be dangerous and how are we supposed to know what we're getting ourselves into." Yewtail thought a moment. "Who should we take with us? If we meet more than one cat we are going to want backup to help."

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Reedflight nodded. "I can go back and get someone, but I don't want to leave you alone when some cat is snooping around.."

message 5: by Mahlia (new)

Mahlia "I'll be fine,"Yewtail said. "Go back and get the help we need."

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"Okay, be careful," Reedflight meowed. She raced back to camp, and decided to bring Hawkfeather.

((I'm going to pretend I went back to camp and got Hawkfeather))

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Mahlia Yewtail crept behind the trees and sat down. He waited for Reedflight to return. Please don't let the their come when Reedflight isn't here Yewtail thought as he waited.

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Reedflight raced back with Hawkfeather close by her side, terrified for Yewtail. Please let him be alright! she thought. "How long has he known this?" Hawkfeather questioned gently. "A while now, he's pretty certain some cat is stealing our prey, and I believe him," Reedflight replied. She sped up, aware of Hawkfeather's troubled gaze. Finally, she saw Yewtail's light-orange pelt. She froze, hearing a twig snap behind her and her mate.

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Mahlia Yewtail stiffened at the snap. He peered out from the branches, hoping the prey stealer wasn't in their presence. As Reedflight approached with Hawkfeather, he gestured with his tail for the, to get behind the trees. "I don't know what that was, but get behind here now!" Yewtail hissed softly and urgently.

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Reedflight nodded, and ran for the shelter of the trees. Her fur was bristled in fear, and Hawkfeather brushed closer to her to protect her. "I can take care of myself!" She hissed softly. Yeah, right...

message 11: by Mahlia (new)

Mahlia They sat in scilence. Yewtail nodded his apreciation to Hawkfeather for coming. As they watched, a plump, young looking cat slid out of the grass, dragging a small rabbit. Yewtail looked meaningfully at Reedflight and Hawkfeather, hoping they would get the message that this was their cat.

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Reedflight saw Hawkfeather bristle, and brushed her tail lightly across his shoulder to calm him. She exchanged glances to the others, as if she was saying, "It's a kittypet alright." "What now?" She whispered.

message 13: by Mahlia (last edited Dec 23, 2015 07:56AM) (new)

Mahlia "Do we confront it and ask why it's stealing, or do we take care of the issue by making sure the little kittypet can never steal from us again," Yewtail wondered. I'm thinking along the lines of killing the little scoundrel Yewtail thought.

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"Why don't we make a threatening approach when asking why he was doing it, and maybe it'll scare him off?" Hawkfeather suggested. Reedflight nodded and added, "And if he doesn't leave, lets just chase him off."

message 15: by Mahlia (last edited Dec 23, 2015 09:18AM) (new)

Mahlia "I agree. If he comes back, that's when we're going to have to finish him off." Yewtail said

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