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Reedflight bounded over to into the clearing, snarling in frustration as she missed a squirrel. "Mouse dung!" She muttered.

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Mahlia Yewtail was hunting not far off. He leaped up to swipe a passing bird out of the sky as it passed. His claws caught on its wing, as he pulled it towards him. It hit the ground with a thump as he broke its spine. Yewtail spun around and headed back to the rest of the hunting party as they entered the clearing

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"Nice catch, mousebrain." Reedflight heard her brother, Lynxclaw, taunt her. She turned to see Yewtail approach the patrol, and she mewed, "Nice catch."

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Mahlia "Thanks Reedflight, better luck next time," Yewtail mewed. He turned to face Lynxclaw, "I'm sure your sister was trying hard to catch that squirrel, insults aren't nessicary," he said coolly. " Ready to go back to camp Reedflight?"

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Still looking down, Reedflight murmured, "Thanks Yewtail." She followed him back to camp, aware of her brother's narrowed glare.

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Mahlia Yewtail dropped his bird on the prey pile and headed over to a patch of sun. "Now that the Hun is over, would you care to join me for a short rest?" he asked.

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Reedflight thought for a moment. Would Hawkfeather be jealous? Then she shook her head. Hawkfeather wouldn't mind, she and Yewtail were good friends. Reedflight meowed, "Sure. That'd be nice."

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Mahlia Yewtail lay down and began grooming himself. "I want you to know that dispite what others might say to you or about you, I'll be here if you need to talk," he meowed. "I don't agree with them. Even if hunting isn't your strong suit, you great at plenty of other things, like being a good friend."

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Reedflight sat down and curled her tail over her paws. "It's nice of you to say that," she meowed. "But sometimes I feel like I'm useless to WindClan. I'm trying so hard, but they don't think I can do it."

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Mahlia "What you need, is an extra dose of confidence," Yewtail explained. "Problem is, this isn't something any medicine cat can fix you up with. It has to come from your heart."

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"My heart won't help me become a good warrior." She replied stubbornly. Then Reedflight shook her head. "No, you're right. I have to figure this out by myself, and no warrior's gonna stop me!" She mewed confidently.

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Mahlia "That's the spirit!" Yewtail purred. "I believe in you. Nobody's gonna stand in your way! Show em what you've got!"

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"I will!" Reedflight yowled. A few WindClan warriors were near by, and they were staring at her. Suddenly feeling embarrassed, Reedlfight sat down. "Thanks for believing in me, Yewtail," she meowed.

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Mahlia "Not a problem Reedflight," he mewed.

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Reedflight tried to change the subject, deciding it shouldn't be all about her. "So what's new with you?"

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Mahlia "Well," Yewtail thought, "I've been secretly watching the boarder lines and you can see other cats stealing prey from us. Promise you won't tell a word of this to our leader? Of my spying, I've got to figure out how to let out leader know that there are thieves from other clans taking our food."

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Reedflight's eyes were wide with shock. "I promise," she mewed. Then she hissed, "What clan is taking prey? I swear I'll claw their fur off."

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Mahlia "Every time I see someone take prey, they go across the ThunderClan border, problem is the scent isn't right. I don't think their from ThunderClan. Maybe they are taking it across the border so we think it's ThunderClan?" Yewtail thought aloud. "Want to help me figure this thing out," he asked.

(( Who has the leader of WindClan?))

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Mahlia ((Sounds great, will do))

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"Rogues maybe? But sure, I'm up for it." Reedflight stretched, and flexed her claws. She couldn't wait to make whoever was stealing prey from WindClan sorry.

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Mahlia "Great!" Yewtail said. He bushed up his fur in mock terror and hissed playfully,"Am I scary enough?" he asked while swiping the air with his paw.

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Reedflight let out a mrrow of laughter. She crouched down in pretend fear and hissed playfully, "I didn't steal any prey, mousebrain!"

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Mahlia Yewtail did his best to impersonate a high-and-mighty warrior. "Oh really? Well, we'll just have to see what our dear leader has to say about this." He stuck his nose in the air and pretended to march Reedflight back to camp.

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Reedflight fell over laughing. "Okay, are we going to go see what's up with the prey-stealing or what?" She flicked her tail lightly over his shoulder, and ran out of camp with Yewtail close behind her.

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Mahlia "Right, so I'm thinking that if we stay over by the border, behind those pines there," Yewtail pointed his tail to a thick clump of short pine trees, "They should provide temporary coverage, at least enough so we can get a close look at this guy. The only thing I know about him is he's a white and ginger plump cat that keeps taking rabbits, nothing else." Yewtail slunk towards the trees, keeping low and downwind, so the theif wouldn't catch their scent.

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"I can't wait to bring this stubborn feline to justice!" Reedlfight mewed, half to herself. She followed Yewtail, occasionally looking over her shoulder, making sure no cat was following them. "So if we see whoever is actually stealing the prey, what do we do then?"

((Since we're not in the clearing anymore, can we take this to the Moor?))

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