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Grayson Mosley (UtaTheCannibal) | 144 comments Mod

This is the apartment where Jasper Caede(vampire) lives.

message 2: by Jasper, Jazz Master (new)

Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) | 55 comments Mod
Everyone was busy. Whether it be with school, projects, with work, family, friends, themselves, everyone was busy. The lives of everyone around him were oh so interesting, and where was he? He was currently residing in the black chair of his apartment, his leg over his other, a glass of wine, most likely wine?, and it was silent. The only thing you could hear was the light swish of his beverage in the glass as he rolled it around in his fingers. He was clad for relaxation, a baggy black long-sleeved shirt on and dark grey sweatpants with navy blue socks. Along his fingers was a few rings and such, his hair combed neatly and his sea blue optics focused on the liquid he was swishing about. So this was a big day for the others, huh? A day one could celebrate their lifespan and be glad to have lived another year. To be glad to have friends and family to live with and by and to love and cherish. A nice concept to ponder when it had never happened to you. Jasper let the thought of celebrating with the cake and candles, the gifts joyously received, the balloons and social hours that people used to update others on their current life. It made him sick. 2,495 years of age and the only thing he could come to do was loathe the idea of traditional birthdays. He'd preferred his own way of birthdays, a glass of wine and simply staying up until the clock struck midnight, then the next day was the next day. It was never a special occasion, one looked over nearly every year, yet a glass of wine always being sipped. Born and raised, birthdays weren't even thought about. His immortality lead him to see the different ways they were celebrated, but none really clicking and making sense to him. He never liked the traditional birthdays. He took a sip of the burgundy liquid, letting the flavor linger before swallowing it. With 2,495 years of age came 2,495 days of exile when it came to this day. Never a day when he requested it be publicized, for the act of anything social the bane of his existence. Never a single tear shed when not a single soul showed at his doorstep providing him with good wishes, a cake, or presents. He never batted an eyelash. Loneliness was a normal thing to experience on your birthday. At least, if you were Jasper Caede. Even as the clock struck midnight, he just sat and pondered some more, sipping his alcohol, and relaxing. He was celebrating in the only way he knew possible, alone. And he enjoyed every miserable second of it.

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Daemon There was the sound of a window breaking somewhere deeper in Jazzy's apartment, and Dae appeared, an hour late, face flushed and a grin on his face. He held a slightly crushed box in his hand, and something else behind his back as he jogged forward, grinning like a lunatic as he offered Jazzy the slightly crumbled box, sitting on the arm of his chair. the box was a cake box, but inside was a lone little frosted chocolate cupcake. A candle had been stuck in the middle, but during his journey to Jasper's room, the cupcake had flipped upside down, and the candle stuck haphazardly out of the baked good at a 45 degree angle, looking right pitiful. But at least he'd tried. After Jasper had opened the box, Dae presented him his other gift, wrapped in newspaper and tied with a balloon ribbon, also quite haphazard. He ran a hand through his hair and tilted his head, smiling weakly. "Sorry...I know it's shit and I know I'm an hour late...fuck...I'm sorry Jazz...For what it's worth. Happy Birthday."

message 4: by Jasper, Jazz Master (new)

Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) | 55 comments Mod
Jasper didn't flinch or move at the sound of the window breaking, no sharpened breaths or quickened heartbeats, for he had neither. He didn't even glance up until Daemon was in front of him, those eyes watching the other as he went through his movements and motions and then slowly took the box. He straightened up in his chair, opening up the crumpled mess, and looked at the cupcake in a bit of wonder. Eyes moving to the other little gift, he showed no emotion whatsoever. He kept his gaze down on the gifts and a whirlwind of things hit him. This was a new feeling, one that he couldn't seem to quite comprehend, but it seemed like it was jovial surprise. His eyes slowly moved up to Daemon, watching the other for a moment, and he cleared his throat as to break the silence. "....Why....Why did you do this?" He asked, not accusing or anything, just simply in awe. He gently set the cupcake on the floor, the box seeming to be enough to hold it, and he glanced at Daemon for permission to open the little gift. Once received, he slowly tore the wrapping, revealing what was inside.

message 5: by Daemon (new)

Daemon He smiled slightly at the look on his brother's face, tilting his head a bit. "Because it's your birthday, stupid!" He grinned, ruffling the other's hair. "Not everyday a vampire turns 2, 495, now is it?" He teased. He watched Jasper open his present, and bit his lip in excitement. In the small package were two things. An ugly sweater that said - "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" on it, and a key to a motorcycle that Dae had rolled outside Jasper's now broken window. (view spoiler)
How he got the motorcycle, he wasn't willing to say. Just that it was 100% legal and now it was Jasper's. "The vehicle that key belongs to is out back."

message 6: by Jasper, Jazz Master (new)

Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) | 55 comments Mod
He glanced up at Daemon, flinching lightly when he went to ruffle his hair, a messy head and a blank look on his face. He glanced down at the presents he received, looking at the sweater, and then at the keys. Confusion sparkled in his gaze but then realization. Daemon had gotten him a motor vehicle of some sort. He poor guy was so old fashioned he preferred walking, but he wasn't going to ruin this moment, this once in a lifetime moment. He slowly rose to his feet, walking over to the window to look at it, and disbelief crossed his face. He looked down at the keys, then the motorcycle, then the keys, then Daemon. He pointed a finger outside, moving it as he spoke. "That, right there," he pointed to himself, "is mine?"

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Daemon He smirked, following him into the other room and tilting his head just a bit, looking at his disbelief and then awe, grinning from ear to ear. "Hell yeah, bro! About time you got a sick set of wheels to catch all the babes, don't you think? This thing isn't even on the streets yet. Had to pull a few strings with some guys I know on the outside, but it's completely yours." He nodded, clapping a hand on Jasper's shoulder. "Don't look so glum, Jazz. It's your birthday. Let's get drunk."

message 8: by Jasper, Jazz Master (new)

Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) | 55 comments Mod
Jasper looked down at the keys, not quite sure what to say. Daemon had taken time and effort to get him a gift, so he couldn't just reject it. At his suggestion to get drunk, Jasper shook his head, his eyes meeting his brother's. "I can't." He stated simply, moving over and returning to his place in the seat, gripping onto the armrests. He glanced up at Daemon and then adverted his gaze. An odd fellow he was. "I'm sorry." He stated simply, his cold barrier beginning to form once more. He was terrible with any form of social interaction, and even something as simple as this was too much.

message 9: by Daemon (new)

Daemon Slowly, his expression fell, and he furrowed his brows, tilting his head just a bit. Can't? He scooted a bit closer, and frowned, pressing a hand to Jasper's cheek, as if he could read what he was thinking. He couldn't, of course, but it was worth a shot. Even though it was his birthday, Jazzy wasn't happy. "What's wrong?"

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) | 55 comments Mod
A normal person would be relaxed with a brother, fond of him and excited that they'd received gifts. They would enjoy the company and even wish for more people to arrive. Not Jasper. The closeness of Daemon was too much, Jasper feeling claustrophobic. He felt like walls were closing in, like his heart was racing though it had not a single beat. He felt dizzy, felt like the world was spinning. He was having an anxiety attack and a panic attack, all from simply Daemon gently touching his cheek. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply to try and calm himself as he begun to shake. "P-please....s-s-stop...." He whispered, digging his nails into the armrests. "Go....p-please...." His social anxiety was to the point of where one-on-one contact was intense and utterly terrifying. No wonder he was a recluse.

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