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"The kits are coming" yelped leafpelt

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"Leafpelt, go get blue flowers with yellow petals" said Rainfeather

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"Get her a stick" she replied

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"Heres the first one " said Raineather. "Its a she kit"

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"Heres the next two there both shekits" she said happily.

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"Emberpool, are you ok?" Asked Rainpaw timbidly

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"ok" said Rainpaw

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"what should we name them" asked emberpool weakly."Thats up to you" said leafpelt softly. "the tabby one I want to be Brightkit the gray one Rainkit and the tabby one Stormkit" sai emberpool weakly

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Leafpelt looked up "Meet Rainkit, brightkit, and stormkit. All she kits." He purred

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"yes please!!!" said Rainpaw happily

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"The sun!!! its up!! Its dawn" said rainpaw happily

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"Wait lets postpone the naming ceremony" said Rainpaw. " Why, u have been waiting a long time for this?" said Rainfeather. "Because We need to celebrate the birth of these new kits and family and friends is more impartant" she said

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Birdheart sat in the middle of the clearing. She had hoped to get away from the busyness of the Clan. Her mind was full of thoughts that she didn't want to share. Birdheart had her eyes closed, and for now was just listening to the wind, the leaves brushing up against the trees. She liked the feeling of the rough wind in her fur the most, it made her clam and relaxed.

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Birdheart must have jumped six feet into the air when she heard shouting and lost of loud squeaks. The clearing had been to quite, and for this sudden noise to suddenly brake out had scared her. For a second she thought the Clan was being attacked, and as she turned around, ready to claw at someone, she saw Bluebell and her kits. Birdheart instantly sat down again, knowing they where in no real danger.

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((Er...Sheyenne? Are you still online?))

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((Thats OK! :P))

Birdheart collected herself, and turned around again. "Hello Bluebell." She said, smiling. "Your kits very noisy, has something got them excited?"

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"Oh, hahaha." Birdheart laughed a little, as she looked at the kits and then back up at Bluebell. "So, hows Clan life been, or just everything?" She asked her.

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"Same old same old, I guess. Nothing is really going for me at the moment." Birdheart said, sighed. Clan life could be boring at times. But others, not so much.

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"Hm? Nothing happened...Was there something I missed?" Birdheart asked confused.

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"Oh, things can get boring at times." Birdheart said, agreeing with Bluebell. She was happy that her lies worked, her voice acting had been proven needed. "But when thing to happen, they are quite sudden."

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"What?" Birdheart asked, tilting her head. She turned around to see if anything was behind her but there was nothing, "Did you see something?"

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((AH! I was confused for a moment!))

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"Me?" Birdheart asked. Did the older Queen know something she didn't? What could she know? Nothing...Nothing. I have done nothing. She thought, looking at Bluebell. Birdheart had become unsettled by the way she was acting, but thought of it rude to just get up and walk away.

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Was Bluebell making a threat? Thats the message Birdheart got as she frowned. "Look, if you have something to say, say it. Don't just stare at me, please?"

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"OK then?" She said, but it was also a question, "If you don't mind, what are you thinking about?"

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"Like what?" She asked. Birdheart was alone a lot of the times, so she normally got to think to her self a lot, even if she had brothers and sisters. Because of this, she had mastered her own brain, and/or how/what to think without giving anything away.

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"For your information, I do believe you, thankyou. And I don't trust anyone." Birdheart said with a frown.

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"Nothing, no one has done anything to me, and I have done nothing to them." She said. Birdheart didn't like that way Bluebell was talking about her, or even to her.

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"Whats wrong with a ShadowClan cat? Are you one of the cats who sticks to the stereotype of them being all bad?" She asked. "Anyway, I do not trust anyone because I don't want to. Why do you need to know?"

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"No." Birdheart said, now narrowing her own eyes.

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"Yes, I know I don't trust anyone." She said,

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"No, they did not ask for trust, they ask for loyalty ."

((Sorry for the crap post))

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"How rude of you!" Birdheart shouted at her, standing up and glaring into her soul. "How very, very, rude! I never expect anything from anyone!" She hissed, as her words echoed though the camp. She wasn't scared of Bluebell. "I gave my life to the Clan! I still give my loyalty to the Clan! Don't you ever, ever again dare to dictate over my life!"

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Birdheart glared at the other cats, sending some of them walking away. Although she sat down and washed her chest fur for a second or two, she then got up and walked though the now small gathering of cats. She didn't care what others thought of her. All I wanted was some quite. Serves me right looking for that in the Clearing... She sat at the camp exit,

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Mahlia Silverflame paced the clearing. Thoughts were racing through her head at a million miles an hour. She sat down, waiting, watching. Looking over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed, she raced out the camp entrance in the direction of the WindClan boarder. She slowly walked, letting the leaves crunch underfoot, listening to the wildlife chat amongst themselves in a language only undersood by the speaker.

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Mahlia I hope no one comes out here at this time of day Silverflame muttered to herself. All she wanted was a quiet hunt by herself, but the loneliness sometimes took over her and she had to get away from the other cats.

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Mahlia Silverflame heard the lapping of Autumnshine's washing and turned around to congratulate her. "Congratulations Autumnshine," she purred. "You'll make a fine warrior. If only all cats were like you, so dedicated. Sadly, that's a quality not found in many cats these days." She sighed. "Maybe you'll be the one to bring that trait back to the clans."

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Mahlia "It's definitely not just you. Almost any cat whose head is on straight feels the same way," Silverflame explained. "It's the feeling we all get when we know we have a big responsibility to deal with and a clan that's looks to us for protection. I understand and it eventually will disappear as you grow into your duties." Silverflame sat down and began washing her claws.

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Mahlia "You won't disappoint me, and anyway that's how we learn," Silverflame explained. "Care to go hunting?" she asked as she walked towards the woods.

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Mahlia "Great!" Silverflame bounded away, squeezing through the camp entrance and into the great, big woods.
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Mockingjay put her squirrel in the fresh-kill pile.

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Mockingjay said "Congrats."

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Mahlia Silverflame raced through the bramble just before she dropped her thrush and mouse one of three. Placing her prey on the pile she looked up confused. "How did you manage to get here ahead of me?" She asked. Am I really getting that old? she wondered. Shaking her head she plopped down next to Autumnshine and Mockingjay to eat her mouse.

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Mahlia "Well, I think I know the answer. I'm getting old," Silverflame stated bluntly. " To be honest, I'm not sure how much longer I'll have before I join StarClan." Silverflame sighed as she picked at her mouse.

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Mahlia Silverflame looked up startled. "There are somethings you don't know," she whispered, avoiding Autumnshine's searching gaze.

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