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John (John Gravino) and I were having a discussion up in the 'Advertise your book here' thread about the marketing of books with Christian content. (

I am curious about what other authors who are members of the group have found to be successful as ways of marketing books with Christian content.

I'm also interested in your reflections on what seemed NOT to work.

message 2: by Chuck (new)

Chuck | 8 comments What seems to work the best is to build up a large following that will subscribe to your email list. Then it is simply a matter of telling your list that you have a new book on the market and it spreads virally (if that's a real word) from there.

Of course, building the list is the difficult part. The best way to do that is offer subscribers an "ethical bribe" in the form of a giveaway for opting-in to your list.

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