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Unmanned (Y: The Last Man #1)
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message 1: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Jammer (tommyjammer) | 153 comments Mod
This is our optional book discussion for December 2015. Please post your thoughts, opinions, questions, etc. on this book discussion thread about this book here.

Tony Diaz I loved this series!

message 3: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Hancock (tommyhancock) | 46 comments One of the better series I've ever read, comics or otherwise.

Corto Maltese | 78 comments This was already topic. It's the 5th book on the shelf.

I liked the storyline, but the first volume did not hook me. Actually it took quite some month (and praise from others)to make pick up the rest of the books after having read the first one.

message 5: by Ira (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ira White | 4 comments It took a bit for me to get into, but was well worth the effort.

message 6: by Travis (new)

Travis Duke | 9 comments I really like the series, I think Brian K Vaughan is a great writer. I agree it takes a few issues to get into but I loved the premise. Vaughan is on fire with Saga and i loved Lost too but I hope he stays away from TV because Under the Dome was a trainwreck.

Davidg | 34 comments My stepdaughter has been buying me volumes of this series for Father's Day and Christmas which means I'm not allowed to buy any for myself. I just got volume 8 and despite it being the longest I have ever taken to read a series I enjoy it immensely. This first volume had me hooked and I suspect it was quite groundbreaking when it was first published.
I couldn't agree more about Under The Dome.

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