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Mal (malxox)
Plot: Muse A, a single parent has put it off for as long as they possibly could. Every day, after school their child has begged Muse A to take them to the mall to see Santa and every day, Muse A has said they’ll think about it. This afternoon, Muse A’s little one has made a list as long as their arm of all the reasons they would make the Nice list this year and therefore should be able to see Santa. Touched by their kid’s resolve, Muse A finally caves and brings their deserving child to the crowded shopping center for a meet and greet with Mr. Claus. Overwhelmed by the shiny, over-sized decorations everywhere, the twinkling lights, and the thick crowd of shoppers surrounding them, Muse A and their kid get separated. Muse A panics when calling their child’s name yields no response, and goes in search of mall security for help, but there’s no sign of a security guard anywhere.
Muse B is working at “Santa’s workshop”, snapping photos of kids sitting on Santa’s lap, handing out candy canes and generally spreading holiday cheer to all who pass. A crying child wandering around by the entrance gate catches Muse B’s eye. Muse B steps away from their duties to help and they’re able to get the parent’s name from the kid so that they can make an announcement over the mall speakers. Hearing that their child is safe, a very relieved Muse A runs to Santa’s workshop to reunite with their loved one. Muse A and Muse B meet and Muse A can’t think of a way to thank Muse B enough. Muse B simply requests that Muse A (and their little one) have dinner with them sometime, Muse A happily agrees.

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Morgan | 1554 comments heyyyo. I'll have my guy up in a moment. Also we're just doing the basics, right?

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Mal (malxox) Yes if that's alright with you :P

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Morgan | 1554 comments

му αямѕ αяє ωι∂є, cαтcнιηg ƒιяє αѕ тнє ωιη∂ вℓσωs

Kier Lanister
- 24 - homosexual - santa's little helper

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Mal (malxox)

the more you know . . .
➊ Four years ago Avery and his ex-husband got married -- ah, young love. One year later and the pair decided they were ready for a little one. They applied as adoptive parents; it took eight months, but they were accepted and got their hands on a little boy. While they both loved their son, the stress grew larger and larger by the day until, eventually, neither of them could handle it anymore. They signed for divorce and Avery was gifted with their little boy.
➋ Avery (and Mason's) little boy is two, and three months, and his name is Theodore Teddy. The little boy has only asked about why he "didn't have a mommy" once, but Avery's answer seemed to satisfy him so he hasn't brought it up. Teddy calls Avery Daddy and Mason Papa.
➌ Avery works from home. He's a writer, but mostly he writes short stories. He's got some vague ideas for real books, but none that are good enough to submit and no time to do it anyway. Teddy is a handful.
➍ Avery has a younger brother and an older sister. His sister is married and has two kids, while his brother is convinced he'll remain a bachelor for the rest of his life.

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Morgan | 1554 comments Nice xD for some reason I still don't know why, I used to be obsessed with the name Avery

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Mal (malxox) I really like the name Avery so I don't blame you XD
I love your guy toooo :* xoxo

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Morgan | 1554 comments And Teddy is adorable tooo :3

Ahhh, where shall we start? Just right at the beginning with him lost and all that?

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Mal (malxox) Yeah I can start with them going to the mall and Teddy getting lost and stuff... if you're cool with waiting a little while (cause of my essay that i was talking about)??

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Morgan | 1554 comments Sounds good xD I should probably get to doing my homework too- much to write and due. Christmas vacation better have zero homework.

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Mal (malxox) I'm in college so my winter will have zero homework.
Which is good because I'm totally done with writing essays every week like omg it's exhausting.

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Morgan | 1554 comments Lucky duck xD
Yeah Essays annoy me so much. Like if it's about a book I'm totally down for that but me and research essay ._. those things are the death of me

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Mal (malxox) See, for me essays have always been easy, but I'm getting down to the wire and am just like NO. Especially because this history essay is on a book, but I can't analyze or talk about the way it was written or how perfect it is because it's a fucking history essay. UUGUGUUHGH. And it's freaking 8 pages long and due in like two weeks and I've got like a page and a half in the last few months. kill me now.

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Mal (malxox)
Start ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ
Teddy had insisted on coming. When he showed up in Avery’s office before bedtime with a list a mile long as to why he should be able to see Santa … well, he couldn’t say no. Avery was surprised that Teddy had put so much thought into it; had the little boy been able to write he probably would have brought him the list of reasons himself, but instead he came empty-handed with this big eyes and pouty lips and Avery had just melted. As suspected, the mall was a madhouse. Regardless of how many times he asked for Teddy to let him carry him to Santa’s workshop, the two year continued to shake his head ‘no, no, no, Dad’. So instead Teddy’s little fingers were hooked around his own – barley, the little guy was so small Avery practically had to bend over to make sure he had a grip at all. For the millionth time in the last month he felt himself stressing over the holidays. He had a deadline coming up for the longest story he had been signed to write so far, Mason was overseas (Teddy kept asking to talk to him), and he barely had time to shop for toys. Teddy didn’t ask for much, bless his heart, but Avery would be damned if he didn’t get him what he deserved.
“Ah, ‘scuse me! Sorry!” Avery twisted around to call out to the grumbling woman and her husband as they passed him by. He rubbed at his shoulder, wishing that they had at least said ‘don’t worry about it’ back. Somehow among all the madness of holiday season he heard the faint titter of his cell phone in his coat pocket and realized it was buzzing. “Teddy, come here.” He squeezed the little boys hand and dragged them through the crowd to the wall. “Stay beside me.” He said, and dug out his phone. Mason. He glanced down at his son and then tapped the talk button. “Hey, we’re sort of in the mid—” “Av this is really important. Look, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to come back and see Teddy for Christmas…” Avery stood there with his mouth hanging open. Was Mason being serious right now? Teddy was two years old, he wasn’t going to take ‘work’ as an excuse for his Papa not being there on Christmas. Not to mention that they’d had him last Christmas … as a couple. Teddy didn’t know any different. Whatever Mason was saying Avery stopped him. “Mason. You have to come back. I don’t care how you get here…” They spent what felt like a whole hour arguing before Avery just ended the call. Mason had been mid-sentence, but he hadn’t been saying anything different, nor useful. Mad as he was all his anger faded away when he turned and realized that his son wasn’t standing there beside him. For a full thirty seconds Avery just stood there staring at the empty spot at his legs and then his stomach shot up into his chest and his heart lodged itself into his throat and he shoved through the crowd. “Teddy! Teddy?!
Meanwhile, the little boy had wandered off into the crowd, seeing a trio of kids older than him laughing their way down the aisle. Blah, blah, blah, Santa, blah, blah, workshop. That’s where his Dad had been taking him. He didn’t know who Dad was talking to but he couldn’t hold his excitement together. He toddled away and soon found himself far, far away from his father, but very, very close to Saint Nicolas. Despite this, Teddy couldn’t stop the tears that traveled down his cheeks when he realized that he couldn’t remember where he had come from.

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Morgan | 1554 comments
The bells jingled all too cheerfully in Kier's ears as he swung his head back and forth, much to the children's amusement. The elf costume was a little snug on his figure as he once more had to adjust the camera so that everyone was in focus for the picture. "Say Merry Christmas in three." He told them a sickly sweet smile. He counted down and in moments the family erupted with sayings of Merry Christmas and he took the shot. The infant in Santa's arms was the only reason the family was truly here, though, and she just blearily closed her eyes after the flash of the camera.
A moment passed and another elf came out of the door that read Santa's WorkShop. Clapping her hands together she addressed the line that was waiting ever so patiently for their own photo. "Alright guys, it's time for Santa to go feed the Reindeer, but he'll be back in ten short minutes." She told them, holding both of her hands up with her fingers splayed out as if to get them to understand. Kier winced slightly as he heard the collective sigh of tired mothers and impatient toddlers, and there were even a few criers in the audience. He stood there awkwardly for a moment as he peered over at Santa Clause as he got up from the seat to leave. Shoving his hands in his pockets he hummed slightly under his breath. What was his supposed to do now? He was just filling in for his sister for the next two shifts. She'd called him this morning with claims she'd was sick and she didn't want to lose her job two weeks before Christmas. Kier largely suspected it was more like she had yet to do any of her shopping for gifts. Being the older brother, though, he felt some strange duty to take care of her and that's why he was here. The boss didn't seem so happy about it as he grumbled up a storm this morning, but the middle-aged women in line didn't seem to mind all that much.
A few more moments passed before his attention was brought to the door. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he saw a young boy standing over there on his own. The boy looked to be no more than four, what was he doing over there on his own? Knowing he wouldn't be missed for the next five minutes he walked away from his station by the camera and walked over towards the kid slowly. Crouching down next to him he offered a warm smile. "Hey little guy, are you here to see Santa?" He asked, talking in a strange accent that he was told was more elf-like, meaning it was high pitched and sounded all wrong. Seeing the tears that travelled down his face he almost went into panic mode. "Do you know where your Mommy or Daddy went?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, dropping the accent as he grew concerned.

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Mal (malxox)
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Never, ever, ever in a million years should Avery looked away from his son. Teddy was only two years old: he got distracted easily, and was small enough that finding him in a crowd like this was proving to be nearly impossible. His heart was racing faster than ever. Ever as in – faster than the happiest moments of his life, faster. When he got married. When they finally brought Teddy home. When Teddy had first called him Daddy, taken his first steps, blown out his two year old birthday candles. All of those grew further and further away from his rapidly beating heart every step he took and every sound he made in attempt to bring his little one back to him. Avery stopped people every few feet in a vain attempt to ask whether they had seen a little brown haired, blue eyed two year old wandering around, but everyone just told him no. He shouldn’t have expected much from strangers, especially during Christmas time, no one who was busy would have noticed a little two year old walking around their legs. And if they had, well, there were too many two year olds to pin-point which one he was asking about.
Teddy was about as scared as his Daddy was. Had anyone else come to him, Teddy would have cried more, but the colorful colors of the elves wardrobe, and the soft concern in the elf’s eyes made his quivering little self feel just a little tiny bit better. M-maybe Santa’s helpers could help him! Teddy sniffed and tangled his fingers together, eyes big and lips pressed tight together. “M-mister elf,” he snuffled through the tears still drawing lines down his cheeks. “I … I can’t find my Daddy.” He admitted it with more desperation than ever. He’d never gotten separated from his Daddy before. Only when he and Papa used to go out for dinner sometimes, and he was left with the next door neighbor, sometimes Aunt Gwen, or Grandma and Grandpa. Teddy sniffled again real hard, to try and stop crying, and scrubbed at his eyes with little fists. His cheeks and nose were rosy and red and he just wanted his Daddy!

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