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Silverdrop burst through the clearing, followed by Magnoliapaw, laughing. "Okay, good training, Magnoliapaw." Silverdrop mewed. "Take a quick rest, then go see if you can help with the elders."

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"Sure! Thanks!" Silverdrop called back. She padded over to where Blossomflight was sitting, and took a bite. "Yum!" She purred.

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Silverdrop let out a mrrow of laughter. "He is doing very well! His speed is incredible for a cat his age in this Clan. I was thinking of talking to Redstar about him becoming a warrior."

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(Sorry, I meant to say Reedstar)

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"You've done really well with her." Silverdrop admired. "I'm sure Coralpaw will be an amazing warrior!"

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Silverdrop felt her fur tingle with embarrassment. She had never gotten another warriors praise related to her mentoring. "Thank you." She mewed.

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((Are we still RPing on this one?))

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((Okay, just checking :) ))

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"Oh, not much really. I have spent most of my time-" Silverdrop stopped when a broad, black tom padded up. It was Nightfire. He smiled and meowed, "Hello Silverdrop. Hello Blossomflight."

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((I'm going to make a little Silverdrop and Nightfire scene here, is that ok? XD))

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"And the same to you." He meowed. "It's good to see you again. Both of you," he added, glancing at Silverdrop. Turning to her, he meowed, "Would you like to go hunting, Silverdrop?"

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Silverdrop's skin grew hot under her fur. "I, uh, yeah. Sure." His yellow eyes were gazing into hers, and she felt frozen in delight.

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Silverdrop stood up, and followed Nightfire out of camp. She cast one last glance at Blossomflight, pure excitement burning in her eyes. They padded down and passed the training hollow, and headed towards the thicker trees. Silverdrop was aware of Nightfire's pelt brushing hers, and she tingled with happiness.

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((Should I take this back to the RiverClan shore?))

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((Okie then))

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Silverdrop and Nightfire headed back hurriedly, aware of the surprised looks they got from the clanmates they passed. They rushed into camp, skidding to a halt.

((Does RiverClan have a deputy already?))

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((Okay, I guess I'll make one later))

Silverdrop touched noses with Nightfire before she padded towards Blossomflight. "It's fine," she meowed quietly. She was disappointed that the hunt had ended so early. "Nightfire thought we should be heading back. Do you think he's avoiding me?" She ventured after a moments pause.

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Silverdrop met Blossomflight's gaze. "I do, but sometimes it seems he's being so mysterious."

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Silverdrop blushed and felt wary. "I'll try I guess. But later," she meowed quickly. "I don't wan to rush him, plus I'm not ready," She added before Blossomflight could say anything.

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((Lol ok))

Silverdrop sighed and nodded slowly. Blossomflight's words made sense. But she hoped StarClan really did know where this would go. Please give me the strength to deal with this, she prayed silently. Just then, the RiverClan deputy, Riverstorm, padded up to them. "Why did you and Nightfire not bring back any prey?" He demanded.

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((It's fine! I understand with Christmas coming and all that))

Silverdrop's eyes narrowed into slits with worry and panic. She returned Blossomflight's glance. "Um, well you see-er," she started. It was so difficult to concentrate under Riverstorm's penetrating glare. "It was getting dark and Nightfire thought we should be getting back soon.." Silverdrop silenced herself as she saw Riverstorm bristle with frustration. "So I suppose just because it was getting dark you couldn't provide for your clan?"

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Riverstorm shot a glare at Blossomflight, half surprised, half infuriated. "Well, I guess since your friend and you like to disrupt the clan and its needs so much," he added, glancing at Silverdrop, "you can both go be nuisances to the elders while you clean out their bedding! And if you try to protest, you will do it until the next Gathering!" He sat back with a look of satisfaction in his green gaze. Without another word, he padded off to the fresh-kill pile, leaving Silverdrop and Blossomflight in pure shock.

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"Cleaning out bedding?!" Silverdrop wailed, "We're not apprentices!"

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((Post at the elders den))

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Ravencloud bounded into camp, her jaws holding onto two pieces of prey, a mouse and a vole. She carefully set them atop the prey pile and looked around. She spotted Blossomflight and Silverdrop, and called out a friendly hello.

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Ravencloud turned to Blossomflight. "Are you talking to me?" She asked.

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