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Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
Share your thoughts!

Danielle (iamhorriblylimited) | 8 comments I actually read Carry On last month, but is so fantastic! I think Basil is definitely my favorite character followed by Penelope.
I was afraid of reading in because I feared it would be too much like HP, but it is such a great book.
I didn't like the Mage though, I almost feel as though he would've been left out since he didn't offer much in terms of the plot.

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
I also read it last month. For the first half I had mixed feelings. I read it right after I read Fangirl and expected to love it from the first moment as well, which I didn't. I felt like the start was very slow, but the second half of the book made up for it sooooo so well.

I love Baz as well, his character was definitely my favorite.
I had mixed feelings about Simon Snow, though. During the first half of the book I was annoyed by his obsession with Baz. He got better during the second half, but he isn't my favorite character.

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
What did you all think about the relationship between Simon and Baz?
I loved it sooooo incredibly much. I couldn't wait for more Snow Baz moment, they were so cute together

Danielle (iamhorriblylimited) | 8 comments Snow isn't my favorite character either. I thought he could have been more developed as a character instead of being so caught up in whatever Basil was doing.
I actually read Fangirl about two years ago.
I loved their relationship, too! I just wish they had gotten together sooner, I would have loved to see how their relationship developed.

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
Yes!!! I just want another book *sigh*

How did you feel about Simon's magic being taken by the Humdrum, I just don't know what to think of it, it felt kind of unnecessary to me...

Btw I never trusted the Mage either, I knew there was something off

And I was so sad when Ebb died, she deserved so much better

Danielle (iamhorriblylimited) | 8 comments I loved Ebb too! She was another favorite of mine. I hope Rainbow Rowell does write another Carry On book!

Danielle (iamhorriblylimited) | 8 comments I agree that the Humdrum shouldn't have taken his magic. I didn't agree with that decision either.
I didn't like the Humdrum bit of the book either. I thought it was pretty dumb.

message 9: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy (madeupofbooks) | 7 comments I read Carry On earlier in November and I absolutely loved it! It was just everything I could have hoped for (and needed at the time).

I don't think anyone really trusted the Mage. There was something off with him. But Baz and Simon were so good. I absolutely loved Baz. I actually found Simon's obsessing rather entertaining, but I can see how it could end up annoying. Still, Baz FTW!

Book-Addict | 6 comments I just have to say...I'm almost finished with carry on and I want to throw a brick at one of my bedroom walls. Wow. Anyone else experience this??? because I'm strangely confused.

Book-Addict | 6 comments It's really great, though.

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
Amy wrote: "I read Carry On earlier in November and I absolutely loved it! It was just everything I could have hoped for (and needed at the time).

I don't think anyone really trusted the Mage. There was some..."

Yeah I was really confused at the end as well. So much was happening all at the same time and I was like wait suddenly Ebb is dead...Wait when did the Humdrum got here...?

Book-Addict | 6 comments yeah! It all went down at once and I was left sitting there like,"oh and she's dead apparently..what's the Mage doing?? when the heck did the humdrum appear? wait! baz was there too?" At first I thought I had only read it too quickly, but I guess not.

message 14: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy (madeupofbooks) | 7 comments Book-Addict wrote: "yeah! It all went down at once and I was left sitting there like,"oh and she's dead apparently..what's the Mage doing?? when the heck did the humdrum appear? wait! baz was there too?" At first I th..."

Ebb's death was very sudden. I wish we knew what happened. It felt like the Humdrum could be and go wherever he/it felt like... it's the only way I can make sense out of it.

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
I also had a 'wait what's happening moment' when Baz and Simon were in the woods and the humdrum suddenly came and Baz's house was suddenly this magic less spot or something... It was soooo weird

message 16: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy (madeupofbooks) | 7 comments I think it was random where the spots appeared all over the country. There wasn't any actual pattern, right? Which can only mean the Humdrum could go and be anywhere it wished. Perhaps it was everywhere at the same time and I don't know... materialised? Would that even make sense? O_O;;;

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
It's literally so confusing, I feel like it should be explained more...Or maybe we all just missed it hahaha

Abbie Bosworth (abbiebosworth) | 2 comments I looooved this book!! if you haven't read it yet, oh hohohoooo have fun c:

moonleafdruid (everbookish) Carry On was absolutely amazing. I was so prepared to not like this but I just couldn't help but love it so much. The relationship between Baz and Simon was sweet and the ending, gah the ending, I preferred it so much more than the ending for Harry Potter (which, of course, was a big inspiration for this)

Sigrid | 1 comments I really enjoyed it, yeah, but I felt like it was written too much like fanfiction. (And nothing against fanfics, because they can be fantastic and thoughtful and well-written and everything). The dialogue just felt a little bit overdone and unrealistic, especially in romantic conversations between Baz and Simon. That being said, it really drew me in and I read it all in one sitting, so I guess that's a good thing. If there was a sequel, I would totally read it.

Dusica | 3 comments Ok, so I just finished it, and it took me all 1.5 days to read it. But I have to say, I really expected more with this one.
The whole Harry Potter thing really bothered me, I felt like it was so unnecessary to make it THAT much like HP.
I also couldn't help but feel like she tried to condense seven books on the world of HP into one and, as a result, lost a lot of important info. SO many characters and events are just barely mentioned, and there are holes everywhere in the story (pun, no?). I just can't help but feel like the book can't stand on it's own two feet, without HP backing it up.
I really liked the Baz and Simon storyline and it was pretty funny reading the beginning when Simon is sooooo obsessed with Baz, and you're basically snickering and thinking how much he's in love with Baz. Also Baz as a chaaracter: yes please! Give me more!
It was obvious that the Mage is a sneaky lil shit, but I didn't like that Simon never found out he was Simon's father OR that Simon wasn't the gretest threat to the magickal world, the Mage was.
The ending: hmmmm
I guess I'm ok with Simon giving up his magic, it could have gone without it, but whatever. The wings and tail, though? What the hell?!

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
So since it's the 29th of December today, I thought it was about time to start this discussion. I've never been in a book club before, so I don't know how these things usually go, but I have some questions I thought would be nice to answer:

What did you rate this book?
How did you experience the book, were you immediately hooked or did it take you a while?
How did you feel about the characters? Fav/least fav characters ect/
How did you feel about the general story line? Did you find the plot engaging?
Did you think it was too much like Harry Potter or too fanfictiony?
What were your fav parts?
What did you think about the romance?
If you could ask Rainbow one question about this book, what would it be?

Book-Addict | 6 comments I rated the book 5 stars (I believe and if I didn't, I'm crazy for not.). When I first started reading the book, I wasn't immediately in love with it, but once I got a few chapters in I loved it. Personally, my favorite character is Baz and I don't have any least favorite. They were all really great for the plot and such. The plot in itself was good, but could have been better. It was really confusing towards the end, but I loved it nonetheless. I don't think it was like Harry Potter other than the fact that they're wizards. The rules are different from what I can tell (I only read the first three books of Harry Potter by the way.) I liked the fan fiction feel of it. The romance was absolutely adorable and I liked the amount of sarcasm passed between the two of them!! If I could ask Rainbow Rowell a question about the book is ask if there was to ever be a continuation of it, because it was so great.
On another note, I can't wait to read next months books!

message 24: by Amber (last edited Dec 30, 2015 11:27AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amber (b00kishfantasy) | 22 comments Mod
So I'll answer the questions too. I rated the book 5 stars, I though it was great. I did have a hard time in the beginning, though, because for me it started off a little bit slow paced. The second half of the book totally make up for that, although I did find it a bit confusing at times.Out of the blue, the humdrum was at Baz his family home and it got sucked into this black hole or something. I was also confused by what was happening in the tower at Watford (I forgot what it was called. We find out that the Mage is Simon his dad, which I was already expecting and suddenly Ebb is there to stop him and then she's dead: what? Then (of course) everybody arrives at Watford just after each other without talking to each other. This was a bit unoriginal to me. Then the Humdrum just appears again, because that seems to be something he just does and then Simon gives his magic to him and is left without any. I don't know, this was a bit confusing to me.

I liked the characters in this book, but I had some little issues: At the first half of the book Simon's obsession with Baz kind of annoyed me. I thought he was worrying about what Baz was doing waaaay too much. Baz is definitely my fav character in this book, I found him very funny. As for Penelope and Agatha, I have to be honest: I didn't really care about them, especially Agatha. I felt like she was just put in the story as a alternate love interest for Simon. To me she could have just been left out completely.

I can't really judge whether this book was really based off Harry Potter or not, because I have not read any of the Harry Potter books (I know, shame on me).

My favorite parts was, of course, the romance between Simon and Baz. From the beginning I already knew they were going to get together, so I couldn't wait for it to happen. Before Carry On, I hadn't read a book with gay love yet, but it was soooo cute. I just felt happy tingles every time I read one of their make-out scenes.

If I could ask Rainbow anything I would ask her to please write a book that is just Simon and Baz smut because I need that shit.
If you haven't noticed already: Kelly and I decided what we are going to read next month, we hope you like out picks! :)

message 25: by Nika (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nika | 1 comments I just finished it, and I want to cry, I loved it so much. 5/5 stars. Spoilers below (just in case somebody wants to stop reading my comment now).
The moment when they come back from seeing Nick and Baz wants to kill himself so Simon kisses him... That was just... So.... Amazing, and brilliant and made me stop reading, close the book, put it to my head and just...
Of course, there were some things I didn't like... I don't know if we were supposed to be surprised by the ending, but I saw it coming like from very early on so that was a little disappointing.
But I just loved the story so much, I don't mind it that much.

I went into it expecting not to like it - I didn't like the little snipbits of Cath's fic in "Fangirl", I thought it was just too much like Harry Potter, like a Drarry fanfiction... But I am so glad I read it because it turned out to be so much more than that!

I have so many feelings right now... And I just want to reread all my favourite Drarry fanfiction... If anybody wants recommendations, don't be afraid to hit me up :D

Also my book tumblr is bookishbook if anyone wants to follow me :)

MaryReads_Alot | 2 comments I had a hard time getting into this book. I dont know if it was just me but i though the first 150 pages of the book were so slow and just dragged on forever. When Baz was finally introduced thats when the book finally kicked up for me. I did enjoy it and became super girly about Baz and Simon. I wished there was more kissing scenes from Rainbow Rowell, because those scenes really made the love story seem so much more real. I dont know if i want to re read this book but i might just to see if i was missing something. I think because it was so close to harry potter, i kept comparing it to the HP series. I really did enjoy Baz. Baz was my favorite character. I feel he was the character that made my rating go from a 1.5 to a 3.5-4 star rating. sometimes id get angry at Rowell because she would write a steamy scene and then she would cut it off and not go back to it. I loved the scenes where Baz and Simon would become intimate and prove themselves to each other. So Rainbow why didnt you write more? I know quiet a few people who wanted more cause they loved those scenes so much.

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