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UNITED AS ONE - final book has a title!

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Benjamin  Knox (bknox1196) | 40 comments Mod
Ladies and gentlemen!

It's official, the Lorien Legacies series is coming to a close, and we now have not only a title, but a cover AND a release date of June 26, 2016! I'd like to hear what you all think about the series up until now, and also what you all think the final book will hold. I'm personally really excited about wrapping up the series and finding out how everything ends. I've gotten to the point to where I'm just about done waiting every year for another book,another cliffhanger, another favorite character dying etc. The series is great, and I've read every book multiple times, but I'll be glad when I don't have to wait and wonder anymore! I'd like to hear your guys thoughts and opinions on what is to come, and how this series will come to an end!

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Bless (pointbeemo) | 1 comments So I was searching up the last book and read the title. My reaction?
I cant wait! I just know that the ending is going to be so epic! My predictions are:
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Ania D. (aniad) | 1 comments Marlowe wrote: "So I was searching up the last book and read the title. My reaction?
I cant wait! I just know that the ending is going to be so epic! My predictions are:

yes i agree with your predictions!! except the Lexa part is kind of random to me. When i read Daniella part in the book, the idea of her and nine end up together popped in my head. so i absolutely agree with you in that part :)
i really really hope marina and adam will end up together even though it seems in the last book ( fate of ten) she mad at him most of the time but they both lost their beloved one.. i hope they could heal each other wound.
And about that six predictions.. oooo i bet she will feel guilty from page 1 till the end of the book.
Cant wait to read the next book, the fate of ten is really depressing to me with all the plot twist and dying. Pleasee pittacus lore give us a happy ending (when i say happy ending i mean please don't kill 9!!!)

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Michelle Formato I think as of right now, it is kinda obvious Setrakas Ra isn't dead, just wounded. Even though Six got him hard, he isn't going down that easily.
I can't imagine how John is gonna act, he basically has nothing to live for (or at least that is how he is gonna feel for the first part of the book until he gets his head back in the game).
I feel like it would be a bit too blah if John ends up being the new Pitticus Lore, it'd be a nice twist if it ended up being one of the others who are still alive (or imagine if it was One?). But as it seems now, John is probably it.
I have a feeling we're going to lose Ella. Yeah it would be great if she lives (and it would tug at my heart less) but even though the connection between her and Setrakus Ra is broken, I still think something is going to happen to her. These books always seem to find a way to break my heart.
I agree with some of Marlowe's predictions above as well.
I cannot wait for the book to come out! I am so glad it is being released sooner than the others were, and that it comes out just about a month before my birthday. It's going to be bitter-sweet to see the series come to a close.

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Amber | 1 comments I just finished the fate of ten and can't wait to see how this series ends. I get the feeling that Ella and Lexa are going to die :( but I really don't want anymore of the garde to die. I hope the last book has more of 9.

message 6: by Suzanna (new)

Suzanna (suzannacodd) YAY! I can't wait for this book! The Fate of Ten left us off at a great start for United As One!

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Tony | 1 comments They better be able to do something about Sarah!

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After Sarah's death at the very last second, I'm kind of nervous as to who might be targeted in the final novel. I was quite upset at first, but to be more realistic- we all saw that coming. Also, Ella has escaped death so many times, I worry if it might be like how Eight survived being stabbed once and then ended up dying anyways.
Is anyone else predicting Adamus and Marina developing a much closer relationship? I don't think it would ever get too close, though, because Marina will likely never get over Eight.
I'm also kind of scared about ehat the humans who have Legacies but don't want to help the Garde will do. What if they ally with the Mogs because they seem like the stronger team? As we all know, humans in this series can be blockheads at times, and they are not above working with the enemy for their own protection.

I known John's supposed to be the heroic guy with morals and all, but I personally feel that healing Five was a waste of time. No matter what he dies from now on, the trust between Five and the rest of the Garde will always be little to none. But I think there's a chance he could die anyways.

Daniela is not my favorite character, but she is pretty funny, and I imagine her becoming friends with Nine. She'll survive, no doubt about it.
And, of course, Setrákus Ra isn't dead. He's like a fly that just wont stop twitching even after you've swatted it to the ground.

But raise your hand if you're still proud of Six
*raises hand*

The most important prediction I have is that United as One will have something specificly involving One. Because, it's obvious- United as ONE. Maybe Adamus will start to hear her in his mind again, maybe we'll learn she had some kind of destiny that she now can't fufill becuase of her death, maybe she'll magically come back to life like in Disney movies, whatever. I just have a strong feeling that One is directly involved in the final novel.

I hope you all agree with my suggestions! It's going to be a long, hard wait, but we can do it together! :)

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