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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA Novel where girl goes to all girls school and her dad who has OCD is a janitor and he gets set up by another girl in school to make him look perverted and lose his job

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Winston (winstonchau) | 8 comments Hi I read this book maybe in 2010? the book cover was either a retro Volkswagen or a girl with long black hair covering her face? There was pink on the cover

This girl went to an all girls school and she becomes friends with a weird girl but she then ditches her and become friends with the popular girls. Something happens (the main character bought some sweatpants?) and the popular girls get angry and set up a trap for her father, who the main character is embarrassed about because of his job and his OCD

The popular girl sets a trap in the girls bathroom and makes the dad come in and pretend he sexually assaulted her but the weird girl was in there and was able to provide proof that the girl was lying

In the end the girl tries to help her father overcome his OCD by telling not to clean the floor with bleach or something and he manages to not clean it

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