Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4) Winter question

Who is your favorite couple in the book?
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I'm still deciding...

UPDATE: My fav is Scarlet and Wolf, because their relationship is oh so romantic.
Cinder and Kai come in second.
My third favorite couple is Winter and Jacin. Don't get me wrong, I adore this couple, it's just that I love the top 2 more.
And my least favorite are Cress and Thorne, because of Thorne. He completely ignored his affection towards Cress the entire series and lowered her self-esteem.

Cress and Thorne for sure. It seemed super real and the obstacles they faced weren't contrived but rooted in who they are. Thorne thinks he's not good enough for a woman that idolizes a fake version of him. Cress thinks she's too sheltered and inexperienced for Thorne to find her interesting.

Scarlet and Wolf seemed more like lust than anything, meh. Cinder and Kai are cute but they kinda just like each other the whole time and then when they finally can get together, they do, and it's all pretty easy. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not super interesting.

Thorne and cress! No contest! Mostly because I just love those 2 characters but I feel like their story was more fun to watch. Not that the rest weren't but I felt cinder and Kai was just witty banter, scarlet and wolf were gazing into each others eyes threatening to kill anyone who made them more than 5 ft away from the other, and winter and Jacin were just trying to hide that they were looking at each other longingly! Don't get me wrong, I love these characters and cress and Thorne have their problems too but it was just so much fun watching them interact! I love how Thorne went blind for a while because then the roles that they were expected to have switched (Thorne was dependent on her instead of the other way around). Plus, I think they learned more from each other than any other couple in the series!
My order: cress and Thorne, Kai and Cinder, Jacin and winter, wolf and scarlet

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My favorite is definitely Thorne and Cress! I love each of them separately and together they work so well! It's fun to watch their relationship grow and evolve. I also really appreciated how realistic their relationship and their struggles are.

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1. Winter and Jacin. Because they would do literally anything for each other.
2. Cinder and Kai. It's not outstanding, but it's sweet and naive and romantic, true to the fairy tale influence of the series.
3/4. Cress and Thorne/Scarlet and Wolf. Thorne starting to like her seemed forced. Wolf's dedication is admirable but I honestly just don't find Scarlet that compelling of a character in the first place, so I don't find his affection compelling either.

1) It has to go to Scarlet and Wolf. You have to love the whole Beauty and the Beast thing going here and they truly have the best romance because they have more hurdles to go over as a team and no matter what programming goes into Wolf's mind his love for Scarlet never wavers it only gets stronger.

2) Winter and Jacin. I love them together. We saw them together a little in Fairest and more in Winter and the love is only stronger. Maybe because of Winter's line in the book, "He's the only thing that is real," Even with her illness and hallicuations she is always sure that Jacin is real and there for her. True love? True love.

3)Cress and Throne. These 2 are just as passionate as the others but more adorable mostly due to Cress. However all their tip toeing around each other drove me mad until Throne kissed her in the Atrium. Still just because it too soooo long I'm knocking those 2 down when they should really have the #2 or #1 spot.

4)Cinder and Kai Should they be in the top 2? Maybe. Why not? Because I feel that after Cinder they're love story took a back seat. I mean it was still there and yes Meyer had to introduce new characters and romances but I felt that they got let out more and other character like Jacin and Winter or Cress and Throne got more front page time together. Do I still love them? YES!

5) Iko and Kinney. Read the book and you'll see why I ship them.

Scarlet and wolf definitely, they are the only two who have continually proven their love for each other through support and respect.

All the tandems are amazing but Scarlet & Wolf's is my absolute fave! ❤️

no way!
1. Scarlet and Wolf
2. Cress and Thorne
3. Cinder and Kai

SCARLET+WOLF ALL DA WAY. I feel like wolf and scarlet are together because they both are strong and overcome anything someone can throw at them anytime anywhere.

My favorite would have to go to Cress and Thorne. I mean aces! They're so cute together. Cress is also my favorite character in the Lunar Chronicles. She's so innocent and naive, yet strong, powerful and courageous. She stabbed her own boyfriend to save her community, and that is brave. And as for Thorne, we all know he's a real softie, but Cress is the only one who can access this part of his heart.

I loved all the couple and can't bring myself to decide. One thing I love is that even though there is a lot of couples none of them really interfered inside there love story, what I mean is that she didn't do a love triangle with one of the girls or boys. There love story are all cute and romantic and have there own little thing that I love ! ❤️

1. Cress and Thorne: I love these two sm.
2. Scarlet and Wolf: I love all the development they got and he couldn't even function well without her.
3. Winter and Jacin: Jacin would do anything for her but we didn't get to see much of them.
4. Cinder and Kai: I didn't understand why people shipped them until book four and still I was meh about them.

1-Scarlet y Wolf. Harían cualquier cosa el uno por el otro. A Scarlet ni se le pasa por la cabeza dejarlo por ser un lobo, por ser algo inhumano. Y a Wolf lo único que le importa es Scarlet. Ella le sacó de su estado de horror consigo mismo, porque ella le amó y le enseñó a amarse a sí mismo.
2-Cinder y Kai. Adoro cómo Kai intenta levantar a Cinder del suelo hasta que aprende a levantarse sola. Muy orgullosa de ellos.
3-Winter y Jacin. Son demasiado adorables. Me encanta cómo Winter rompe todas sus barreras, y que Jacin arriesga su seguridad para salvarla de todo.
4-Cress y Thorne. Ha sido difícil ponerlos aquí. Pero sentía que la relación no crecía. Y luego llegó el precioso libro de Winter, y os juro que estaba en todos sus momentos con una sonrisa boba.

Ooooh! This is so good. I think my favorite is Scarlet and Wolf, closely followed by Cinder and Kai. I love the dynamic Scarlet and Wolf share, and I think, that out of any of the couples, their's is the most romantic and fairy tail esque (you know, true love and all that sort). I love Cinder and Kai though, too, because of Cinder's sarcasm and Kai's understanding, and both of them are willing to sacrifice and to lead. I think Cress and Thorne come in third because I couldn't personally connect to their characters as much. I mean, I totally still love them! Cress is adorable and Thorne is funny, but they just weren't quite the same as Cinder and Kai or Wolf and Scarlet for me. I think Jacin and Winter come in last, not because they are the worst couple, but because I felt like they were the least characterized. Besides his ambition to be a doctor, it felt like Jacin had no character trait separate from his loyalty to Winter. Overall, I just don't think there was time for them to develop. Also (this is totally a personal bias) but I just don't really prefer the whole best-friends-since-childhood trope.

My favorite by far is CreesxThorne.

Scarlet and Wolf ALL the way!!!!!
Cinder and Kai in second.

1.) cinder and kai's could be a little more romantic
2.) Cresswell and Scarlet& wolf are great couples.
3.) I don't like winter & jacin that much because we didn't get a lot of time to know them

1 Kaider
2 cresswell
3 wolflet
4 wincin

How does one pick?
I honestly think I'm going to go with Cinder and Kai though...
Jacin and Winter are a pretty close second
Then Thorne and Cress
And then Scarlet and Wolf (cause Wolf and I don't exactly mix)

For me it's a tie between Thorne and Cress; and Scarlet and Wolf. I found myself enjoying the moments between Scarlet and Wolf more, but the scene in the atrium thing with Cress and Thorne was amazing and I was like sobbing the whole time.

Ok, for me its Thorne and Cress, because they had me waiting and their romance was sweet and innocent (first love thing). Then Scarlet and Wolf, because they are just too good for each other and I loved their story, then Cinder and Kai, because Kai is adorable and Cinder the best and finally Winter and Jacin, because they didn't make me feel as strongly as I did with the rest of them.

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Winter X Jacin

Thorne and Cress. For multiple reasons. I actually thought it was funny that Cress fell in love with who she thought he was. But then ended up falling in love with who he really was.... which happenend to be the same person. He just didn't know it.

Thorne seemed to have the most character development which is why he's my favourite character. He made her stronger and she made him see how he can be a better person. Love should change us to be better people.

I love that Thorne fell in love while he was blind. Then fights those feelings throughout the rest of the series because he doesn't think he's good enough.

When it comes to favorite couples, I base that off of how much I like the characters. So-
1. Scarlet & Wolf: I love them as individuals, I love them together
2. Winter & Jacin: I loved Winter, not so much Jacin, but the two together are perfect
3. Cress & Thorne: I wasn't so bit of a fan of these characters but they are cute
4. Cinder & Kai: I think this is because I didn't get to see too much of them together

This is so HARD! I ❤️ all these couples and it's so hard to choose
1. Scarlet and Wolf
2. Cinder and Kai
3.Winter and Jacin
4.Cress and Thorne
To be honest I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all these couples so much! I have nothing against cress or Thorne there just not my favorite

Between WOLFLET and CRESSWELL just because of how unique their stories were compared to Kai and Cinder/Winter and Jacin

Answering this hurts because I love them all so much. But, here goes:
1. Scarlet and Wolf! I love both characters and their relationship is very romantic and Scarlet is so accepting of him even with though he was genetically modified.
2. Winter and Jacin. I have to admit, their relationship is a close second. I absolutely adore Winter, and even though I didn't have much time to fall in love with them, their childhood friendship is simply adorable.
3. Cinder and Kai. Okay, I really love them together, and this couple was the main focus, but sometimes I got really annoyed with Kai. Although, I must say, they are perfect for each other.
4. Cress and Thorne. I really like their relationship, but sometimes it gets annoying. Out of all the characters, Cress is my least favorite, even though she often reminds me of myself. Its kind of cute how she was so obsessed with Thorne, but I was mad with how he flirted with everyone BUT Cress for a while, making her feel bad about herself.

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1) Cress and Thorne
2) Cinder and Kai
3) Scarlet and Wolf
4) Winter and Jacin

Dude, what kind of question is that? How am I suppose to answer that? I LOVE THEM ALL.

Scarlet and Wolf, Winter and Jacian, Cinder and Kai, then Cress and Throne

Cress and Thorne are my favorite!!! :)

1)Wolflet [Scarlet and Wolf]
2)Kaider [Cinder and Kai]
3)Thress-Is that their ship name? [Cress and Thorne]
4)Jacinter-Again,no idea if that's right [Winter and Jacin]
5)Iko and Kinney-They totally count!

Faatima wrote: "I'm still deciding...

UPDATE: My fav is Scarlet and Wolf, because their relationship is oh so romantic.
Cinder and Kai come in second.
My third favorite couple is Winter and Jacin. Don't get me w..."

My favourite is Cinder+Kai. They had to struggle with first inappropriate, than forbidden love. When finally they were free to express their feelings they had their nations between them but they still promised to try to make it work.
Second favourite is Scarlet+Ze'ev
Then comes Cress+Thorne (they denied it for to long)
and last is Winter+Jacin (a little to crazy for my taste)

Kaider (1)

1.Cress and Thorne
2.Cinder and Kai
3.Winter and Jacin
4.Scarlet and Wolf

1. Cinder and Kai. I've loved these two since the first book probably because their relationship just feels natural. I know a lot of people don't consider them the best but I just love them so much.
2. Cress and Thorne. Gah I loved these two so much and was praying that they'd get together in the end. In my opinion, Cress brings out the best in Thorne which is great because I love him.
3. Scarlet and Wolf. I feel like I can't place these two last because their relationship is definitely a rare one. They're just so in love with each other it's crazy, however I've always felt like their codependency is very extreme and not my favorite thing.
4. Winter and Jacin. Listen, they're adorable, but they just didn't have enough time in my opinion. I'm sure if they were featured in two books, I would've loved them a lot more than I do. That being said I think they have a really sweet and beautiful relationship.

1.) My absolute favorite has to be Cress and Thorne. They are perfect for each other, and I love how Thorne becomes a better person throughout the books bc of Cress. And I love how transparent he is about missing Cress when she is hiding in Artemisia. I think he fell in love with her when he said," I don't think I would recognize real love if it was..." bc I feel like he was going to say "Right in front of my face" which was where Cress was, and he realized he loved her.
2.) Cinder and Kai. Their relationship is natural and flows real nicely. It's not super passionate, but it is just so sweet and pretty. Alo I love how Kai was like, Cinder is trying to overthrow Levana for me, when Nansi is like, Or she is trying to save herself, and then Kai is like, But I really feel like she is doing it for me.
3.) Iko and Kinney, bc obvi. Read Winter, and you will understand.
4.) Scarlet and Wolf. They would be closer to the top of the list, except for that Wolf betrayed Scarlet's trust and in the beginning of Cress he was just trying to get it back, which isn't a good dynamic for a couple, and then they spent the rest of the series apart until the last third of Winter. That doesn't mean they aren't a very good couple, it just means their relationship was built on more longing than actual trust.
5.) WInter and Jacin. If I saw more of them, they would be higher on the list. I just don't think the characters progressed that much and I wish they had more time.

1. Thorne and Cress
2.Cinder and Kai
Jacin and Winter, Wolf and Scarlet tie for last place

So this my rating of the couples who are actually together. My absolute OTP of TLC is Thorne and Cinder, but that never happened.
1. Jacin and Winter- I have love them since Jacin mentioned her in CRESS. The way he is so protective of her and the way she says that Jacin is the only "real" thing in her life is so sweet. Adorableness over load. And when he calls her Princess I die.

2. Wolf and Scarlet- They have been through so much (kidnappings, physical alterations, etc) together, and nothing changes their feelings for each other. Scarlet is my favorite book with their relationship in it because it is so funny when they accidentally grade each other's shoulders or touch. I loved the building climax with them!

3. Kai and Cinder- Boring. I don't mind them. I liked them in book 1 when the crush was funny and when they nearly kissed in the elevator. But after that they were boring. They are just simple. And I don't like simple.

4. Thorns and Cress- I can not stand this ship. I was crying when they kissed in WINTER, tears of anger. They are terrible together. Cress is just so naive and I do not like naive people. Now, if I didn't ship Thorne and Cinder, I would still hate them. Thorne is my favorite character and Cress is my least favorite. I love the bad boy good girl relationships, but they are just too opposite. Cress fell in love with him by fantasizing of the man who she wants him to be. Not who he truly is. And it seems like Cress is a thirteen year old and Thorne is 28 when they are together. (I know their real ages 16 and 20). I just despise Cresswell. Ugh.

1. Cress and Thorne because their so cuute together, and also because thorne, who is someone with whom only counts the appearance, falls in love with her while he was blind !!! and all the stuff he does in Winter to act like an hero to being kind of worth enough for her ! and come on in Wires and Nerves ? They are soooo perfect !
2. Cinder and Kai, 'cause of the whole i-am-so-proud-of-my-cyborg-queen-girlfriend
3. Winter and Jacin because they are meant to be, that's all.
4. Scarlet and Wolf. They are my least favorite, because it tooks me really long before i actually like Scarlet, so i don't looove them as i do for the others

1. Thorne and Cress-too cute!
2. Cinder and Kai-chemistry is great!
3. Winter and Jacin-their story is so sweet!
4. Iko and Kinney-their bickering is adorable.
5. Scarlet and Wolf-didn't do much for me, tbh.

I definenly felt that Kai and Cinder were meant to be. They get a long so well and don't have as many mishaps as say Cress and Thorne. And just they are adorable together.

U 25x33
Maximum yeah but what about scarlet and wolf, they are so meant to be together as well as all the other couples.
and Cress and Thorne have found have found the
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Although I love all the couples, I have to go with Cresswell and Wincin (still not entirely sold on this ship name). I like the built-up romances. I love when the characters start out as strangers with no attraction whatsoever (or a little or only coming from one person, like Cress' crush on Thorne) or childhood friends and their love blossoms from there. It feels more real. <3 ^_^

1-Cress and Thorne
2-Winter and Jacin (but it was hard to choose between the first and second position)
3-Cinder and Kai
4- Scarlet and Wolf

1. Cress and Thorne - I know this might be unpopular, but I liked that Thorne wanted to be a better person for Cress. Thorne is so charming and Cress is adorable and more awesome than most would initially think (and Thorne totally respects her genius). I can't get enough of them!
2. Cinder and Kai - Kai is so cheesy and romantic, and Cinder is the toughest of the cookies, but yet they work so well! Also, Kai's crush on Cinder is hilarious (e.g. "OMG she's trying to find Princess Selene FOR ME")
3. Scarlet and Wolf - is there a better example of unconditional love? Although sometimes I couldn't take the intensity of their dedication (because I'm dead inside I guess?)
4. Winter and Jacin - I love them, and their childhood friendship background, but we only had one book with them and I didn't have as much time to get attached to them.

Honestly I love all the couples, and how Meyer depicts love in general. All of the relationships are so positive and supportive, and they really see each other for who they are and accept them.

I wish we'd seen more of Iko's love story with the palace guard though! Gotta love Iko :)

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1. Winter and Jacin. God, I love these two. Jacin is always there for Winter, they've been a pair since childhood, Winter is just so nervous about confessing her love for him, when I can't see him ever rejecting her. When Levena ravages her face with scars, when her father dies, when she's stressing about the consequences of her glamour disuse, Jacin has never left her side despite what everyone else thinks about their relationship. He comes across as unfeeling, but in actuality his heart is bursting with love for Winter. I personally love characters like these. Winter's slow spiral into insanity should turn anyone in the other direction, but nope, not Jacin. He helps her through it. I think this pairing is just too freaking adorable and I love it the very most.
2. Scarlet and Wolf. These two aren't just a couple, they're a team. They do everything together. Scarlet's your sassy, stubborn, brave protagonist. Wolf's your angst-ridden, determined, has-a-rough-exterior-but-a-super-sweet-interior kind of guy. Perfect formula for a loyal relationship. The period when Wolf let himself go after Scarlet's abduction broke my heart. He really cares about her, and she him.
3. Cinder and Kai. Yes, they're relegated to the number third spot on this list. I love it, it's adorable, but I just thought it was typical and without much of a story to it that, even though it's too cute, that's pretty much all it has going for it: there's a big cute factor. This is more of a fluffy relationship than a tragically powerful one like the others (although Kai's bravery is commendable when he actually marries Levena and works undercover for Cinder's cause.), so it doesn't resonate much with me. But come on, we all love it anyway. They're the main pair. Kai is everything you could hope for in a guy. You just can't dislike.
4. Thorne and Cress. I love them both, yes, but I like them INDIVIDUALLY, not in a relationship together. Thorne, the ridiculously funny criminal with a passion for his ship, Cress, the adorkable computer genius who's understanding the world and social interaction for the first time. Great formula for a couple, right? Errrr, not really. Or at least I think so. Poor Cress just kept having her heart broken for a fantasy she'd conjured up in her mind. Thorne doesn't seriously come to love her until the last book. These two danced around a relationship until things got too awkward to ignore and hooked up. I was frustrated at this and kept saying, "JUST GET TOGETHER! GOD! QUIT PLAYING AROUND!"
5. Iko and Kinney. I guess I can't really talk about this one, since it's so underdeveloped. Gotta keep reading those graphic novels Marissa's pumping out now! So far I like them together, especially because it's one of those growing relationships in which its participants deny, deny, deny any affection for one another. But we all know it's there.

Cress and Thorne and Winter and Cress

I find both of these built on so much more than the others. These were the least insta lovey and seemed like people who saw the flaws in each other and learnt to love them and overcome so much.

I found the other two relationships seemed rushed and too easy aside from the Levenna situation their seemed to be nothing to overcome and discover and love anyway.

My favorite has to be Scarlet and Wolf. They were just awesome together

1. Scarlet and Wolf. Um, totally made for each other. Scarlet never rejected him because he was wolf-like or anything, she just took him for who he was. And Wolf is just.... no words. I flipped through the whole series just to find all their "moments."
2. Cress and Thorne. Ok, come on. It's incredibly cute, with Cress embarrassed about her feelings for him, and Thorne coming out of nowhere in the fourth book, like all of a sudden, "I love you," and I'm just jumping around the house screaming.
3. Winter and Jacin. Totally agree with what you said, Natarsha. Me too. Me too.
4. Cinder and Kai. Yes, I do ship them, and they're a great couple, but comparing them with the other Lunar Chronicle couples, I gotta put them fourth. But still. They're adorable, the cyborg-emperor relationship.

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