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Grace Chambers is a thirteen year old girl who must say goodbye to some friends and family to live with her grandmother in a small, mysterious town.

All that happens at her new school is she gets teased. They all say she's dumb, which she begins to believe. She thinks that reading books doesn't make her smarter, as people push her away. Until she meets Violet and Landon, who happen to have magical elements in which she discovers.

They tell her that she's special, and she argues with them and runs away. But when they take her to their home - their world - she discovers her fate and that she might just be the most important person there.

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ella  | 362 comments

As Grace opened the royal chamber doors, she realized that it was a feast for her since there was a banner with swirly cursive writing that read 'Grace's 14th Birthday Celebration'. Everyone stared at her in awe, and several bowed.

Grace widened her eyes; she had come unprepared. Although she somehow was wearing a long, golden dress with ruffles, and her hair was up. Along with makeup being done. She felt like a real princess, which, in fact, she believed she was. Except she didn't remember when the dress got on, or her makeup being done.

"Grab my hand," a male voice whispered in her ear.

"Huh?" Grace whispered back, looking behind her to see a boy the same age as her with short, strawberry blonde hair. She knew that it was Landon, although it was hard to place him. Who exactly was he? Only a few memories came up. But she knew he was important to her, angry and confused.

"Just go with it," Landon grabbed her hand, and began walking to a long, fancy dining table with her.

"Landon, what's going on?" Grace asked, which quickly got quieter as she realized how loud she had said that.

"They think we're engaged. Okay? Now go make a speech or something. Just please them," he whispered, giving her a look that read be quiet.

A girl with long brown hair and dark green eyes gave Grace a thumbs up. Violet. Grace almost fell back, and she got very sweaty. The memories suddenly came back to her as quick and sudden as the wind, but she felt as if she was trapped in an endless dream in a way she couldn't explain.

But then she did very much fall back, and her eyes closed as arms pulled her back into a prison. When she slightly opened her eyes after several attempts, all she could see was Landon reaching for her but being pulled back by the air.

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Slightly confusing, but maybe that's the element you're going for so -


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Alliyah (anotherrandomperson) | 35 comments very mysterious... LOVE IT!

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ella  | 362 comments Alliyah wrote: "very mysterious... LOVE IT!"

Thank you!!

Rubyfirewoods12=^.^= wrote: "Woah.

Slightly confusing, but maybe that's the element you're going for so -


Don't worry, the preface will only actually be in the middle of the book, the preface is just to kind of hook you in. In chapter one it will all explain Grace at the very beginning and it will all come together.

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Okay yayness :)

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Chapter 1

It was a fine, sunny day, and Grace Chambers was getting ready to move to Chicago and live with her grandmother for three whole months. She was packing all of her clothes and making sure she had everything she needed.

The door of Grace's room opened as she saw a woman with dirty blonde hair, pale blue eyes and a black jacket scowl at her; her mother. "Are you ready yet?" she asked her.

"Almost," Grace replied, with a slight shake of her head.

"The flight takes off in just over an hour."

Grace looked at her. "I know," she said.

"Hey, don't be rude talking to your mother like that," her mother stomped hard on the ground. She gave her only daughter one last look look of hate before heading out the doorway.

Grace fell back on her bed. This was it; this was the very day when a small part of her life would change. She didn't know what to think of it. A good or bad change? Would she like her new school? What about her grandmother?


Grace was walking down an aisle right behind her mother and her father, who both had their arms crossed.

"Take care, Gracie," her father gave her a small hug. He didn't seem very sympathetic nor sad, because as soon as he was done with the hug he didn't even look at her.

"Bye, mother," Grace said to her mother, who still had the same scowl that must hurt from being there for so long.

"Don't be pestering your poor old grandmother, now," her mother snapped.

"Okay, er... bye?"

But her mother didn't say it back. She didn't hug her, or even give her a small bit of kindness.

When Grace got on the plane, sadness suddenly struck her like lightning. Her mother didn't even say goodbye, and Grace had been looking at all the other families and people smiling and hugging. It wasn't one of hers.

She was also sad because she felt so unwanted. When she had asked why she had to leave, her mother refused to tell her. By the fifth time, all she said was 'we think you're better off there' which utterly confused Grave. Was she unwanted? She did feel like it, and they made her feel that way every day.

Moments passed, and as the plane lifted from the ground and began to rise into the sky, Grace felt more lonelier than ever.

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Ooooooooh epictastic!!

Oh, one thing - it would be "Grace felt more lonely than ever" or "Grace felt lonelier than ever"

But hardly important becuz it's EPICTASTIC and you'd better write more soon, OR ELSE

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ella  | 362 comments Oops and I wrote Grave once

But thanks!

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Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod

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em_panada I'm going to keep my eye out for updates, this looks pretty cool!

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