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Favorite dress?
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Which cover's dress (from The Selection to The Crown) is your favorite and why?

Mine is the Elite! I feel like this dress wholly represents America because she has never been and never will be the kind of girl to wear the fluffy pink princess dresses. The hard, distinct lines in the fabric and the color red (which represents courageousness and boldness, just like America) and perfect parallels of America's true personality!

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I love the dress on The One it is just so beautiful, but I also love the grey one in The Heir. If I got to wear one I would likely choose the grey one. They are all so pretty though.The OneThe Heir

Can't think of a more difficult question to answer!!! I really now the Selection dress but the One is just stunning!

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) I agree.
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The One dress. It is beautiful. The Crown dress isn't far behind though.

America's wedding dress - it's "the one"!


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My favorite might be the first one (The Selection, turquoise dress) or the third one (The One, white dress) because I love the pure colors and the way they look feathered but not mermaid-style. I think it really complements the model and shows the personality of America.

Did you guys know that the blue dress on the selection isn't actually blue it's actually a mauve colour. I really like the One dress followed by the Heir dress

I love the one on the Elite cover, just the color of it and the way it's laid out with the lines and all are just amazing.

I also think the cover designers did an incredible job!

I like The Elite dress the best.

I can't choose one of them, they are awesome but my favourite color is blue, so I think that I like more the blue one

I love the dress on the cover of The selection. It's my favorite color and I love the design!

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) It's very pretty! ...more
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I love The One's dress and The Heir's dress the most! If I had to choose one to wear, though, I would probably choose The Heir's dress because The One's dress is a little too... poofy. Also, I don't understand why anyone likes The Crown's dress... I mean it's a pretty dress and all but it's my second-to-least favorite. If anyone is wondering, The Elite's dress is my least favorite because if looks like it's made out of paper strips... so uncomfortable!

(in order, not counting the crown)

The Heir
The One
The Selection
The Elite

reason for not including the crown is because i dont own it yet LESS THAN ONE MONTH GUYS

I love all the dresses, but if I had to choe one I would chose the Selection dress... I felt in love with it! The Selection

I love her white dress

the one dress is so beautiful!

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the heir dress is the from a nerd quoting everyone at school)

i also found where to buy it!!!!

They are all so pretty I could never choose!

The Crown!!

I love The Crown dress!!

The new one...the purple dress is fabulous.

The grey one on the cover of The Heir. I want it.

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