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Clara 1-I forgot one of the ships was named Lady Marya, like Davos’s wife I believe. Fury sounds like a beautiful ship, with golden sails. Ser Imry, brother to Queen Selyse, commands the ships. I totally forgot he did.

2-It seemed to me Davos was afraid of battle, he wasn’t used to it. He was a smuggler after all. Stannis’s fleet was four times the size of Joffrey’s, and Ser Imry planned a formation of ten lines of battle, with twenty ships each. He was also really, really confident about it, and didn’t even hear what Davos said about it.

3-It took them some time to get to Blackwater Bay, and Davos thought Stannis should have reached Rush days ago. He had 20000 men, which is a lot, plus the ships. They captured some fisherfolk, who told them about how Tyrion made a “sort of boom”, and Davos wished it was finished, the fisherfolk didn’t know for sure. I bet he wouldn’t have wished so by the end of the chapter.

4-Interesting he thought they were fools to meet them on the Blackwater, where there was no space. Even if he was not used to fight, he has more sense than Imry. His sons were in a ship near his, and Salladhor was in the rear, the pirate was not so happy about it, but Stannis and Imry didn’t trust him. Davos thought his ships were wasted, he could be useful in the front. I guess Salladhor fought before, being a pirate.

5-Davos noted new squat towers, he knew King’s landing pretty well. He could also tell a dug cut through the bank, and the chain boom. I wonder if more people noted it. He wondered why they didn’t closet he river. I don’t think he imagined why just yet.

6-Davos is really smart, he thought the Lannisters wanted them jammed closed, with the chain behind. They wouldn’t be able to turn back. He noted ships like Lady Lyanna, Lionstar, and Robert’s Hammer, the only ship capable of overmatching the Fury, weren’t there. I think those ships went with Myrcella, and if they did, Stannis didn’t know about it, like Tyrion hoped.

7-Pots of pitch were being thrown, flying all around, and soon they were all over them. So, they started slow. Davos thinks they should have used Robert’s banner, people knew it and would maybe welcome them in another way. This knew banner was a strange one to the people in King’s Landing. I don’t know if they would have been welcomed by the people, but it was known Stannis took another god, and I think most of the people didn’t like that at all.

8-Stannis sent Melisandre back to Dragonstone, and Edric Storm went with her. Some of his lords told him a battle wasn’t a place for a woman, but one told him the victory would be seen as hers, not his, and he decided to ship her back. Lol, the pride of this man!

9-The battle was heating up, and Davos could see the Hound, and how he plank onto the deck of Payer, killing everyone in his way. I don’t quite remember when he was when the wildfire started flowing, but I think it’s mention in the next chapter.

10-It seems Tyrion’s plan of burning the whole riverfront worked, they wouldn’t be able to land there. Davos saw the Whores, and i forgot they dropped rocks at them. It was a good idea I guess.

11-Davos rammed another ship, and things were good for them. I forgot Imry knew there would be wildfire, but thought it wouldn’t be a lot, because of the lack of pyromancers. I don’t know how he found out about it, but whoever told him didn’t know how much the Lannisters had. The wildifire started flowing, and it was chaos. The ships tried to scape, but there was no way of doing it. It sounds so stressful and awful!

12-A jagged peace of Wood almost hit Davos, and then someone attacked him with an axe, but didn’t hurt him too bad because of his helm. What was it made of? Anyway, I’m glad it didn’t kill him.

13-All Stannis’s fleet was in the river, except for Salladhor’s ships. The Swordfish was just pure wilfire, I think a couple of his sons were there. How awful for him to watch this, and all his desperation besides! He could tell the wildfire was eating Lannister’s ships now, there wasn’t a way to control it. I wonder if after a time it just burns out, I guess so.

14-Davos could see Salladhor on the bay, but knew he could never catch his ships. He was a strong swimmer, so he should be able to reach the shore. I don’t think I would be able to think with so much shit going on.

15-So, they raised the chain, and Davos could tell how the current was pushing the ships. Tyrion’s plan was so good! When I learned why the damn chain was being built, I was like wow, good job man. It was cruel as well, but it’s war after all. I liked the last sentence of the chapter: “mouth of the Blackwater Rush had turned into the mouth of hell.” I can’t imagine how it must have been to watch it all from the damn river, and all the wildfire around! I feel bad for Davos, he doesn’t know if his sons are alive and al lis happening at once.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 6, I think you're right, the three biggest ships went to protect Myrcella! I had forgotten that.

Your point 11, I don't think it was a secret that Aerys Targaryen played around with wildfire a lot. Perhaps he figured there was still some sitting around from when Aerys was king?

1. Now we see Stannis’s side of the battle through Davos’s eyes. I think it’s fascinating how I can look at two opposing sides of the same battle and want both sides to win, lol. However, if I had to chose, I’d of course root for Tyrion and Sansa.

2. I like that Davos prides himself by how well his two oldest sons can keep in formation with their ships. :)

3. So Stannis is with the bulk of his army, entrusting his ship, Fury, in command of Ser Imry, his wife’s brother. Oh yes, that should go very well, when in-laws get involved. Wow...Fury holds scorpions and catapults on it...that does sound huge! On another ship called Swordfish holds the largest ram in the fleet, and Davos does not feel confident with her captain. I can’t recall why, but I’m sure Davos knows every single ship in this fleet like the back of his hand. He also has a great deal of common sense so I trust Davos knows what he’s doing. :) He’s mostly a smuggler, not naval commander material, hence why he’s not in charge of the fleet. He’s also not really looking forward to this battle, but his sons are excited. Of course they are; they’re young.

4. I forgot Davos had suggested to Ser Imry they send the swiftest ships ahead first to scout out the area but was politely turned down, probably because he’s just a lowborn ex-smuggler. What would he know about naval battle tactics? Thing is...if they had done as Davos suggested they probably would have spotted the trap!Apparently Ser Imry decided 4 to 1 was good odds of success so they could afford to smash in all at once. They even captured some fishermen who said Tyrion was building some sort of boom at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush. I wonder why Ser Imry didn’t bother to send scouts to see if it was true? He seems ineffective, just like all of Selyse’s family, it seems.

5. Once again Davos expresses common sense by not bedecking himself with full plate armor while on open water; his fellow captains and soldiers are all wearing armor. This does not sound good...

6. Also, they are going against the strong current. Everything about this battle tactic is wrong, according to Davos, causing an ominous mood throughout the chapter.

7. Ser Imry put Salladhor Saan in the rearguard, to which the Lyseni is not pleased. They apparently don’t trust him. Davos feels he is wasted in the rear. He’s a fearless pirate that would be great in the front line.

8. As they move inside the river Davos notices two new towers recently erected at the mouth and wonders why. Ser Imry might not think twice about it but to Davos it’s queer, since he’s lived in Flea Bottom most of his life. He sees shining metal under the water and can tell it’s a chain boom, but it’s not raised. He doesn’t know why.

9. Davos sees the enemy's fleet but doesn’t see the more famous ones like Lionstar, Lady Lyanna, or King Robert’s Hammer. Those should be out to repel the enemy from entering the harbor. Now he senses a trap but can’t tell what, when, or where it is.

10. Now the battle is begun. Joffrey’s trebuchets throw out burning pitch and hit a few galleys. Arrows are falling, too. Davos is not looking forward to being in range soon.

11. I like how Davos thinks back on Melisandre’s shadow-baby that took Storm’s End and rejoices in the fact that she’s not here now, and at least they’re doing their fighting in the light, with weapons, like honest men. :) Stannis had shipped her off to Dragonstone with Edric Storm. Ha! Finally, someone says it aloud: ...Lord Bryce Caron said, “Your Grace, if the sorceress is with us, afterward men will say it was her victory, not yours. They will say you owe your crown to her spells.” Exactly. The man needs to show he can do some things without her help. Otherwise, she can unmake you just as easily as she made you.

12. Ser Imry tries to disembark archers on land but Joffrey’s mounted soldiers cut them down too easily. The Hound is with them. Davos can see all along the waterfront everything has been burned and along the shallow waters are broken pieces of ships so they can’t land anywhere here. He sees the three great trebuchets, too.

13. Now Joffrey’s naval fleet have joined in. Davos’s archers kill one of their captains before the ship could do damage to their own ships. He can’t even remember the man’s name. I wouldn’t expect him to. Now Davos rams into one of Joffrey’s galleys that are harassing their front line ships and his sons ram into it too, nice.

14. And this is where things get fired up. Davos sees one of their ships catch fire, wildfire. Ser Imry had warned them ahead of time they mighth ave some wildfire but assured his captains they’d soon run out...just you wait, ser. It sounds terrible just to be caught on normal fire, but wildfire? That must really suck that not even water can quench it.

15. Davos’s men board and take over an enemy ship called the White Hart. Seems whatever Davos does is successful so far, lol.

16. And then it happens...Davos sees a floating mass of broken ship leaking out green stuff they know to be wildfire coming right at them. :( Swordfish rams right into it, excited to be finally using that huge ram of theirs, and all hell breaks loose along the river. Black Betha, White Hart, and all ships in their way catch fire and explode, including Fury. Even the Lannister ships catch fire.

17. It’s a good thing Ser Imry told Salladhor Saan’s ships to stand off...all the ships and men on fire are heading back toward the bay when that chain boom is raised, collecting them all together so no one can escape. It was actually pretty ingenious of Tyrion to do that. But I still felt bad for Davos. The end of this chapter makes it sound like he’s going to die in that clusterfuck.

Clara Oh yes you're right, it could be because it wasn't a secret how much wildfire used Aerys, great point!

Ineffective is a good adjective to describe that family.

The end does sound like he was about to die, the odds weren't in his favor after all. I don't remember if I thought so the first time.

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