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Best Laid Plans (Best Laid Plans, #1)
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Robyn Kelly | 1 comments 1. Name: Robyn Kelly

2. Email address:

3. Book Title: Best Laid Plans – Book 1

4. Book Synopsis: Jillian Whitkins has made a career out of giving Fifty Shades of Grey themed parties for birthday girls and bachelorettes. Tonight’s event is turning into a disaster. The client is drunk, the guests are harassing her staff, and she is about to offend a real-life Christian Grey.

The last thing Jackson Hunter needs is more bad publicity. So when a certain event planner snaps a picture of him, with his unconscious sub slung over his shoulder, he has no choice but to confiscate the evidence. He will soon find that getting rid of the picture is much easier than getting rid of Jillian.

5. Book Genre: Erotic Romance with humor.

6. Formats Available: ePub through Amazon

7. Reader Age Range: 18+

8. Do you agree to all of the rule in the rules for authors thread?: Yes

This is the first of two books. After you’ve read this, I will be happy to provide you with Book 2. Neither have a cliff-hanger ending.


TheLittleDeathIsABigO | 11 comments I'm interested in reviewing this! My blog is: https://thelittledeathisabigo.wordpre...

PM if you're interested! (:

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