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The school library has all kinds of regular books available, plus secret passages only accessible by those of certain classifications which lead to shelves of book from their homelands.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun sat at one of the tables at the library, reading yet another book. He pulled his eyes away from the book for a moment to look at Jamie, who was perched on his shoulder as usual. He sighed at her tired expression and whispered, "You know, my backpack is a nice, dark place you can sleep if you want." He held his arm out over his backpack and she instantly crawled down it. He watched with a smile as she curled up on top of the books in his bag without a word, then turned back to the book he had been reading.

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"Hey, Shaun," Julia said as she noticed him, "I decided to stop by and see if this library has any of those books you recommended- Hey, you do know you can check out library books- you don't need to strain your neck reading them over these tiny tables?"
She laughed. She was probably being rude, but she didn't really mind. She knew she could be herself around Shaun, unintentional rude tendencies and all.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun looked up from his book to see Ju standing next to him. He hadn't realized she had walked in. "Oh, hey Ju. It's nice seeing you here."
He smirked at her comment and replied sarcastically, "What? But I love my tiny table!"
He chuckled and put his book down on the table, standing up to actually have a conversation with her. He remembered the last time they had talked and asked, "Oh, did you get back to your dorm on time before?"

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"Yeah, I made it," she laughed, "Good thing, too, because I don't think 'I was hanging out with a guy' would have flown as an excused with the dorm adviser." She giggled.
"Is that Jamie," she said, pointing to his bag, "Because I'm not sure animals are allowed in the library."

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Shaun chuckled in response. "For some reason, I don't think so, either."
He stiffened when Ju mentioned Jamie. He hadn't even thought to ask if he was allowed to bring her in, thinking of her as a friend more than an animal. He suddenly felt guilty for possibly breaking a rule, unsure of what to do. He wasn't one to do things like that. He knelled down and slowly zipped up his backpack, replying, "Noooo?"
He carefully picked up his backpack and placed it on his chair, quietly asking Ju, "Do you think they'll be mad? Should I leave?"

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She giggled. "Don't worry, they won't kill you. The rule is there to protect the library from being destroyed, but I doubt Jamie'd do something like that," she said, "But you probably shouldn't bring her back."
He was so serious. "Lighten up," she said, poking his extremely tense shoulders, "Is something wrong, or are you always this aggravated?"

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun gave a quiet sigh of relief. He hoped they really wouldn't mind. "Yeah, Jamie wouldn't do anything like that. But I definitely won't bring her back if I'm not supposed to."
He managed a smirk as she started poking him in the shoulder, giving a quiet chuckle. He responded, "This is just usual me. I'm not usually one to break rules. I just feel a little bad about it, that's all."

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"No, not that," she said, a little worried, "You've obviously got some huge, constant weight on your shoulders. Tell me."
Julia had a very bossy air, but she didn't use it very often. Now,though, she was deadly serious.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun was a bit startled by Ju's serious tone, shrinking back at the statement. Was he really that much of an open book? He sighed, looking down at his backpack on the chair. "It's nothing important. Don't worry about it," he lied, hesitant to tell Ju his whole life story.
He preferred not to talk about his life. He knew he told her about his family being dead, but that's as much as he had said. He preferred not to go into the details.
"Soo...what have you been up to?" he asked, hoping to change the subject even though he knew it was probably hopeless.

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He was hiding something. Julia could be rude, and often came off as a bit of a nosybody, but she wasn't, not really, and if Shaun really didn't want to talk, she wouldn't bug him.
She massaged his shoulders, something she used to do for her old classmates, and started doing what she usually did: talk about silly stuff. "I'm having so, much fun in my classes. How about you?'

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun blinked a few times in astonishment that she dropped the subject that easily. She had seemed so serious that he thought she would have been on his case until he told her about everything. He felt bad about not being honest with her.
He was a bit surprised when she started massaging his shoulders, not expecting anything like that. It felt nice. He instantly realized how tense he had been and tried to relax a bit. He ran a nervous hand through his hair and responded, "My classes have been alright. Just busy, I guess. A lot of work, but it pays off. What's your favorite class so far?"

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"Well, I'd like to be a writer, so I love language arts, and I'm in Miss Pochy's after school creative writing course," she said after thinking for a moment, "By the way, what kind of work are you talking about? Did you get a job in town or something?"
Julia was genuinely curious what kind of work Shaun was talking about. After all, he'd been talking about class, which implied that the schoolwork was the work, but that was silly! School wasn't hard, it was fun!

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments "Creative writing? I've always wanted to take that. I've just never had the time," he replied with a sigh. He quietly chuckled at her questions. "No, I didn't get a job. Just schoolwork. It takes a lot of work for me to get good grades, but it doesn't stop me from trying. I'm guessing school isn't so hard for you then?"
At home there was school and his job at the circus, so he didn't have time for anything. Here? Just school. But he felt like he needed to do really well so he actually deserved to go to a nice place like this. It was worth the lost sleep.

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"School isn't hard, per se," she said, trying to keep a neutral tone, "Some classes, like math, are tricky and kind of challenging, but that's what makes it fun! If you could do everything really easily, where would be the fun? Anything in life that's worth anything shouldn't be simple to do."
She knew that most people had one of three reactions to this kind of impassioned speech she tended to give: agree with their whole hearts, or give her the right to her own opinion. But anyone who would dismiss it off-hand just weren't worth it- they wouldn't really care about anything she'd say.
The question was: What kind of person was Shaun?

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun thought about what she had said for a moment, keeping his gaze on the floor. He eventually gave a nod of agreement and looked back up at her with a smirk. He responded, "I suppose you're right. Don't get me wrong, I do think school is fun. I like it. It's just a lot of work for me sometimes. But it's definitely worth the effort. I see what you're saying."
Animal taming sure wasn't easy either, but he still did it for fun. It was well worth the days worth of training before the shows.
He smiled a little wider. "With that kind of speech, I think you'd make a fantastic writer."

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"Really?! You think so? Thank you!" Julia wrote because it was fun. She liked her writing, but she didn't think it was amazing, so it always astounded her when others said it was.
"What's your favorite subject?"

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments "Of course! No need to thank me. When you publish a book, which I know you will, I'd love to read it." he replied with a smile. He had to think for a moment about his favorite subject. He tended to enjoy most of them.
He added, "I'd have to say the sciences. Biology is probably my favorite. But I really like English, too. It's hard to decide on just one. I'm not a huge fan of history, though. What's your least favorite subject?"

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"I don't really have one. But I love history! It's fascinating, learning about those who came before us. Someday, someone will sit in history class and say that the twenty-first century is boring, right?"

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun shrugged, responding, "It's alright. Just not my favorite class." He chuckled at her question. "When you put it that way, I guess so."
He looked down for a moment, trying to figure out what to say. He eventually looked back up at Ju and asked, "I know you said you wanted to be a writer. Do you have any idea what you want to write about?"

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"I like writing fantasy and action adventure, although I do occasionally write realistic fiction," she said, "Right now I'm working on a story about a girl who can talk to animals. I thought you might like it."

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Shaun smiled at the list. Those were his favorite types of books to read. That worked perfectly. He stiffened when she mentioned what she was working on, looking down at his backpack. He knew she wasn't even talking about him, but he still got worried when anyone mentioned being able to talk to animals. It took him a moment, but he ran a nervous hand through his hair and looked back up at her with a smile. "I love all of those kinds of books. What you're working on sounds like it will be pretty cool. Can't wait to read it."

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She giggled. "Thanks," she said, "It might take a while, though."
She was feeling kind of hot, so she took off her jacket.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun chuckled. "Yeah. Whenever you're done with it, I meant. I know it must take a long time."
He looked down at his backpack and unzipped it slightly so Jamie could get some air. He gave her a quick pet before looking back up at Ju. He leaned against his chair and asked, "So, what do you want to do today? I've got some free time. If you're not busy, we could do something."

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"That's sounds fun! I'm not picky, where do you want to hang out?"
She wasn't aware of the grin stretching across her face.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments "Uh...I- don't know," he stammered, running a nervous hand through his hair, "Any cool places nearby you know of? I tend to just stay in my dorm... I'm fine with anything."
He gave a timid smile. 'Why am I so bad at making decisions?' he thought with a quiet sigh.

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"Well, you know , there's this great place that I love to hang out in," she said, "It's fun, and I can always find a friend there. Want to go there?"

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun smiled a little more widely, replying, "Sure! Lead the way."
He picked up his backpack carefully so he did not disturb Jamie and gently put it on. Hopefully she would be fine with going wherever they were headed. 'I can always find a friend there? What is that supposed to mean?', he thought. He looked back at Ju curiously.
"Do I get to know what this place is, or is it a surprise?"

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She grabbed his hand. "Close your eyes and follow me." She walked around and led him over to a shelf. "Open them!"
It was the fantasy section, of course.

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Shaun looked at Ju cautiously before hesitantly closing his eyes and following, quietly hoping he wouldn't trip over anything. When he opened his eyes, he quietly chuckled to himself with a smile spreading across his face, shaking his head slowly at the ground. "How did I know it wouldn't be an actual place you were leading me to?"
He looked back up at Ju. "Well, this is my favorite section of the library. Great pick. What do you want to read first?"

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"You pick," she said, giggling. He was such a dork. She didn't mind, though, being a self-proclaimed weirdo.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments "Uh..." Shaun turned to the bookshelf as he spoke with a slight look of concern, "So many decisions..."
He scanned the bookshelves for a moment before deciding on one of his favorites. He had tried to read the entire series, but he never finished it. He was always too busy. He made a mental note to try to read it again as he pulled the familiar book off of the shelf.
"This one," he said, turning to Ju with a smile, "Fablehaven. Brandon Mull. A classic, at least in my book."
He covered his eyes with one hand, shaking his head as he realized what he had actually said.
"Horrible book pun definitely not intended."

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"You know, I never read those," she said, giggling, "One of my friends said I should try it, and I started it, but I never really got into it. So you read that one and I'll do... this one!" She'd been hoping this series would be here, because you couldn't find it most places, so she'd only ever read the first one. " It's called A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 1." She reached down and grabbed the next four books as well. "They're kind of short," she explained.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments Shaun smiled, looking at the books she had grabbed. "And I've never heard about those. What are they about?"
He was surprised at the number of books she had grabbed. They hadn't looked that short to him. He felt like he should grab at least one more book, so he took the second in the series off the shelf. He knew he probably wouldn't finish both books, however, since he read extremely slowly.
"Geeze! Five books! Are you like a robot or something? How do you even read that quickly?" he asked, looking back at her with a smirk that showed he was just kidding.

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(Have you read them? They're pretty good, and only about 200 pages each.)
She laughed." I'm not going to read them alll now," she said with mock annoyance, "I do need something to read for the next day or so."
She giggled again at the expression on his face. She'd always been a quick reader, but it wasn't that big of a deal. She'd never thought of it as anything special.

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Armina (arminasilverfang) | 53 comments (No, I haven't read them. The first one looks pretty good from the summary, though. I'll have to check them out.)

Shaun chuckled, replying, "Fair enough. I can always come back tomorrow." He shook his head at himself with a small smile. "I'm not going to finish these two by then. I read like a turtle. I hate it."
He paused for a moment and looked back up at her, his smile widening. "Lead the way." he said, gesturing toward the tables.

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She shook her head. "Follow me," she said with a smirk, then went to check out her book.
(continued in GROUNDS)

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Misa smiled when she walked into the library. She loved this place. She smiled even more when she saw someone sitting in the corner, studying- someone she didn't know.
"Hey," she said, "I'm Mimosa Koto, but you can call me Misa. I'm in the eigth grade. What's your name?"

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