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How old are they?

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Emma Well, I am just wondering about some of the ages of the characters. First of all, Ben. Because of his personality and all that I cant help but imagine a 20 something guy, but I know that can't be so an early 30's age. But when it comes down to fan casting, people have suggested actors of quite an old age. Honestly, I imagined Ben and Cillian young ish (early to mid 30's).

Then the Mayor. Again, because of the way he is I imagine an older age. Mid to late 50's. But again when it comes to fan casting I've seen people cast younger actors.... And I mean 40's looking. Not to mention sort of fit and good looking. (But he has a 16 year old son, soooo....)

Yeah, I dont know, I am confused. Ness gives us nothing, literally. He lets us know who is old and young, but no exact ages (except Todd and sort of Davy if you work it out) and no physical apperance descriptions except ONE person, Lee, who has long blond hair. So how are you supposed to tell ages and all that? (Dont get me wrong; I LOVE everything being my imagination, but it's just....)

And Bradly and Simone. Now these guys I am confused by because of what we know from the books. Are they supposed to be like 30, or older? At first I imagined them same age as Viola, but that doesn't make sense if Bradly taught her math and was a care taker on the ship. So I am confused by their age too.

Please help me here if you can :(

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Jessica Most the adults are likely in their 40s and 50s, Including Ben and Cillian, (they came to the new world as adults after all) as they're all old enough to have fought in the war 20 years prior. I don't think their actual exact age is really that important.

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