Sister Sister question

HELP! Have been searching for a book for years. Can't remember title :(
Chrissi Cheshire Chrissi Cheshire Nov 26, 2015 02:54AM
Hello, I have been searching for a book that I read about 16 years ago and I just can't remember the titel, unfortunately also not the full story. But maybe someone has a hint. I really enjoyed it and would love to read it again.

Here is what I recall: It was written my a female author. The title might have had a female name in it or the word "sister" (in the German version, though...).
The story took place in America. A girl living in a big house and being completely cut off the outside world because her sister was raped and died a horrible death. She is not allowed to go outside and has a bit of a weird relationship to either her mother of father (my memory gets blurred from here). The twist was, that she is the "sister" her parents always tell her about and they just tried to convince her that all this happened to her sister and not herself.

If someone knows this book or thinks he might have heard about something similar, please let me know!

The book is called My Sweet Audrina, and it is by V.C. Andrews.

wow, that book sounds interesting. I am just following to see in anyone knows this, because I want to read it!

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