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Read a non fiction book on RAZ Kids. Make a boxes and bullets to tell me the main idea and details of the book.

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Ms. Alison Plants are primary producers and produce energy for every living thing on earth.
1. Plants turn sunlight into energy using their chlorophyll.
2. Chlorophyll is found in the leaves of plants.
3. Herbivores eat plants to absorb their energy.

message 2: by Lara (new)

Lara There are more than 350 species of sharks in the ocean. They do not have bones,but they MOSTLY look like fish do. Did you know that sharks are made of cartilage? They have an excellent smell and sharks are able to see in the dark. They can also sense the tiny bits of electricity that are produced by all living things...there are three strange type of shark species:
1.whale shark.
2.great white shark.
3.pale catshark. My favorite shark is a hammerhead shark! LOL! This book is Non-fictional.

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