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Kesier Sahhirn, or Cheshire as the school knew him by, glanced at the paper in his hand saying what dorm he was in. Looking up, he squinted at the numbers on the doors to make sure they matched what was on the paper before digging the key out of his pocket and putting it in the lock, turning it and moving to open the door. He peeked inside, his eye wide as he stared around at the room. He had been told that he had a roommate, but he had no idea who it was. He could only hope it was someone who wouldn't.....trigger anything...

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Daemon Romulus had been expecting Cheshire right around this time and had been lounging on the couch, watching some of the local, rather boring news on the television. Hearing the door open, he sighed, setting his glass of water down on the coffee table and muting the tv, getting up and sauntering over to the door with a gentle smile on his face. "Hello, there! You must be Cheshire." He purred, his voice deep and soothing, his gaze gentle as he looked the other up and down. "My name is Romulus...but I suppose, since we are roommates, you may call me Rome."

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Cheshire looked up at Romulus, his eye huge as he stared at him. He was a little surprised that he knew his name already, since he hadn't known his. But then again, it could have been on the paper, he wasn't very good at reading so it was hard to say for sure. He looked a bit hesitant to enter further with someone else in the dorm already, like a wary cat encountering another animal for the first time. But, he seemed nice, his gaze said as much at least. It wasn't like he couldn't handle himself if the other male proved dangerous anyways. He'd gotten out of dangerous spaces before, though he wasn't entirely sure how it happened, he never remembered. Inching into the dorm, but leaving the door open so he could bolt if need be, he blinked up at him again and said, "Hello...Rome." he said, his voice uncertain. "I-it is nice to meet you...I hope we can get along." He really did, he hated it when bad things happened because of him, he never remembered what he did, but he always felt the guilt.

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Daemon He kept his arms away from his sides, palms facing Cheshire so the other could know that he was unarmed, and he wouldn't do anything to try and hurt him. The door slowly shut of it's own accord, and casually, the other inched forward, staying just out of reach of the other, the gentle expression never leaving his face. He tutted, however, and held out a hand, taking a half step closer so he could brush the other's cheek with the back of his hand. "Poor thing. Don't be frightened of little ol' me. I would never harm you." Along with his touch trailed a warm, fuzzy feeling. Not like a drug, but rather the feeling of safety, security. Hoping to nudge Cheshire into feeling like he could trust him, Romulus dropped his hand back to his side and retreated. "Why don't you join me on the couch? I'd love to know all about you...you look like you need to sit down yourself."

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Cheshire's eye never left Rome's as he stood near him, his ears lowering a slight when the door closed on its own, sealing away his first escape. He was used to being wary, because he never knew if the scary part of him losing his mind would happen or not. He had accepted his general insanity, but the part where he lost control and killed scared him. He flinched when Rome reached out to him, startled from his train of thought, but after he brushed the back of his cheek, he leaned into the touch a little and blinked up at him when he said he'd never harm him. Just from his touch, he was starting to believe that, so when he retreated, he inched forward after him. "I-I....o-okay..." he said after a moment, slipping towards the couch hesitantly.

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Daemon He patted the couch next to him, and patiently watched as Cheshire stepped his way over and sat. He turned to face him, crossing his legs, watching him with a very soft smirk splitting his features. Slowly, he reached out, cupping the other's chin and turning his head so he would face him. "You are a brave boy, Cheshire. Look me in the eye." He whispered, his own silver eyes flashing dangerously. As soon as he made eye contact, he would be able to make Cheshire feel and believe what he wanted him to. The boy was already willing enough, it would be easy. Cheshire was practically begging for an alpha male to take him under his wing.

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Cheshire sat down on the couch and his ears flicked as he looked around, taking stock of the dorm he'd be sharing. He blinked in surprise when Rome cupped his chin to turn his head, staring at him with his eye big when he said to look him in the eyes. He wondered if Rome wanted to be his friend, if he was going to ask him to do so and that's why he wanted him to look at him in the eyes. He was willing to do so at this point, Rome seemed so nice after all.

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Daemon As soon as their eyes locked, he knew Cheshire would be frozen, unable to look away, unable to even blink. He let his own eyes grow dark, his voice turning soft and loving. His wings, dark as shadows, sprouted from his back, cutting off the light. It was all in Cheshires head, of course, but it certainly felt real enough. The room would spin, and all that the boy would be able to see would be Rome's eyes, a dark silver, glowing in the lack of light. Rome's hand on his cheek would be the only thin anchoring him to sanity, and the fallen angel leaned close, never once looking away. Feelings of trust, love, and obedience would bubble to the forefront of Cheshire's mind, as Rome summoned them forth and banished his fear. "Listen to me, Kitten." He purred, raising his other hand up so he held Cheshire's head in his hands. "I will not let anyone harm you. You are mine. You can trust me." He soothed, as their surrounding seemed to spin faster. "Trust in me...tell me your darkest secrets. I will save you from yourself. Trust me. Trust me."

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki)
Cheshire's ears flattened against his head in fear as the room seemed to darken around him, the only light coming from Rome's eyes as he trembled in fear, not understanding what was going on. He couldn't move either, despite how badly he wanted to cower from whatever was going on. Then Rome leaned closer, taking his fear and bringing forth the emotions that made him want to curl up against him instead of curl up alone. When he moved his other hand to his head, cradling it between them, he blinked up at him, his eye softening as the fear and wariness left him, at least regarding Rome. The spinning room still had his ears back against his head, but he did trust Rome, and he said softly, "I-I trust you, Rome..." he had deep down always wanted someone to trust in, someone who would keep him safe and, even if he'd never admit this, someone who could own him, it was hard to explain the last one, but it was what it was.

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Daemon He smiled slightly, slowly allowing one hand to slide up, running his fingers through Cheshire's hair and caressing one of his velvety ears between his fingers. Slowly the spinning stopped, but he hadn't released Cheshire from his spell just yet, leaning forward to press his forehead to the other boy's. "Then tell me, kitten. What is it that makes you tick? What is it that makes your angry side come out to play? What triggers you?" He whispered, the hand that was petting Cheshire's ear sliding back to cup his head, forcing him to remain still. "Tell me."

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Cheshire's eye half closed in bliss when Rome pet him and stroked his ear, a purr rumbling in his chest briefly before Rome leaned his forehead against his own. Purr fading at his words, he found himself stilled again by his hands as he asked what his trigger was. Did he mean the trigger for when he completely lost it? He must want to know so that he could help make sure he didn't lose it or something. "I-I'm not....e-entirely sure." he admitted softly. "I-I think its a survival instinct....the worst times I've lost control, I thought that my survival was on the line and just....lost myself."

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Daemon He nodded, but didn't pull away just yet. "Listen to me, Cheshire. When I snap my fingers, it's only because you are in danger. Understood?" Before Cheshire could reply, he pulled away, and the link between the two of them was broken. He reached out and pulled the other into his lap, wrapping his arms loosely around Cheshire's waist and rocking him gently, beginning to pet his hair. That was easy enough. "I only want to keep you safe, Cheshire." He soothed softly, pressing his lips to the top of the boy's head.

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Before Cheshire could respond, Rome pulled him into his lap and started to rock and pet his hair. His eye closed in bliss as he relaxed into the embrace, starting to purr again. He probably wouldn't realize for some time that he was in any danger, since he rarely ever remembered when he lost himself, and would likely slip instantly into the darker side of himself whenever he heard Rome's fingers snap. The dark side of him had stirred at Rome's words, as if also listening and understanding what was going on. "I-I just want to be safe." he admitted softly, cuddling up to him like a cat as he pet him.

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Daemon He smiled, cradling the other in his arms. "I will make sure you are always safe, kitten." He whispered, letting his fingers trail down the back of his neck, up and down his spine just a bit, just to get him to relax a bit more. "Why don't we go for a walk? I'd love to meet the other students...and you can meet them too. But I'll be with you the whole time, so they won't dare bother you."

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Cheshire purred louder as he started to trail his fingers down his spine and neck, enjoying the feeling of his arms around him and the comfort he was feeling for the first time in his life. Not even his own parents had been able to make him feel like this, but then again they were ready to ship him off to somewhere because they couldn't handle him, so that made sense. At the mention of a walk, he opened his eye to look up at him, a bit unsure at first but the promise of him walking with him to ensure no one would bother him relaxed him again and he nodded a little. "A-a walk would be good...I-I don't want to get lost when I have classes later." he admitted after a moment.

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Daemon He cradled him close, smiling slightly. "Yes. A walk would be good, hmm? We could tour the apartments first, no?" He hummed, closing his eyes and hugging Cheshire close. Yes, the werewolf and Wrath were int he apartment building as he spoke. What a good opportunity to test out his new pet's abilities.

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Cheshire was lapping up the attention, the positive attention, happily. Normally, people were afraid of him, because of what he could do, but Rome didn't seem to be. "Yeah....touring the apartments would be good. I got lost on the way here, and knowing my way around would be nice." he admitted after a moment, closing his eyes as he hugged him and purring again.

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Daemon He smirked slightly, massaging his fingers in the other's hair, humming softly to himself. After a few minutes, he pulled away, getting to his feet and pulling Cheshire to his feet as well, wrapping an arm around the other. "Then let's go."

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Cheshire purred louder when he started to massage his hair, his tail swishing back and forth as he enjoyed the bliss of the moment until he pulled away. He looked up at Rome until he pulled him up to his feet also, relaxing when he put his arm around him and nodded. "A-alright...you lead the way?" he said hesitantly, not really knowing the way himself.

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Daemon He smiled slightly, holding Cheshire close as he stepped out of the room, humming softly to himself. He glanced down at Cheshire and smiled gently, pressing his lips to the top of his head once more as he led him not to the apartment complex, no, to the cafeteria, following Daemon's trail.

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