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The Overflowing Inkwell (overflowinginkwell) Hi! This group is pretty quiet. I completed (finally!) my A-Z Titles challenge in 2014, and this year I spent reading mostly series that I read in my childhood. I didn't plan to at first, but that's what I ended up doing, and it was quite enjoyable. I've also worked into reading 4 books on average a month. Now that it's getting closer to 2016, I was trying to plan a new challenge for me to read, and not really coming up with anything. I suppose I could do the A-Z Authors list, but I was hoping for something a little different. Any ideas?


~Only stand alone books
~Only duologies/trilogies/etc.
~Certain colour covers? Read through a rainbow?
~Books that begin in vowels?
~One word/two word/etc. (pick one) titles
~History (such as progressing forward or backward in time over the year)
~Pick a country and research it - history, literature, etc.
~One Christmas book a month (or something similar)?
~Only library books/used books/new books/etc.
~Read your last name - pick books based on your name (mine would be something like J. K. Rowling for R, Lynne Ewing for E, etc., or I could do my last name)
~Read the first and last book on your shelves (could work your way in to the middle!) or library shelves, or pick the first book of authors A and the last book of authors Z, etc.
~A book that starts with the same letter as the current month (one that's quite a bit longer and runs until 2017 is over here
~This challenge over here looks excellent:
(a new book, an old book, a book more than 500 pages, a book with a one-word title, have someone else randomly select one of your TBRs for you, grab one based on the cover, etc.)
~This one doesn't look bad either for choosing a good number of books when you can't think of what to read next. Scroll down for list of options!

I know the links are to 'old' challenges or ones that will end with this year, but we can always try them out whenever we feel like it, and edit them to our heart's content! Any further suggestions for reading challenges? Look around Novel Challenges, they seem like a pretty good place to find yourself a new challenge; I'm thinking that last one 'Gentle Spectrums' sounds good to me!

Have a great Thanksgiving on through to New Year's everyone!

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Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I like your ideas! A combo of everything would be interesting, I might join you.

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