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Alix Huranu (alixhuranu) | 5 comments Mod
In the far reaches of the Galaxy, on the distant planet of Alderaan, the wookies lived in peace, and harmony with one another. Deep in the forest, a young male, no older than 20, walked down a long beaten path, his white hood covering his face and head. On his brown belt hung 2 light sabers. One of which had what looked like cross guard emitting ports. The other showed off its pink luminescent crystal. He hadnt used them for some time, and he was itching for a fight, but he knew the evil grasp of the Sith, and the peace wanting Jedi were far away. Or...thats what he thought.

The male sighed softly as he walked up to a water fall, smiling as he watched the wookies and their children play in it. It was peaceful, and funny when the children fought with one another. He knew deep down this was hos life was supposed to be. There was supposed to be frustration, love, anger, happiness...but neither the Jedi or the Sith agreed on that. They both thought it was one way or the compromise. And that was why he chose to be a Gray Jedi, and to bring the order back. Right now, he was looking to recruit any Sith or Jedi, who thought the same as him, to help him end the Jedi and the Sith for good.

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Alix Huranu (alixhuranu) | 5 comments Mod
(Anyone? If theres going to be no roleplaying, I might leave. Sad to say it, but its true.)

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 19 comments Mod
(i'll Role play :3)

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Alix Huranu (alixhuranu) | 5 comments Mod
then join xD)

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 19 comments Mod
I wake up to in the transport ship that is transporting me to my master at the Jedi temple.

QUEEN | 10 comments I wanna join

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 19 comments Mod

QUEEN | 10 comments you still active

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