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maddie | 39 comments haaaiiiiiii :)

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hello!! ^_^ so what are you into Maddie? I'm a bit short on ideas, but with a theme, maybe we two can create something. Unless you already had an idea.

maddie | 39 comments Books and Tv shows! Haha and chocolate and coffee ^^
Umm yeah I had a idea if you are up for it!

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haha I like the way you think XD

sure let me hear it!

maddie | 39 comments
Teen Wolf / Shadowhunters

Girl A is just a normal girl from Beacon Hills, trying to finish out her year as a senior. One day she's taken by the Dread Doctors. They operate on her, trying to turn her into a chimera, but her body fights it. She's already a supernatural being. Something no one from Beacon Hills has ever seen. The next morning she wakes up, no memory of what happened. Girl A wakes up, thousands of pictures of a strange symbol like two wings crossing over one another, drawn, painted or sketched by her, filling up the room. Terrified, she goes to school, still in a frantic. There she is confronted by Theo, who tries to talk to her and see what she is, attempting to get her into his pack. Stiles, Scott and Girl B quickly swoop in and take her away, protecting her from Theo.
Girl B has been a part of Scott's pack from the very beginning. She's a *insert what supernatural being you want here* and is just trying to get through all the supernatural crazies they go through as they finish senior year. She's in love with *insert guy here* and doesn't think she should tell him as all hell seems to swirl around them. After Theo tries to take Girl A, Girl B instantly starts a great friendship with her. But as Girl A and Stiles try to figure out what she is, what's going to happen when Theo's pack keep becoming more of a threat to them?

× All rights go to MTV and Cassandra Clare. I don't own Teen Wolf or the Mortal Instruments... sadly.
× I am Girl A, you are Girl B
× This will have romance in it. I'll let you pick which character you want Girl B to be with and I'll play him, but I'd like you to be Stiles for Girl A
× Be able to write at least two paragraphs (10-16 sentences)
× Please be active! This is an original idea that I LOVE and I'm excited to rp it so please don't let me down by giving up.
× This will have minimal cursing, PG-14 scenes (making out, blood and guts and supernatural fights) so yeah :) be prepared XD

maddie | 39 comments fyi Girl A is a Shadowhunter haha, Half Human Half Angel

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I've never watched this show, so i'm not familiar with a lot of the storyline, but if you're okay with that, we can try it.

maddie | 39 comments Oh gosh... Ummmm.... I dunno cause it's kinda confusing if you haven't watched it? I mean this is at the season the show is on so...
We can try I guess.
But if you have Netflix or Amazon Prime or something like that, you should definitely go watch it!

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