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Bloomsbury Publishing (bloomsbury) | 1 comments If you love historical mystery, but have devoured everything you can find in the 'mystery' section of the bookstore, I recommend you check out Ruth Downie's series on Roman Britain. Her third book, PERSONA NON GRATA is just out and there's a giveaway going on here at GoodReads right now.

Hope you enjoy!

Persona Non Grata A Novel of the Roman Empire by Ruth Downie

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Terri (terrilovescrows) | 26 comments My favorite Roman series is the SPQR sereis by John Maddox Roberts

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Ashley (bamabluestocking) | 17 comments If you haven't read Steven Saylor's Gordianus mysteries, go immediately to your library or bookstore and get them!

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Terri (terrilovescrows) | 26 comments I read one of them. ANd I also liked THe Silver Pigs by Lindsay Davis

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Gary Corby (garycorby) | 10 comments Amongst Roman mysteries:

Caroline Lawrence: the Roman Mysteries
Steven Saylor: the Gordianus stories
Lindsey Davis: The Falco stories
John Maddox Roberts: the SPQR series

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Irene (ireneh) | 28 comments Arthur Bell: From the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger Series
Lindsey Davis: Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries
Ruth Downie: Gaius Petreius Ruso Series
Caroline Lawrence: the Roman Mysteries
Ben Pastor: Aelius Spartianus Mysteries
John Maddox Roberts: SPQR Series
Rosemary Rowe: Libertus Mysteries of Roman Britain
Steven Saylor: Gordianus the Finder Series
David Wishart: Marcus Valerius Corvinus Series

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Gary Corby (garycorby) | 10 comments Jane Finnis: Aurelia Marcella mysteries

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Irene (ireneh) | 28 comments What style does she write in?

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Irene (ireneh) | 28 comments If you have children, I recommend Caroline Lawrence's "Roman Mysteries" series, just completed with book #16!

Her extensive website.

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Gary Corby (garycorby) | 10 comments Hi Irene, if you mean what style does Jane Finnis write in, then Aurelia is an innkeeper in first century Roman Britain, making a tough living and solving the odd crime. You can find her at http://www.janefinnis.com/.

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Irene (ireneh) | 28 comments I asked members of my book chat group and quickly got two positive responses too. (We are all mystery addicts.) I may put her first novel on our 2010 list.

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