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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) Here you go Eve! :)

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Thank you!

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Dear Goodreads Journal,
I had an amazing day off. And tomorrow's Thanksgiving! Which means we stay out of Ma's way while she cooks in the kitchen, Pa and Raph watch football, while Arella and I play. Fun times..
Then, we get up at 5am to go Black Friday shopping! Raph and I make a 7 foot long list of things we want, and Arella just sits and watches.
Ah, Black Friday.
Sincerely, Eve

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I'm currently writing about a very scary event in my life that happened. It's sad. You can read it here:

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Haley S (haleyjs) Okay!

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Please comment and like it!!!

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Dear Goodreads Journal,
Today was amazing! My bestie Wilma's 14th birthday was today! Here's all the people who were invited!
Gabriel (I'll talk about him in a minute)
Connor couldn't make it, he was visiting his gramma. :(
Not a huge party but a good amount of people. It was at her house. The cake was chocolate mousse and OMG it was GOOD. Unfortunately it sent Arella in a downward spiral we call a sugar high. Or, more commonly called, Hurricane Arella. Gosh! Luckily it only lasted 15 minutes.
Then the games broke out. :-)
Now, before I get into that, let's discuss Gabriel. Gabriel is Arella's age, and he is Wilma's little brother. He's Arella's best friend and might have a crush on her. It's a little too early to tell. Anyway, back to the games.
The first game was unfortunately, the dreaded Truth Or Dare. We were all kinda wary, but it was Wilma's birthday. We all agreed NO DARES. Wilma pouted we were taking the fun out of it but trust me, we were NOT taking any chances.
"I piiiiiiiccccckkkk..." Wilma tapped her chin. We squirmed in anticipation. "Eve." She grinned evilly at me. "Gee thanks." I snickered. "Who's your favorite sibling?" Wilma asked. "You're making her choose?" Arella squeaked. "Unless she wants to use one of her chickens then yes." Wilma smirked. Even Raph looks mildly interested. Everyone looked at me. "Oh Wilma! I love them both! I can't choose." I pouted. "But if you absolutely had to?" Wilma winked. "Arella." I cracked. We all cracked up at that.
"Your turn." Wilma told me. "Hmm." I scanned my victims. "Gabriel." I cooed. Gabriel flushed with pleasure. "Do you like Arella? As like more then a friend?" I giggled. "What? No!" Gabriel protested, beet red. So was Arella. "Just curious." I winked. "Hunter." Gabriel said quietly. "Sweet." Hunter pumped his fist in the air. "How many pushups can you do?" Gabriel asked. "Oh, like 20 bro." Hunter flexed his muscles, making sure I could see them.
Wilma and I snorted. Snort duet!
Hunter sneered at us. "Tanner." He looked at Tanner. Tanner smiled pleasantly.
"Who do you like?" Hunter asked. It was obvious by the pleading in his voice that he was praying it would be someone new.
"That's easy. Eve." Tanner smirked. Hunter deflated a little, and I beamed in pleasure. "Whateves. With a little push, Eve will see who's right for her." Hunter pushed the brim of his hat down. "Shut up Olsen." Raph snarled. "Make me Thomas." Hunter growled. "Ladies, ladies, I don't want you two fighting." I rolled my eyes.
They both glared at me while Wilma and Becca high fived me. I don't think Arella quite got it but she giggled anyway.
"OK, Becca." Tanner said. Becca smiled softly. "What's pi?" He challenged her. "3.14159265359." Becca recited. Raph stared st her in adoration while the rest of our jaws dropped. "Dude! She's like a human calculator!" Hunter exclaimed.
"Raph." Becca stared at Raph intensely which made him blush. "How do you feel about me?" She asked. Raph turned scarlet. "Uh, erm..." He stammered. He turned towards Wilma. "Can I use one of my chickens please?" He asked meekly. Wilma nodded. Becca looked disappointed, Raph looked relieved. "Arella." He said to our little sister. "Finally!" Arella pouted. "Do you remember anything about when you were a baby?" He asked. "Honestly, I don't. All I know is the stories." Arella shrugged sadly.
I shuddered. "That story still haunts me." I muttered, rubbing my arms. "Sorry.." Raph said hastily. "Not your fault." I smiled at him.
After a few more games was present time. I got her some stationary and a journal. Raph got her her favorite book, courtesy of me. :) arella got her this cotton candy maker. She promised to try it out with me one day. From Hunter she got a Red Sox hat. She nearly kissed him. LOL. Becca got her these FUZZY slippers. OMG I am so jealous. Tanner got her A tote bag and fabric markers so she can design it herself. Gabriel gave her some Chinese candy. She tried some and reported they were sour. And Connor had sent her his gift a few weeks ago, which she opened today and found a HUGE sketchpad and sketching pencils. He knows her so well!

That was about it. Sorry this was so stinking long. Hope you take the time to read it.

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Dear Goodreads Journal,
I was so happy yesterday. What happened? Arella had a doctor's appointment today. She had been complaining of chest pains. After a few tests, the doctor said she has arrhythmia, which is a overly fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat. Arella has an irregular heartbeat. She is going to have to take so many pills and medicine and oh the poor girl! I'm so scared she'll grow up knowing nothing but sickness!:(
Please pray...
The only good news today was that my friends were there to comfort me. Even Hunter was there.
Anyway, I'm really scared. I better go pray.

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Baseball cap
LOL I'll have to tell him I know someone who can do more then him!
Aw, thanks!

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It's black, no logo.

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He's got some muscles by the way. Not that it matters

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Oh gosh! You have got me rolling on the floor! XD

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I bet! Gosh, you and Wilma are similar, but Wilma has a completely inunderstandble unexplainable completely unnecessary crush on Hunter. *gag me with a spoon*

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I don't think so, whenever she gets all gushy with him, he's like "Back off Simons!"

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LOL I know! But when you live in a small town it's bound to get out anyway.

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I'm sure Arella's new sickness will be around the town by tonight or tomorrow. When she was sick as a baby everyone knew.

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I hate it so much. I wish the dr's knew why she is so unhealthy. Our Dr says we're lucky we came in when we did, or Arella's heart might have stopped beating all together.

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I know. But sometimes it feels like God isn't there. But I try not to think that way.

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:) Thanks.

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Aw, thanks! Sorry for the late responses, but I'm back now.

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Wow! I only had my book report to do tonight.

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LOL! I did my book report on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

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Really?? Lucky!! Ma thinks it's too advanced for me. Think you could speak to her? LOL

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Maybe that's why... Sorry, Ma needed me.

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They sure do!!!

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Haley S (haleyjs) Yes, indeed!

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