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Title: Blood in the Fire
Author: Marise Ghorayeb
Genre: YA Fantasy/Science Fiction
Pages Count: 240

Review Due Date: December 17

Book Description:
Elizabeth is a magic-wielding, high-level agent of a secret organization at war with genocidal wizards. She must travel across time on a mission to deal a devastating blow to humanities greatest enemy. Her first problem: getting out of the house after her oldest brother grounded her.

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E.A. | 50 comments This Sounds super fun :)

Name: Emily Walsh
Format: Mobi

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PDF please

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PDF please

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Marise Ghorayeb | 12 comments Hi everyone. Thank you very much for your interest in my title. I just wanted to add a disclaimer that this is the third book of the series, although I wrote it so that it would be easy to follow as a standalone book. Hope you all enjoy!



PS: For those of you who would like a kindle copy and don't wish to wait, 'Blood in the Fire', will be free for download on Amazon through this weekend.

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