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Hi! I'm Arie, nice to meet you!

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Nice to meet you too! My name is Sorry.

So can you play the dominant role?

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Yeah, do you have a prompt?

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Not really

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Okay...what about two guys in uni, the dominant one closeted/still figuring it out and the other is out but just a very quiet and shy person??

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Sure of course

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Awesome! Do you have like a character profile or anything??

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Do you mean template? Or?

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yeah yeah

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No I don't really have a specific template, you can use any template, just make sure it's detailed

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Okay well in that case, why don't we just start?

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Well I have an character I want to post up, so that you get the general idea of my character

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{#} Full Birth Name {#} Echo Michael Young

{#} Nicknames {#} Babe, Mike, Youngster, Emo

{#} Gender {#} Male

{#} Age {#} 18

{#} Birthday {#} February 14th, 1997

{#} Height {#} 5' 9"

{#} Sexuality {#} Homosexual

{#} Appearance {#}

(view spoiler)

{#} Personality {#}
||•••|| Quiet ||•••||
||•••|| Submissive ||•••||
||•••|| Artistic ||•••||
||•••|| Genius ||•••||
||•••|| Preppy ||•••||
||•••|| Queer ||•••||
||•••|| Soft ||•••||
||•••|| Gentle ||•••||
||•••|| Kind ||•••||
Echo is the type of kid that you see walking around with his hood up, he's also the type of guy to be quiet and doesn't speak much, he hates being alone, but he also hates not being alone, he's kinda hard to understand. Echo is preppy and queer, his dad is the CEO of a clothing company and this means that Echo is able to wear anything his dad brings home for him, which is always and normally rich, expensive suits and stuff like that. Echo is Artistic, he loves drawing and he loves sculpting, lately Echo has been known to have art work in museums around home and out of state, Echo is an amazing sculpturer, he makes amazing sculptures, and is known to have them all over the US. Echo is submissive, he's all for sex and stuff like that, but he doesn't like being touched without permission, he allows no one but doctors and friends to touch him, and most of his friends are females anyways, so he allows them to do whatever they please. Echo is sensitive, soft, gentle and kind, he's an Saint literally, he has never lied, he has never broken a rule, he's known to be super kind and nice, you will never see him hurt a fly or any living creature. He loves nature too, meaning he has a way with nature.

{#} History {#}

As a young child, five years to be exact, Echo has been living the perfect life, born into the rich life, always raised in a mansion, always wearing preppy clothing, always the Genius, always the one with money, as a five year old child he was sent to an elementary boarding school for kids 5-10 years old. Echo's mother left his father when he was born, he was told that his mother left because she couldn't be with them both at all, that it was all too much for her to handle, what they don't know is that Echo's grandfather had her killed. Because he felt as if his son was too good for Echo's mother.
Ten years old and Echo, found out his grandfather killed his mother, he was going to tell his father when his grandfather trapped him inside a house, his house to be exact, no not Echos, his grandfather spent weeks torturing Echo, this is when Echo had begun to become submissive, and so quiet.
Fifteen years old, Echo was put into a boarding school for boys and girls, this is where he met his six male friends and his two female, lesbian friends, this is where he found himself, this is where he realized that he was meant to be this preppy, rich kid, so he grew up to become an submissive, artistic, genius, queer freak.
Now at eighteen he works at a coffee shop, and he actually gets a lot more money then he expected.

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Wow that's so descriptive, which is totally awesome! Um, I don't have that much for my character, but his story will unfold as we roleplay.

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So one last thing before we start: what perspective should we rp in? 1st or 3rd person?

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Mylo walked down the path on the way to his Calculus II class. If he was late just one more time the teacher would fail him. She threatened to do it last week and he needed to do well in this class.

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Echo was in that same class, his eyes eyed up everything on the board, he never said a word to anyone in that class in years, he sighed and began working on the worksheet the teacher had just passed out and gave everyone one.

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Mylo bursts through the doors and mutters a quick apology to the professor. He grabs an extra worksheet and takes his place off to the side of the classroom. He begins to struggle through the problems

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Echo paid no attention to the boy who has just come in, he sighed and worked on the problems.

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He's technically not late, which is a miracle. The professor calls on him to answer the first limits question "Um, the limit of f(x) as x approaches -2 from the left is infinity,"

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Echo sighed, " Wrong," Echo says, surprising everyone, he then easily began explains the real answer, surprising everyone including the teacher.

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One girls exclaims that she thought the boy was mute. Mylo stares at the graph on his calculator, trying to figure out why the limit is how the guy explained it

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Echos friend laughed, " You should see him outside of school then!" Echos friend laughs and laughs, along with two more of Echos friends, Echo sighed and rolled his eyes,he was quiet for the rest of the time,

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((so sorry- I fell asleep))

Class eventually ends and Mylo is the first one out the door. He can't stand math.

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Echo was the second one out of the room, he sighed softly as he headed to his locker, where he just stood banging his head against it, he frowns and closed his eyes as he did so. Echo couldn't believe his own friend would do that to Echo, his friend knew how badly Echo hated being in the center of attention.

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Mylo sees the boy from his class standing at his locker and walks up to him. "Hey, thanks for the help," He tells him before briskly walking away.

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Echo said nothing, his head still hitting the lockers, he sighed and then decided to open his locker and put his stuff away, he sighed again and grabbed his things for biology.

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Mylo heads to gym, thankful that he has this time to just relax with his friends.

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Echo grabs his things, closes his locker and he headed to Biology.

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The rest of the day isn't so bad for Mylo

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Echos day is seriously bad, everyone tried to talk to him and he really didn't want to be talked to.

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After school Mylo goes to field hockey practice. His old friends teased him about playing a 'girl's sport', even though plenty of men play it. Mylo eventually parted ways with those assholes. His current teammates are some of the best guys he knows, and they're great friends.

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Echo had gone to watch the practice, only because his best friend, Rodney Charlesman, wanted Echo to come watch, Echo sighed and he watched his friend closely, he never got one bit of why Rodney wanted to play this sport, but he supported his friend.

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Rodney is the goalie, and Mylo is starting left forward. They start their warmup by running a mile around the track.

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Echo sighed, he plugged his earbuds in and he began blaring one direction music, he cringed at the loudness then smiled as he heard the band begin singing, Echo loved One Direction.

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Mylo is one of the first people to finish the mile run, clocking in at just under 6 minutes.

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Echo pays no attention to the guys, although when his friend finishes the mile after Mylo, Rodney comes up the bleachers and sits next to Echo for a few minutes, they spoke for a while before Rodney went back down to his teammates.

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They practice for three hours.

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Echo watched them, and oddly he fell asleep for a few minutes before waking up in the middle of they're practice, he sighed and looked down at his friend, smiling as he saw the happiness that Rodneh showed as he played.

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Practice ends and Mylo walks off the field, chatting with Rodney and a few other boys.

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Echo sighs and texted Rodney that he was gonna be walking home instead today, Echo sent that text, knowing Rodney kept his phone on him all the time, Echo grabbed his stuff and walked down the bleachers.

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Rodney runs up to Echo and asks if it's okay if the guys stop by the coffee shop later.

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Echo smiled, " Yeah that's fine, just don't come too late, cafe closes at seven pm today," Echo says as he looked at his friend.

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Rodney thanks him and runs with the rest of the team to the locker room

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Echo walks off, leaving the school grounds and walking home, it only took him ten minutes to walk home, and then five minutes to get to work by car, he sighed and looked around the cafe, smiling at his co-workers.

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A few minutes later, a few cars pull up and the field hockey team pours into the cafe, loud and smiling.

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