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Clara 1-Joffrey is mounting, and looks splendid, but Sansa knows how the thing really is: bright, shinning and empty. All the time he sounded so confident, like he was about to fuck everyone up, lol. Tyrion was mounted too, and asked Sansa if she would join the ladies in Maegor’s. She would, but Joffrey wanted her to see him off. What a prick he is. I forgot Tyrion told Sansa he should have sent her with Tommen. I don’t think Cersei would agree though.

2-Joffrey has a new sword, called Hearteater. I bet he chose the name. Sansa hoped Stannis threws it in the river, like Arya did with the previous one. I wish it too. He even made her kiss his sword, he’s such an asshole! He would command at the three whores, Tyrion didn’t think Stannis would cross. It surprised me she said Robb was always in the thick of the battle, but I think she needs to say something from time to time.

3-She went to pray in the sept, and there was a lot of people. I liked the hymn to the Mother. She sang for all her familia and some of her father’s men, and I really liked she also sang for Tyrion and the Hound. It was sweet of her.

4-I loved she just stood up and left when they started praying for Joffrey. I really loved it.

5-She went to Maegor’s Holfast, where they all would be safe according to Cersei. She saw Lady Tanda and her two daughters, and for some reason I quite don’t understand (maybe she just didn’t want to see Cersei and the other ladies), Lollys was just not having it, she resisted to much to go inside, her sister and Shae had to dragged her. I forgot Shae’s hair was short, and Sansa thought she was pretty. And she could tell she didn’t like Lollys at all.

6-That room sounded really pretty and quite big, although it was small compared to the others. Almost every highborn lady was there, plus old men and children. She thought of all the men who wouldn’t go back to their families. Because she was betrothed to Joffrey, she had the right seat next to Cersei. What an honor, lol, I can’t imagine how scared Sansa is, and has to sit next to her besides.

7-Sansa noted Payne was there, and Kettleblack said he was there because Cersei would need his services later that night. She asked herself whose head Cersei wanted. The Queen was wearing white for a change, and look almost innocent to her. Lol, it was just the color.

8-Cersei told Sansa Payne was there to take care of the traitors, and she would be glad when the axes smash that closed and barred door. So, does she has no hope of them winning? Or maybe she’s just being cautious. He would also protect them from her guards, all sellwords, who would run and maybe hurt them if the city falls. I don’t think I knew at this point what she really meant by having Payne there. Sansa said true knights protect the weak, and Cersei basically told her to wait seated for Symeon Star-Eyes and Prince Aemon the Dragonknight to go and protect her. For some reason in my head it didn’t sound mean, but it wasn’t a nice thing to say either. Sansa is so scared, and she tells her that! But well, is what you can expect from Cersei.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 2, I'll bet he named it Hearteater. I personally thought it was a stupid name, either way.

1. It is difficult for Sansa to comprehend how two gods can be one, in particular the Mother and Warrior, who do seem to be at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. If someone wants mercy and another wants war, how can both prayers be answered? That does sound like a valid conundrum.

2. I smiled at what Sansa thinks of Joff’s armor: bright, shining, and empty. :)

3. Ha! Tyrion reads between the lines so well. He knows Sansa’s not going to pray for Joff’s victory. I would imagine if Stannis captured King’s Landing he’d treat Sansa better than Cersei and Joff had!

4. Omg Joff is calling Sansa like one calls a dog. And his arrogance. Obviously this boy has never seen real war before. Ha! Sansa would kiss any number of swords before she’d kiss Joffrey. I can’t imagine this was his idea, having her do this thing for him. Someone probably whispered it in his ear. Oddly enough he seems to enjoy this gesture. More like he’s imagining himself skewering her with Hearteater.

5. Tyrion apparently ordered Joffrey to command the Three Whores instead of going straight into battle. That’s a good idea, if you don’t want your inexperienced, asshole of a king getting killed.

6. Heh, Sansa probably didn’t consciously mean it, but she basically insults Joffrey for not being a man grown like her brother Robb and for not going into the thick of battle, indicating he’s a coward. Of course he would frown and boast how he’s going to kill Robb later. If there is going to be a later for him. At least that’s all he has to say to her this time. I half expected him to have Ser Meryn beat her again.

7. Sansa visits the Great Sept and sees so many people already there, praying. Some even pray to the Stranger. Sansa figures Stannis is the Stranger and they’re praying for his mercy, should he win. I like that she lights a candle for all seven gods. The Mother’s prayer is beautiful, I think :) I like that she sings with all manner of people around her. When it comes to religion it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone comes to pray. I also like that she includes Jon Snow in her prayers, though she still refers to him as her bastard brother. She seems to pray for everyone she knows, which I think proves she is a kind and caring girl, not the bitch some people make her out to be. I admit I didn’t care for her as much my first reading but my second reading I like her by far better. And I like her a lot in this scene. Hell, I don’t usually pray but when I do it’s usually for myself, lol. I don’t usually think to include others like she does. She seems to be like her mom in that they’re highly considerate women. I smiled when she includes Tyrion and the Hound. :) It’s just priceless how Sansa counters the High Septon’s prayers for Joff in her head. “Let his sword break and his shield shatter, Sansa thought coldly as she shoved out through the doors, let his courage fail him and every man desert him.” Gods, that’s too funny.

8. How stressful to be able to hear the sounds of war in the distance! I like how Sansa describes it as another sort of song, a terrible one, compared to the ones in the Sept.

9. I keep forgetting Lady Tanda has two daughters. Lady Falyse came in just yesterday with a small troop of soldiers from castle Stokeworth.

10. Poor Lollys is petrified of going anywhere, and LOL at her maid looking like she wants nothing more than to shove Lollys off the drawbridge into the dry moat. Yup, that’s Shae! I especially like how Sansa actually has a knack for gently convincing Lollys to go on with them. She seems good with children and the mentally challenged. :) I’m surprised Falyse is just as harsh with her as Shae is. The sisters must not get along well, and it’s weird how so many people are calling Lollys’s pregnancy a sickness. Maybe they do it for Lollys’s sake, to not scare her so much?

11. Doesn’t seem quite so safe knowing sellswords are guarding them instead of real knights. What happens if they lose? The swellswords would quickly become their enemy. Not safe at all. That, and the fact that somebody approved of them wearing Lannister cloaks gives a false sense of security.

12. Having singers and fiddlers there kind of reminds me of the sinking of the Titanic, lol.

13. I forgot there were a few old men and young boys there with the queen in Maegor’s Holdfast. All the nobles are sardined inside this little room. It’s really quite pitiful. They have draperies to shield them from the outside, and gods...lots of food. If they’re going to die at least it’ll be in the lap of luxury.

14. It greatly unnerves Sansa to know Ser Ilyn Payne is also there, with Ice, of course. Ugh...

15. So Ser Osfryd Kettleblack now captains Cersei’s red cloaks, since the others were all killed in Riverrun trying to free Jaime.

16. Omg...Cersei’s wearing white for once! Now she matches the Kingsguard, lol. Somehow I find that amusing. Sansa thinks white makes her look strangely innocent, because we all know how innocent Cersei is...

17. It’s really weird how Cersei wants to know if Sansa’s still in her period. Like, why the fuck do you care? She says it’s apt she is bleeding in here when there are men bleeding out there. How morbid.

18. I like that Sansa would rather the Hound guard them than Ser Ilyn. And Cersei says what I was thinking earlier. Those sellswords are fickle, and if they lose they’ll be totally useless to defend them. Actually, she hints that during a sacking there is rape and pillaging involved. I don’t like how Cersei so easily mocks Sansa about true knights. I’m sure they are out there, they’re just rare these days. She doesn’t have to be so condescending about it. Let the poor girl have a shred of hope.

Clara Oh yes, it was a stupid name for a sword, but we're talking about Joffrey here.

About your point 4, I think he might be thinking about skewering her with the sword too.

About your point 7, I never thought she was a bitch, but I didn't like her in my first read. Now, like you, I like her a lot more compared to the first time.

In your point 10, it could be they are calling it sickness for that, or maybe because they really see her pregnancy as a bad thing. She is highborn, and they don't even know who the father is.

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