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Hey, so I was thinking maybe Sensitive Guy x Serious Guy, and I would love to be the Sensitive guy

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Yeah, okay. Are we going to follow any specific storyline?

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If you really want to, I can think of a plot, or you can if it's easier for you, I don't really care if we have a plot or not

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) I don't mind either way. I was just wondering.

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I don't really want to follow a plot

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Okay, that's fine with me. So character sheets? I can't provide a picture because I am on phone right now.

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Yes, could you make yours first?

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Mind if I do mine tomorrow when I have more time?

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Ah, Greetings roleplay partner Jacqueline, are we still doing this MxM roleplay, or are you not into it anymore, because I'm pretty sure that it has been longer then an day.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Okay, I am not able to post the pictures right now because I am on my phone, but here is my character:

Name: Andre Rodriguez

Age: 20

Appearance: (I will add later)

Personality: Andre usually takes everything serious from the dirt under his nails to pursuing his career as a musician - which is probably something most people would not think requires as much determination. He often feels like he has to prove that art is important and to prove that he can amount to something despite the many people that had put him down in his past. He is passionate about what he does and what he believes in, but at the same time, he tends to have a quiet strength as well. His sense humor tends to be sarcastic and he tends to have trouble letting others in.

History: Andre grew up with a passive aggressive father and a mother who was more susceptible to bouts of depression than most other people. His father would always criticize everything his mother and Andre did. As Andre entered his teen years, he gradually began to stand up to his father. Eventually, however, Andre and his father began arguing more and more and even to the point that Andre walked out. From the time he was seventeen to now, Andre still has not fixed his relationship with his father. He now earns his keep by playing gigs and he tries to find someone to sponsor his career do that his music will be heard.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Yeah, sorry, for not replying sooner.

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^^ Name ^^ Echo Lucas Young

^^ Nicknames ^^ Ech, Babe, Baby, Bae, Mate, Love

^^ Gender ^^ Male

^^ Birthday ^^ February 14th, 1998

^^ Age ^^ 17 years old

^^ Appearance ^^

^^ Personality ^^ Echo is the type of kid that you see walking around with his hood up, he's also the type of guy to be quiet and doesn't speak much, he hates being alone, but he also hates not being alone, he's kinda hard to understand. Echo is preppy and queer, his dad is the CEO of a clothing company and this means that Echo is able to wear anything his dad brings home for him, which is always and normally rich, expensive suits and stuff like that. Echo is Artistic, he loves drawing and he loves sculpting, lately Echo has been known to have art work in museums around home and out of state, Echo is an amazing sculpturer, he makes amazing sculptures, and is known to have them all over the US. Echo is submissive, he's all for sex and stuff like that, but he doesn't like being touched without permission, he allows no one but doctors and friends to touch him, and most of his friends are females anyways, so he allows them to do whatever they please. Echo is sensitive, soft, gentle and kind, he's an Saint literally, he has never lied, he has never broken a rule, he's known to be super kind and nice, you will never see him hurt a fly or any living creature. He loves nature too, meaning he has a way with nature.

^^ History ^^

As a young child, five years to be exact, Echo has been living the perfect life, born into the rich life, always raised in a mansion, always wearing preppy clothing, always the Genius, always the one with money, as a five year old child he was sent to an elementary boarding school for kids 5-10 years old. Echo's mother left his father when he was born, he was told that his mother left because she couldn't be with them both at all, that it was all too much for her to handle, what they don't know is that Echo's grandfather had her killed. Because he felt as if his son was too good for Echo's mother.
Ten years old and Echo, found out his grandfather killed his mother, he was going to tell his father when his grandfather trapped him inside a house, his house to be exact, no not Echos, his grandfather spent weeks torturing Echo, this is when Echo had begun to become submissive, and so quiet.
Fifteen years old, Echo was put into a boarding school for boys and girls, this is where he met his six male friends and his two female, lesbian friends, this is where he found himself, this is where he realized that he was meant to be this preppy, rich kid, so he grew up to become an submissive, artistic, genius, queer freak.
Now at seventeen he works at a coffee shop, and he actually gets a lot more money then he expected.

^^ Family ^^

Maxwell Young { 36 years Old, Male, Echo's Father, Father of three children, Married to an Author named: Ryan Nelson, Maxwell is the CEO/Boss of an well known clothing line }
Ryan Young née Nelson { 38 years old, Male, Echo's Father, Step father of three, Married to an Fashion Designer names: Maxwell Young, Ryan Young is a author that writes teen Fandoms }
Mike Young { 18 years old, Male, Echo's Brother, Son of two, brother of two, Single, Mike Young works at a store }
Alexander Young { 3 years old, Male, Echo's Brother, Son of two, Brother of two, Single, Alexander stays at home with his two dads and an Male nanny }

^^ Pets ^^

Lilac - Boy - Pitbull
Ryder - Boy - German Shepard
Ross - Boy - White Tamed Wolf
Mercury - Boy - White Tamed Wolf

^^ Sexuality ^^ Homosexual
^^ Crush ^^ Soon

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) So how do you want to start?

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Maybe Andre is given the chance to perform at Echos cafe, and Echo ends up talking to him before Andre goes onto stage?

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) ((Yeah, sure.))

Hopefully, this gig would turn into a more regular job, Andre thought as he set his guitar case on the single chair left for his use. A single glance around the café could tell a person how wealthy the owner was. Andre combed his wavy, brown locks back in the hopes that he would appear more presentable before pulling his arms out of his black leather jacket.

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Echo squirmed through the crowd until he reached the stage, he walked towards the back of the stage where he found Andre, " Hello there, the boss told me to come and see if you'd like anything before you go up," Echo says as he brushed himself off.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) "Yeah, just a glass of water would be fine," Andre replied. Drinking something with pulp or dairy was never a good idea before singing. Neither was eating food. "Thanks," he said to the boy. Due to the crowd in the café, coming to offer a little hospitality to a hired performer could not have been easy. He hung his jacket on the back of the chair before bending down to unpack his instrument.

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Echo nodded, " Would you like some ice with the water?" Echo asked as he began to leave, but stopped so that the other guy could answer his question, he looked over his shoulder as he waited.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) "No," Andre replied, looking up at him. "Thanks." The single word felt strange coming from his own lips. By the looks of the kid, he probably grew up in a privileged family, so it was probably better to be polite.

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Echo nodded and walked away, he squirmed through the crowd once again as he made his way to the counter in the front of the cafe. His eyes travel back to the stage, where the bare floor was waiting for the musician.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Picking up his guitar, Andre quickly tuned his guitar, humming a pitch to tune to. When he was tuned, he took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Please, let me not screw this one up, he thought to himself, closing his eyes. With that, he opened his eyes again and walked up the steps to the stage.

((Time skip?))

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(( Yeah, after my post ))

Echo had told another worker to give the water to the guy, Echo then watched as the guy came onto the stage, he continued to serve people and he listened to the guy at the same time.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) After about half an hour or so, Andre walked back off the stage with his guitar in hand. He sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. The stage lights were not too intense, but after some time, he felt hot and tired. Quietly, he placed the instrument back in its case.

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Echo sighed and he looked around, he then decided to see if the guy wanted anything to eat or drink, he squirmed through the crowd that was talking about the guy wondering what his name was. Echo entered backstage, brushing himself off, " Hey there again, you want anything to eat or drink?" Echo asked.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Andre chewed his bottom lip a little nervously. "Depends on how my performance was," he said. "I don't suppose you caught what the audience's feedback was, did you?"

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" Well all I can say is that they really want to know your name," Echo says with a smile as he fixed his little bow tie.

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Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) A wave of relief washed over him. Andre offered the boy a half smile. "Thanks," he said. "I certainly hope the owner decides my performance was also enough to give my name some consideration as well."

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" I suppose your gonna go crazy when I tell you that he has given you a full time job here with the required payment that comes along with the job," Echo says with a small smile, he had heard the guy play at many places before, but never had the courage to even speak to him.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Andre's eyes widened in surprise. "Really?" he said with a smile playing on his lips. "You're not pulling my leg, are you?" He searched his expression as he waited for his response.

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" Does it look like my employee is lying to you boy?" The owner says as he came to stand behind Echo, patting the boy on the back as he looked at Andre, he gave the other boy an rather large grin.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) Andre's expression grew quiet. "No, I suppose not," he said. This was a little embarrassing. "Thank you, sir," he said, smiling slightly. His gaze briefly turned away from his new employer to the boy.

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The owner nodded, " Echo, give him something to eat and drink before I give him his first paycheck," the owner says.
Echo nodded, " Yes sir, what would you like?" Echo says to Andre.

Jacqueline (Granddaughter of Apollo and Hades)(Inactive) "Just water," Andre replied. "Thanks." When the owner walked away, he turned his attention to the boy again. "So what is it like working here?" He asked.

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Echo smiled, he called for one of his female coworkers, she smiled and nodded when he asked her to get the guy some water. Echo turned back to Andre, " It's actually great working here, you'll make a lot of friends," Echo replies.

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