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Robert Rotenberg has kindly given us some glimpses into what some of his characters may do in future. What do you hope the future holds for Ari Greene and Daniel Kennicott in particular? And just for fun, if the books were optioned for film, who would you to like to see in the roles of Ari and Daniel?

Ashley | 116 comments Mod
I'm going to skip the first part of the question - not having read the previous books, I'm not sure what Daniel and Ari have been through already!

Its so funny, the entire time I was reading I had this really clear picture of Ari in my head, and now I can't think of an actor who matches my imagination.

It would be great if it was a Canadian actor. For both Daniel and Ari.

I have a strange fondness for Elias Koteas. I might pick him for Ari.

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Susan (susanopl) | 472 comments Mod
I like your pick for Ari, Ashley. I am not familiar with Koteas but I looked at pictures of him and I think he suits Ari. I think someone like Jared Keeso would make a great Daniel Kennicott. He plays a police officer in the excellent series 19-2, set in Montreal.

There was a bit of a joke at the end of Stranglehold about Ari getting promoted to Police Chief after helping to expose Hap Charlton's crimes. I would not wish that for Ari - I think that's an awful job. I hope Ari finds someone to love again, although he seems like a confirmed bachelor. When he mentioned going to visit a friend at the end of the novel, I suspect it was a woman. I hope his father lives a long life, because it's hard to imagine Ari without him.

As for Daniel, I'm sure there will be a novel that uncovers who murdered his brother. I hope it happens soon because Daniel seems tormented by not knowing. When Robert spoke at OPL a few years back, I asked him if we would ever find out who murdered Daniel's brother, and he was evasive in his answer. Perhaps he would like to give us a clue now?

And I have the feeling that Daniel and Jo will connect again in future, after her relationship out west doesn't work out.

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