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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. New Adult MC Romance - The guy meets girl in grocery store before he leaves on deployment, comes home with PTSD, marries her then leaves her ...2015 [s]

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Jaime | 2 comments I have no clue what the book title is or who the author is. I read the book in 2015 (maybe 2014). I'm pretty sure it is set in the mid western US. And I think it is part of a series, possible book 2. I think this book is told with flashbacks. So one chapter is present day followed by a flashback. This is what I remember about the book.

The guy meets the girl at the grocery store (think love at first sight). he invites her to a party with his MC (he is a member already and he joins the military) She and some of her friends go to the party. They start making out and she tells him that she is underage, so he stops everything and they just stay friends and get to know each other. He deploys and they write to each other. I think he is only gone for one deployment, but it could have been two, anyway, once she is legal he comes home from deployment and they go to Vegas and get married. The spend one night together. He has terrible nightmares and I think he hurts her, so he abandons her at the hotel and goes home. She tries to talk to him but he refuses to see or talk with her. She keeps calling and going to see him though. Finally the last time she goes his friend(who I am pretty sure was the lead character in the first book) tells her not to come back because all she is doing is hurting him. She leaves. A few years go by and (she may have sent him divorce papers but I am not sure) they start talking and she tells him they have a child together. He is upset. Turns out the last time she tried talking to him and his friends sent her away she was trying to tell him about the baby. That's about all I can remember, I know they get together in the end.

Thanks for any help! :-)

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Nela (nelikne) | 480 comments Hopefully someone will find it, it sounds angsty and just what I might like :)

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Jaime | 2 comments Kris wrote: "Beauty and the Biker by Alexa Riley?"

YES!!!! That's it!!!! Thank you Kris!!!

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Kris | 32027 comments Mod
Great! Glad we could help.

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